Author - Zengar Institute Inc.

Dear NeurOptimal® Trainers

Dear NeurOptimal® Trainers, I have been watching, reading and listening to the many comments about NO3 and the experiences that a few people are having with their Clients.  As many of you know our actions as a Trainer can and will affect our Clients, from subtle facial expressions (“hmmm…why did ‘it’ (NO3) do that”) to more overt statements, “I am not sure what is happening here” or “That’s weird, I would have thought the Interruptions [...]


How Flexible Are You When Your Fist Is Clenched?

When our hands are relaxed and open, they can move fluidly, resiliently, from task to task—grasping items, reaching out to assist or hug someone, transferring easily from a writing to a driving position. But can you imagine moving from holding a child, to writing a check, or even to feeding yourself, with your hand squeezed into a tight fist? Chronic stress, compounded daily, creates a body filled with tension, leading to a tight, stiff Central [...]


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