PASS Membership Comparison

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For details on the full list of PASS benefits please consult our membership page by clicking here.

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Choose the PASS membership that works
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  • Unlimited Technical Support Via ZenConnect
  • NO3 Facebook Support page
  • Find a Trainer Listing - with Trainer Video Submission Feature!*
  • Access to Webinars and Documents
  • PASS Member Referral
  • 10% Discount on Most Products and Consumables
    *Excludes Upgrades & Memberships
  • 10% Discount on Systems
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Recertification Course
  • System & zAmp Loaner
  • Free ESET Antivirus Security renewal
  • NeurOptimal® Upgrades
  • System Maintenance
  • 20% Session Discount
  • Personal Session Management Bank
  • Advantageous Financing Terms
  • Number of systems covered under the membership
  • PASS Coverage per additional system

PASS Preview

3Months FREE Access
  • Included with the purchase of any new Personal or Professional Bundle
  • 1


$89/ month
  • or $995/Year USD

  • Plus Phone Support

  • On All Personal Systems

  • With Priority
  • 1

  • $44.50/System

PASS Enterprise

$169/ month
  • or $1995/Year USD
    PASS Enterprise, whether paid monthly or annually, is an ideal solution for when you are considering purchasing your second system!

  • Plus Phone Support

  • On All Personal & Pro Systems

  • No Cost For Shipping

  • With Priority
  • 5

  • $33.80/System

Please Note: If you are renewing or joining PASS, please note that you MUST own the software license NO3. If you do not, you will need to purchase the UPGRADE prior to joining. Please refer to our terms and conditions under PASS: Who can join? for more information.

*Requires a Basic Certification.