PASS Enterprise (Monthly Subscription)

PASS Enterprise (Monthly Subscription)

USD $169.00 / month

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Please identify the systems you'd like covered by this PASS membership by entering the system names (ex. "Zengar_01") or zAmp serial # (ex. "zAmp #1234") below in the appropriate fields. Remember, PASS Enterprise covers up to 5 systems.

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Product Description

Enjoy the management of a single membership covering all your systems; one renewal date, one price and significant savings per system.  PASS Enterprise has been streamlined for the professional trainer with multiple NeurOptimal® Professional or Personal Trainer systems.  The coverage is fully scalable to support your growing business and includes business-centric benefits such as session management of rental systems and no hassle loaner systems to keep your ship sailing smoothly.

In its basic form, PASS Enterprise™ monthly subscription supports up to 5 systems and includes all the benefits of the annual version.  Increase your system count anytime at only $35/system per month.

If you have question and would like to know if PASS Enterprise is for you, please contact [email protected]

There is a 12-month commitment to the service and you may cancel any time after 12 months are up. For new PASS system coverage, up to 30-minute initial clean up and inspection of your NeurOptimal® system is included, however if more time is required to get your system up to date then the additional time is billable.  Your PASS benefits will begin after the initial clean up. Please see terms for more information.

Only NeurOptimal® systems with Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 operating systems are supported under PASS.


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