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We appreciate your collaboration as we collectively promote NeurOptimal®. To ensure brand consistency while allowing for individual brand expression, we would like to provide you with specific guidelines and restrictions regarding our brand identity. These guidelines will help us maintain a strong and unified brand presence while giving you the flexibility to develop your own unique brand identity.

Brand Mission

Zengar Institute Inc.’s mission is to create, deliver and support the most effective and safe brain training system available in the world today. The purpose of this endeavor reflects the mission of its founders— to relieve suffering. To know more, read our full mission statement here.

Brand Values

Zengar Core Values

Brand Voice

We empower the transformation to find your joy.
We care about people and put a very high value on client experience.
We are centered around connection & community.


NeurOptimal® is not a medical device. Learn the types of things you can and cannot say regarding complying with our designation as a General Wellness Product (FDA) and as a Consumer Product (Health Canada).


Zengar® created a termbase to ensure consistent and accurate writing across all communications, tools, and resources referring to NeurOptimal®. The Branded Terms document can also be used as a quick guide to refer to our most popular branded terms when referring to NeurOptimal®

Details on how to format Writing

Business Naming

  • Name your website, product, or application something unique.
  • Feel free to explain on your site that what you offer is based on NeurOptimal®, so people understand what you offer.
  • Use “Zengar®“, “NeurOptimal®”, “Dynamical Neurofeedback®” or any of our registered tag lines (including any derivatives & alternate language interpretations) or slight variation in the name of your website or business. For example, we suggest you DO NOT use “neuro”, but if you feel you must use “neuro” in your name, be certain not to use anything remotely similar to “Optimal” within your name as well. Zengar® has zero tolerance with violations of this rule.
  • Use a name that rhymes with or is a derivative of “NeurOptimal®” or “Zengar®”.
  • Register a domain containing Zengar® or NeurOptimal® or our registered tag lines, or any misspellings of them.
  • Apply for a trademark with a name including Zengar® or NeurOptimal® or close variations thereof.

Design and Content

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  • Develop a design that is visually distinct from ours, using different layouts, styles, colors, fonts, and navigation structures.
  • Name your website, product, or product, or publication something unique.
  • Feel free to explain that what you offer is based on NeurOptimal® by quoting brief sentences from our website or documents (should be clearly cited using APA guidelines).
  • Our unique color palette as seen on our website and documents is a key aspect of NeurOptimal®’s brand identity. To maintain clarity and avoid confusion, external contractors are kindly requested not to use this exclusive NeurOptimal color palette
  • Our distinctive typography is also an integral part of the NeurOptimal® brand identity. To ensure clarity and prevent confusion, external contractors are kindly asked to refrain from using the same typography style.
  • Avoid copying the structure or design elements of our website, publications, or documents to ensure clear differentiation.
  • Avoid choosing a name or registering a domain containing Zengar®, NeurOptimal®, our registered tag lines or any misspellings and close variations of them.
  • Avoid quoting sentences out of context. If you are uncertain, favor adding a link to our website for retrieval of information or document.
  • We recommend selecting alternative colors that distinctly set your brand apart from NeurOptimal®.
  • We recommend selecting alternative fonts that clearly differentiate your brand from NeurOptimal® while maintaining a cohesive and professional appearance.

Events and Courses

Basic Certification Course
  • Please acknowledge NeurOptimal® by name during your event, course or presentation.
  • Use the NeurOptimal® name and We Proudly Offer or other accepted logo to make clear you will be using our technology in your event.
  • Contact us if you are interested in our promoting your event to our users or wish to offer NeurOptimal® certification for your event.
  • Refer to NeurOptimal® as a training, a Neurofeedback system, more specifically, Non-Linear Dynamical Neurofeedback®
  • Refer to Zengar Institute Inc. when talking about our company, NeurOptimal® when talking about our product, and Drs. Susan and Valdeane Brown when talking about the creators and development of NeurOptimal®.
  • Avoid copying the structure or design elements of our courses and events to ensure clear differentiation.
  • Avoid choosing an event name that has become distinctly associated with a Zengar® or NeurOptimal® event in the past, such as “Immersive”.
  • Do not imply that NeurOptimal® can be used in either the diagnosis or treatment of disorders, even if you yourself are a licensed health care practitioner. Do not imply that only individuals with a certain licensure are qualified to offer NeurOptimal® services or training.
  • Avoid implying sponsorship or endorsement or any association with NeurOptimal® or Zengar® that is not true.
  • Do not offer certifications, classes or courses on the use of any of our products without our expres consent.

