Building Your NeurOptimal® Rental Business

Hosted by Lise & Marc DeLong.

Build Your NeurOptimal® Rental Business Using NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®! This is a recorded webinar that introduces Rentals into your Business Model, and will help you design and implement a Rental Fleet for a better overall rental experience for your clients.

Run Time: 2 Hours (Previously Recorded Webinar Video)

Please note that in an effort to be more succinct and user friendly to you; our end-users, we’ve updated our product lineup, moving from “Professional” and “Personal”, toward a more streamlined “NeurOptimal® Bundle”. Throughout this particular course you will notice that we are still using some of our old language. Please disregard those references, taking note that we currently have only one product with one set of features; The NeurOptimal® Bundle, which is offered with Limited or Unlimited Sessions. Not to worry though….our superior service and wide array of educational tools remain intact!

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Discover more and expand on your NeurOptimal® community with rental business practices.

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