Zengar®‘s Team of Facilitators/Instructors

Welcome to the Facilitator/Instructor’s Page!

We are a small group of highly trained Professional Facilitators & Instructors from all over the world that are trained in Dynamical Neurofeedback® and the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system. Our Facilitators and Instructors cover 11 Countries around the world, including 9 different Languages. Our hope is that you will get to know each of our Bio’s and decide with whom and where you would like to take your Basic, & Advanced courses.

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Dr Lise DeLong
Director of Education
[email protected]

Both Instructors AND Facilitators are recognized by Zengar® as able to provide an official NeurOptimal® certification. They have both gone through a rigorous training with the Director of Education and each of their LIVE courses result in an official Zengar® issued certificate.


A Facilitator is an experienced NeurOptimal® Trainer that has been authorized by Zengar® to deliver pre-approved Basic Certification content in a LIVE, interactive in-person environment.


An Instructor is an experienced NeurOptimal® Trainer that provides a personal presentation of the Zengar® course material in a LIVE, interactive environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of our Facilitator/Instructors. To learn more about a Facilitator or an Instructor, please click on their image below!

Steve Phillis Australia - Instructor

Steve Phillis has over 20 yrs experience community sector as a strength-based practitioner, trainer, counsellor and manager, with several years experience as a NeurOptimal® Trainer and now Instructor for Zengar running Basic Certification in Australia. Having researched the latest and most effective therapies and technologies for personal transformation, Steve could not look past NeurOptimal® "it just made sense - especially when coming from the perspective of supporting the brain to self-organise and regulate, rather than an expert or protocol determining what a person needs". Receiving his first system in 2010, Steve has since introduced NeurOptimal® into the community sector, operates a private practice (www.neurowise.com.au) whilst supporting NeurOptimal® trainers across Australia. Steve has also established a large NeurOptimal® rental program, and supports sales and business development. As Australian Representatives for Zengar you get local support from experienced NeurOptimal® trainer. Steve's qualifications include BA Social Science, Advanced Certification NeurOptimal®, Dip Counselling, Dip Financial Counselling, Dip Management, Dip VET and Certification in Reality Therapy. Steve looks forwards to connecting with you.


Steve Phillis
NeurOptimal® Representative
Tel: 0438710015
website: www.neurofeedbackaustralia.com.au
[email protected]

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Doug West Canada - Instructor

Doug is a clinical counselor, art therapist, & neurofeedback practitioner who has been working with youth and adults since 1991. He has vast experience working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurodiverse populations using NeurOptimal® training in conjunction with other modalities. Doug incorporates neurofeedback training in all aspects of his work.

Doug was the creator and Director of the Parent Driven Autism Service for 7 years with SOS Children's Village BC. The first fully accredited Neurofeedback program in BC. He has worked with the Vancouver and Surrey School Districts, as well as several large private organizations in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Doug has been a past presenter and trainer with UBC, Langara College, and Douglas College as well the 2018 NeurOptimal® Focus on Research Conference regarding his work using NeurOptimal® training with Autism youth, and the BCACC 2019 Conference "Wired Together" presenting on Adding Neurofeedback to your Practice.

Currently, Doug is the owner / operator of DRW NeuroPerformance, and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, Doug is an Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer, Zengar Institute Certification Instructor, and NeurOptimal® Sales Representative.

Doug West, MA, DVATI, RCC
Clinical Counselor / Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer
Zengar Institute Instructor,
NeurOptimal® Representative
Phone - 604-771-1344
Address - Unit 205,14225 57th Ave, Surrey BC, V3X 0H6
Email - [email protected]

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Jan Yordy – Facilitator Canada - Facilitator

Jan started her career as a teacher in Indiana and received a Masters of Education degree in 1977. After moving to Canada in 1979 and starting a family, she completed by a Masters of Social Work degree in 1994. Over the next twenty - five years she developed her career in private practice counselling in Waterloo Region in southern Ontario. As Jan developed her skills as a counsellor, she studied many different techniques that would come to enhance her work as a therapist. She found that her clients benefited significantly from therapeutic tools including Play Therapy, EMDR, Brain Gym, Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), and Energy Psychology techniques. For most of her career Jan specialized in working with children and she also found fulfillment in working with teens and adults who have experienced physical and emotional trauma.

