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Our Representative Team represents much more than just a traditional sales team.

Not only do they have the knowledge, the expertise, and the credentials to guide you throughout your decision-making process, but since all of our Representatives are also NeurOptimal® Trainers, they will be in a great position to provide you with valuable information on how to become a trainer yourself or how to integrate NeurOptimal® into businesses, schools and organizations. They are also a great source of advice when acquiring a NeurOptimal® Brain Training System for your personal or family use.

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Elizabeth Verge Canada

Originally from Québec City, I graduated from York University in Toronto and I soon developed a career as a French as a Second Language Teacher for the government of Ontario. Coming from an Entrepreneur background, I became the owner of a Language School specialized in Business Language, was also Vice-President and President of Women Entrepreneurs of Canada, a networking group and a member of Les Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiale.

Ten years ago, I became a Certified Brain Trainer and it forever changed my life for the better. The day I discovered NeurOptimal® was the day my life became meaningful as I knew that my wish to help people get more balance and harmony in their lives would be achieved! The results achieved through NeurOptimal® have been amazing to witness both personally and professionally.

I am passionate about NeurOptimal® and love to share my experience with it. I welcome you to get in touch with me and know more about it!

Brain Possibilities
20 Mississauga Valley Boulevard
Mississauga, ON L5A 3S1
[email protected]


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Doug West Canada

Doug is a clinical counselor, art therapist, & neurofeedback practitioner who has been working with youth and adults since 1991. He has vast experience working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurodiverse populations using NeurOptimal® training in conjunction with other modalities. Doug incorporates neurofeedback training in all aspects of his work.

Doug was the creator and Director of the Parent Driven Autism Service for 7 years with SOS Children's Village BC. The first fully accredited Neurofeedback program in BC. He has worked with the Vancouver and Surrey School Districts, as well as several large private organizations in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Doug has been a past presenter and trainer with UBC, Langara College, and Douglas College as well the 2018 NeurOptimal® Focus on Research Conference regarding his work using NeurOptimal® training with Autism youth, and the BCACC 2019 Conference "Wired Together" presenting on Adding Neurofeedback to your Practice.

Currently, Doug is the owner / operator of DRW NeuroPerformance, and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, Doug is an Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer, Zengar Institute Certification Instructor, and NeurOptimal® Sales Representative.

Doug West, MA, DVATI, RCC
Clinical Counselor / Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer
Zengar Institute Instructor,
NeurOptimal® Representative
Phone - 604-771-1344
Address - Unit 205,14225 57th Ave, Surrey BC, V3X 0H6
Email - [email protected]

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Marie-Josee Drouin & Diane Durand Canada

Toutes les 2 diplômées en ergothérapie, elles sont devenues les meilleures amies en travaillant ensemble comme ergothérapeutes consultantes à Anciens Combattants Canada. Leur expérience de travail en relation d’aide, en consultation et en enseignement a principalement été acquise en réadaptation, en milieu communautaire, en recherche et à l’Université.

Passionnées par le cerveau et la transformation humaine, elles ont découvert NeurOptimal® en 2011 alors qu’elles exploraient d’autres horizons thérapeutiques pour donner un nouveau tournant à leur carrière. Elles ont immédiatement été ravies par le génie et la simplicité de la méthode ainsi que par sa philosophie non-invasive et novatrice.

Aujourd’hui, après plus de 25 ans de pratique en Ergothérapie et après avoir fondé leur compagnie NeuroZenith, elles projettent de bientôt consacrer tout leur temps au Neurofeedback dynamique. Elles reçoivent déjà des clients de toutes provenances et problématiques : Comme elles disent souvent ‘’toute personne qui a un cerveau peut faire du NeurOptimal® !’’

Elles sont heureuses d’avoir joint les rangs de l’équipe de Zengar en tant que représentantes et instructors (du Basic Certification). Ceci leur permettra de réaliser 2 objectifs qui leurs tiennent à cœur : Faire connaître NeurOptimal® au Québec (et au Canada !) ainsi que soutenir les clients et les nouveaux Trainers francophones dans leur découverte de cette merveilleuse technologie. N’hésitez pas à les contacter, vous apprécierez leur expérience clinique ainsi que leur dynamisme et leur grande disponibilité !

Both graduated as Occupational Therapist, they became best friends while working as OT consultant at Veterans Affairs Canada. Their working backgrounds were acquired in rehab and community settings, research centers and teaching in Universities.

Passionate with the brain and human transformation, they discovered NeurOptimal® in 2011 while exploring new horizons to their OT practice to give a second breath to their career. They were enchanted by this brilliant but simple NFB approach and the non-invasive philosophy behind it.

After over 25 years of OT practice and after founding NeuroZenith, they are planning to dedicate the rest of their career to doing their dynamic work. They offer services to all kinds of clients: they see anybody who has a brain!

Recently, they had the privilege to join the Zengar team as Live Instructors (Basic Training) and Representatives to spread the good news about NeurOptimal® in Quebec (in Canada!) and to support clients and new francophone practitioners with their exploration of this wonderful technology. Feel free to contact them, you will benefit from their clinical experience and will enjoy their caring support!

Spoken language: French & English

Marie-Josee Drouin
Tel: (514) 836-9308
[email protected]

Diane Durand
Tel: (819) 679-5301
[email protected]

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Jan Yordy Canada

I started my career as an Elementary Teacher in northern Indiana in 1973.  After moving to Ontario, Canada in 1979 I eventually trained to be a therapist by completing a second Masters in Social Work. Over the twenty four plus years I worked as a therapist, I have woven a rich tapestry of skills and tools for all ages to enhance client consciousness and healing.  What united all the therapeutic work and creative endeavors over the years was my passion for healing and enhancing brain functioning.

In 2007 I was fortunate to discover NeurOptimal and after my initial session I immediately noticed the changes in my life.  At that time I was a part of the Integrated Centre for Optimal Learning where my partners & I worked with children and teens who were struggling to learn and be successful in school, each with a unique brain & set of circumstances. NeurOptimal quickly became a core part of the successful program. Neuroptimal became a core part of the learning program as we optimized the functioning of each unique brain. In 2014 I expanded my work, setting up my own counselling and NeurOptimal® centre. Now I have better access to our two professional NeurOptimal® systems and have flexibility to rent out our two personal units by the month.

Even though I still conduct personal counselling utilizing a wide variety of techniques such as EMDR, EFT, Brain Gym and Play Therapy I find NeurOptimal® to be the safest and easiest technique for creating lasting physical, emotional, relational and behavioral impacts. I love supporting clients to uncover their optimal brain functioning while releasing physical stress and balancing emotional regulation. Seeing shifts in the brain which support healthy relationship patterns or improvements in parent/child interactions especially touches my heart.

NeurOptimal® is a brilliant system but it remains simple to operate. I especially appreciate the non-invasive philosophy behind it which allows each brain to choose its path.  Certified as both a Basic and Advanced NeurOptimal® trainer I am delighted to share my passion about changing the world through this elegant technique.  Feel free to contact me if you would benefit from my clinical expertise or caring support.

I am honored to be a Representative for NeurOptimal® and would be happy to answer any questions you may have related to how NeurOptimal® works, client experiences, running session, business rentals or if you would like more information about purchasing a system.

Jan Yordy
185 Frobisher Drive,
Waterloo, ON
N2B 2E6
[email protected]
Phone: (519)747-7747

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