**IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of January 1, 2023, ZenConnects for Non-PASS members will be $160/hour (USD) with a 20 minute minimum fee, billed to the minute thereafter.

We thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to helping you with your NeurOptimal® system.

ATTENTION! ZenConnect is currently experiencing interruptions and is offline.

If you have an EMERGENCY situation which requires immediate resolution please contact [email protected].

Please do NOT contact [email protected] for inquires of maintenance or updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your patience.

Please note that our offices, including ZenConnect,will be closed on Thursday, November 23, and Friday, November 24, 2023, for Thanksgiving (USA).

Veuillez noter que nos bureaux, y compris ZenConnect, seront fermés le jeudi 23 novembre et le vendredi 24 novembre 2023 pour l’Action de grâces (États-Unis).

Due to an increased volume of ZenConnects our client queue is full, therefore we will no longer be taking any new ZenConnects for the remainder of the day. We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. Your patience is appreciated. ZenConnects will resume tomorrow morning (June 10th) at 7AM (EST).

IMPORTANT: NO3.1 Update will be “paused” for the weekend!

At Zengar®, our #1 focus is Client experience.

We’ve recently released a large update for NeurOptimal® (NO3.1). You have been eagerly installing it in masses and we thank you so much for your enthusiasm and excitement! In most cases the upgrade went off without a hitch, however some of you did require tech support. While our dedicated ZenConnect team is normally well equipped to service all our users, the number of people calling in at the same time has created unusually long waits for service.

So, in an effort to continue to be able to offer you the best service and due to this exceptionally high volume of ZenConnects, we will be “pausing” the NO3.1 update release as of 2pm EST today.

We will use this time to get through our queue. It is also very important to us that updates are processed during office hours, in case you end up needing some support. We will re-activate the update process on Monday morning, July 12 @ 7am EST.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we remain hard at work to make this process as seamless as possible for all of us.

For those of you who have already updated– Enjoy your NO3.1 Sessions! For those who have not, we look forward to delivering it to you next week. 🙂

Regular ZenConnect hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm US Eastern time.

If you are a PASS member, please LOGIN HERE and then go to the ZenConnect section.

If you are not a PASS member, you can request ZenConnect support for $160/hour (USD), with a 20-minute minimum fee. Please note, that by filling out the below form you are agreeing to allow Zengar Institute Inc. to pre-authorize $220 USD to your provided credit card. This payment is NOT final. When your support call is completed, the length of service will be calculated and you will be charged at the rate of $160/hour (USD) with a 20-minute minimum fee, billed to the minute thereafter.

Please Note: For all Non-PASS members who require support after attempting or completing the NO 3.5 Update please CLICK HERE to receive ZenConnect support. This portal is only applicable for Non-PASS members who require support for the NO 3.5 Update. For all other issues or requests, please proceed with the below form.

ZenConnect is not available at this time, or we are unable to take anymore ZenConnects for today.

Please reconnect during the hours posted above and one of our technical support specialists will be happy to help.

IMPORTANT ZENCONNECT REQUIREMENT: Please have your laptop connected to electrical power as well as a high-speed internet connection (5Mbps+) prior to connecting with a ZenConnect. Your zAmp should also be connected to the computer. Please schedule sufficient time for your ZenConnect. Regular maintenance of well maintained systems that connect every 1-3 months should take about 10-20 minutes. If you have not connected for a maintenance ZenConnect in over 3 months, your ZenConnect will take longer. Installing a large update or upgrade could take over an hour. The time it takes to diagnose and resolve specific issues varies. If you are waiting in queue for a ZenConnect for longer than 15 minutes, we recommend that you close the connection and try again at a later time at your convenience.

How to Start a ZenConnect