Fueled by her interest in working with children and the brain/body connections, Jan completed her training to become a Brain Gym instructor in 2001. By 2004 excited by what she was learning about the neural plasticity of the brain, Jan and two partners developed, the Integrated Centre for Optimal Learning (ICOL). Jan did the emotional counselling work and her two partners utilized Brain Gym, Structures of Intellect (SOI) and many perceptual motor techniques to help grow the neural connections for children and teens who were struggling to learn. When Jan first experienced NeurOptimal® in 2006 she knew she had to bring it to ICOL! Soon they were seeing amazing changes as children and teens did half an hour of perceptual motor movements and then half an hour of NeurOptimal®. Jan stayed with ICOL for nine years before leaving to set up her own center so she could utilize NeurOptimal® with more of her counseling clients.

Over the years Jan has enjoyed teaching a variety of workshops to educators, therapists and parents and was fortunate to be able to present workshops in Canada and Internationally. In her work with children, she developed several creative games, published two children’s books and made several DVDs for parents and therapists to use with children. Recently she completed a third book for children and plans to get it published in 2021.

Jan has always been passionate about helping people make their lives better. Her keen interest in the brain and how one could improve learning abilities or heal trauma excited her and kept her on a quest to find the best tools for helping her clients. Since 2006 at the Integrated Centre for Optimal Learning she witnessed the power of NeurOptimal® to enhance brain functioning. Then In 2014 when she set up her own center in Waterloo, Ontario she was excited to offer NeurOptimal® to many more people. This gave her increased opportunities to witness how NeurOptimal® facilitated the counseling process helping clients to develop more abilities to regulate their feelings as well as become more flexible and resilient in how they approached life. She also was able to offer NeurOptimal® to other people who were interested in training their brains to be more flexible and resilient.

At this stage in her life Jan is excited to focus totally on NeurOptimal® neurofeedback. She will continue to offer NeurOptimal® sessions, support people in their rental of NeurOptimal® systems and facilitate monthly certification classes at her office in beautiful Waterloo, Ontario. She would be delighted to support you as you learn more about and become certified as a trainer with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback.

Jan Yordy, M.Ed., MSW, RSW, Certified NeurOptimal® Advanced Trainer, Representative and Facilitator
185 Frobisher Drive, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2V 2E6
Work: 519-747-7747
Cell: 519-778-9727
[email protected]

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Sandrine Adrasse France - Instructor

Je m'appelle Sandrine Adrassé, j'ai 50 ans, mariée et maman de 4 enfants (15, 20, 22 et 23ans). Je suis Représentante et Instructeur NeurOptimal®. Diplomée d’un DFSSU de l’Université Paris 8 « Pratiques de la psychothérapie et de la psychopathologie clinique ». J’ai validé mon diplôme avec un mémoire sur Le Neurofeedback Dynamical® et le TDA.H.

Depuis mon tout jeune âge, je suis passionnée par la psychologie. J’ai à mon actif 28 ans de travail thérapeutique. Je cherchais des alternatives à la réduction de la souffrance humaine et je me suis formée à différentes techniques et outils, et j’ai eu la chance de découvrir NeurOptimal® en 2012, lors d’un colloque, qui se tenait à la Fédération française de Psychothérapie.

Curieuse, J’ai immédiatement testé NeurOptimal® et, toute la famille a fait des Sessions d’entraînement cérébral. Rapidement et très agréablement, nous avons constaté des changements, dans des domaines différents pour chacun de nous.

Convaincue par les bienfaits de la méthode, je me suis équipée et j'ai passé mes certifications basiques et avancées, début 2013. J'ai commencé cette activité professionnelle, en avril 2013, afin de faire connaître cette méthode révolutionnaire et de diffuser ces bénéfices auprès du plus grand nombre.

Révolutionnaire par sa simplicité d'utilisation, par sa haute technologie, pour ses résultats époustouflants... Contribuer, à mon petit niveau, à apaiser la souffrance humaine, Mission première de Zengar Institute Inc. était essentiel pour moi.