Imagery and Visual Assets

Women using neuroptimal system relaxing on couch Male child using neuroptimal system doing homework female child using neuroptimal system relaxing on couch
  • If necessary, utilize the provided stock images (available in PASS) or create custom visuals that accurately represent your brand and products.
  • Please acknowledge NeurOptimal® by name during your presentation.
  • Reference NeurOptimal® at the closure, with our website
  • Refer to NeurOptimal® as a Neurofeedback system, more specifically, Non-Linear Dynamical Neurofeedback®.
  • Do not use our product imagery, graphics, or other visual assets on your website or social channels. It is important to develop and showcase your own unique visuals and content.
  • Avoid using a similar look and feel to our “branding image”.
  • Do not edit or modify any Zengar® branded images, materials or documents.
  • Do not represent NeurOptimal® as a treatment for medical disorders.

Logo Usage

  • neuroptimal logo
    representative logo instructor logo facilitator logo
  • Design a unique logo for your brand that reflects your identity and is distinct from our company logo. Ensure that it does not resemble or imitate our logo in any way.
  • You can, however, place your Zengar® status logo and/or the “We Proudly Offer NeurOptimal® logo (available in PASS) on your website as an indication that you provide NeurOptimal® training and link the logo to our website.
  • Neuroptimal logo head Neuroptimal logo with text of the logo
  • Our company logo is reserved exclusively for our official communication and channels.
  • Please refrain from using our logo on your website or any promotional materials.


Women using neuroptimal system relaxing on couch Male child using neuroptimal system doing homework female child using neuroptimal system relaxing on couch
  • You can purchase our branded merchandise via our website store page. Contact us with a proposal if you would like to request an exception.
  • Avoid using the Zengar® or NeurOptimal® name, logos, or taglines on any apparel, product, or merchandise without our permission.


Pre-Publication Submission:

If you plan to publish material related to NeurOptimal®—whether it be a book, research paper, article, or any other form—we request that you submit a copy to [email protected] before publication. This ensures that sections relevant to NeurOptimal® align with the standards set by Zengar Institute Inc.

Validation Process:

Statements defining NeurOptimal®, its functionality, and core attributes must undergo a validation process by Zengar Institute Inc. This is to maintain accuracy and consistency in representing the NeurOptimal® brand.

Identification and Sponsorship:

We kindly ask that you refrain from identifying yourself in publication as having any official relation to Zengar® or NeurOptimal®. It is essential to omit any indication of being a spokesperson for the company. This measure is in place to maintain clarity regarding the official spokespersons of Zengar Institute Inc. and to avoid any potential misrepresentation.

Authors will be promptly notified of any necessary changes to maintain alignment with Zengar Institute Inc.'s guidelines and restrictions.

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Don't forget to include the following disclaimer in all content or publications related to NeurOptimal® or Zengar® to clearly state that the work is not endorsed or reviewed by Zengar® and does not represent the official stance of the company:

This work is not endorsed by Zengar® and has not been reviewed by the company. The content and opinions expressed in this publication are solely those of the author(s) and do not represent the official stance of Zengar® or its affiliated entities. Zengar® is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any information presented herein. Any reference to NeurOptimal® or Zengar® products, services, or technologies in this publication is for informational purposes only and does not imply endorsement or approval by Zengar®.

Magazine of neuroptimal

Trademark and Copyright

Teaching how to use register trademarks
  • Respect intellectual property rights and avoid infringing on any trademarks or copyrights associated with our brand.
  • When referring information related to Zengar® or NeurOptimal®, make sure to use proper in-text citations, including author‘s last name and publication year in parentheses.
  • At the end of your publication, include a reference page that provides full citations for all sources, including materials related to Zengar® or NeurOptimal®. Include details such as author's name, publication year, title of the work, source, and relevant page numbers.
  • Refrain from using content, imagery, and designs on your website that are not original or appropriately licensed.
  • Avoid plagiarism. Ensure that all content borrowed from Zengar® or NeurOptimal® materials is properly cited and attributed.
  • Don't forget permission for usage. If you plan to use extensive content, images, or proprietary materials owned by Zengar® or NeurOptimal®, seek permission from the company in advance. Unauthorized usage could lead to legal issues.
  • Do not offer or distribute any Zengar® copyrighted documents to the general public.
  • Do not hot-link to Zengar® documents.

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