En collaboration avec un médecin, et une psychologue, j'ai proposé cet outil d’entraînement cérébral dans mon travail de thérapeute. Très vite, grâce au bouche à oreille, j'ai développé l'activité, avec une moyenne de 40 sessions par semaine. J'ai reçu plus de 500 clients, au total, plus de 5000 sessions. Au cours de mes années de pratique (depuis 2012), j'ai permis à plusieurs clients, des particuliers, des professionnels (Neurologues, Psychologues, Orthophonistes, Médecins généralistes, Infirmiers, Ostéopathes…), des entreprises, des amis, de la famille d'acquérir l’équipement NeurOptimal®, à des fins personnelles ou professionnelles. Certaines personnes en reconversion sont devenues à leur tour Trainers.

Faire connaitre au plus grand nombre cette méthode tout simplement innovante et éfficace me tient à cœur et fait partie de mon quotidien depuis plus de 9 ans maintenant.

Être Représentante et Instructeur me permet de faire découvrir NeurOptimal® à travers la France et à l’étranger également (conférences, formations, salons…) Je fais bénéficier de ma grande expérience. Ainsi, j’accompagne chaque client.

Représentante, je suis à votre disposition pour vous aider et vous accompagner, que ce soit pour la location, ou l’achat et l’installation de votre matériel, service après-vente 7jours /7, comme vous êtes Unique, Je vous propose un service personnalisé.

Instructeur, je suis réputée pour ma très grande pédagogie. Je vous propose donc de suivre la formation "Certification Basique" en présentiel ou en distanciel, dans le respect, et bienveillance.

Si vous aussi souhaitez nous rejoindre, contactez-moi, je répondrai à toutes vos questions.

Je vous accompagnerai avec plaisir, dynamisme, réactivité et disponibilité.

Sandrine Adrassé
Thérapies &Co
12, Bd Albert 1er
06600 Antibes
Tél : (+33)
Gare TGV Antibes / Aéroport Nice Côte D’Azur

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Najiba Chafiki France - Facilitator

C'est après 20 ans d'une carrière bien remplie dans le secteur financier, que Najiba aspire à autre chose, plus en accord avec ses propres valeurs. Elle découvre alors la méthode NeurOptimal qui va être pour Najiba une réelle révélation.
Résolument passionnée, Najiba décide de se former en janvier 2019 pour devenir Trainer Cérébral. L'année suivante elle a l'honneur de remplir la fonction de Représentante France NeurOptimal et en janvier 2021, Najiba intègre l'équipe de Facilitateur.

Également formée en coaching, EFT et Ennéagramme, Najiba accompagne ses clients dans la réalisation de leur projet professionnel et/ou personnel.

Désireuse, de contribuer au succès des futurs Trainers dans cette nouvelle aventure, Najiba met tout son savoir-être, son savoir-faire et son expérience au service de ses stagiaires.

Consciente, des différentes étapes nécessaires pour le lancement d'une activité professionnelle, Najiba a à cœur de vous délivrer un programme complet.

En plus du cours Basic NeurOptimal, Najiba vous offre différents bonus à votre convenance (création d'un site vitrine web, création d'un profil d'établissement Google My Business...) vous permettant ainsi d'être rapidement autonome et efficace.

Son objectif est votre réussite !

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David Douçot France - Instructor

Trainer de NEUROFEEDBACK dynamique depuis 2012, David a à son actif plus de 400 clients et
l'expérience de près de 6000 Sessions.

Directeur de l'Institut Libéral de NEUROFEEDBACK Dynamique implanté au cœur du quartier historique Parisen, il se spécialise également dans les médecines traditionnelles Chinoise, Coréenne et Vietnamienne, ce qui l'amène à beaucoup voyager à travers le monde.

Il est par ailleurs spécialiste de l'analyse transactionnelle.

En regard de son activité de trainer et instructor, David est également musicien professionnel spécialisé
dans les répertoires Baroques et se produit régulièrement avec les plus grandes formations Françaises et

14 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001
Paris, France

06 76 82 47 85
[email protected]

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Perrine Jeangirard France - Instructor

Perrine est psychologue clinicienne, diplômée de l'Université Paul Valéry de Montpellier en 2003. Elle a exercé 10 ans au sein de différentes institutions tout en développant son activité en libéral de psychologue-psychanalyste. En parallèle, elle était chargée d'enseignements en psychologie et en statistiques appliquées, à l'université ainsi qu'à l'école de masseurs-kinésithérapeutes et d'ostéopathie.

Perrine a deux jeunes enfants. Elle a découvert NeurOptimal® sur les conseils d'une amie puéricultrice, alors qu'elle recherchait une solution pour résoudre les nombreux problèmes de santé de son fils (alors âgé de 18 mois). L'ayant d'abord essayé sur elle-même, elle a ressenti tellement d'effets bénéfiques dès la première session qu'elle s'est passionnée pour la méthode. Elle a largement diffusé l'information à tous ses proches, ses étudiants et ses patients. Enthousiasmée par les effets positifs et pérennes, elle acquiert le système, suit les formations Basic et Advanced et démarre son activité.

Depuis 2016, Perrine mène de front ses activités de psychologue et de praticienne en NeurOptimal®, qui est désormais son activité principale. En trois ans elle réalise plus de 4000 sessions auprès de 500 clients. Elle constate des effets bénéfiques sur un très large éventail de difficultés vécues par ses clients. Certains d'entre eux deviennent praticiens à leur tour. NeurOptimal® lui permet de toucher aussi bien des managers d'entreprise que des sportifs de haut niveau ou des personnes handicapées ou tout simplement des familles rencontrant les difficultés du quotidien.

A quoi ressemblerait un monde où chacun prendrait soin de son cerveau ?

Parce qu'elle souhaite vivre dans ce monde-là, Perrine a saisit l'opportunité d'être l'ambassadrice de NeurOptimal et d'en faire connaître les bienfaits en devenant instructor certifiée officielle par Zengar dans le Sud de la France en 2019.

[email protected]
499 rue de Thomassy, 34090 MONTPELLIER


Perrine is a clinical psychologist, graduated from the Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier in 2003. She has worked for 10 years in various institutions while gradually developing her liberal activity. In parallel, she was a lecturer in psychology and applied statistics, to the university and the School of massage therapists and osteopaths.

Perrine has two young children. She discovered NeurOptimal® on the advice of a friend Puericultrice, while she was looking for a solution to solve the many health problems of her son (then 18 months old). Having first tried it on herself, she felt so many beneficial effects from the first session that she instantaneously gets passionate about the method. She then widely disseminates information to all her relatives, students and patients. Excited by the positive effects, she acquires the system, follows the Basic and Advanced trainings and starts her activity as a trainer.

Since 2016, Perrine has been leading her activities as a psychologist and a NeurOptimal® trainer, which is now her main activity. In three years she carries out more than 4000 sessions with 500 customers. She observed beneficial and perennial effects on a very wide range of difficulties experienced by her clients. Some of them became trainers too. NeurOptimal® allowed her to reach corporate managers, high-level athletes, people with disabilities or simply families facing daily difficulties.

What would the world look like if everyone would take care of their brains?

Because she wants to live in such a world, Perrine seizes the opportunity to be the Ambassador of NeurOptimal® in South of France and to promote its benefits by becoming an official certified instructor from Zengar Institute in 2019.

[email protected]
499 rue de Thomassy, 34090 MONTPELLIER

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Laurent Taieb France - Facilitator

J’ai découvert, avec ma femme Emmanuelle Taieb le système NeurOptimal® en 2015 grâce à une amie, alors que je traversais une crise d’angoisse, Le Neurofeedback Dynamique® m’a soulagé et guéri, L'ayant d'abord essayé sur notre famille, nous avons ressenti tellement d'effets bénéfiques dès les premières sessions que l’on s’est passionné pour cette méthode. Emmanuelle a largement diffusé la méthode à tous nos proches. Enthousiasmé par les effets positifs, nous avons aujourd’hui 6 systèmes, et avons suivi les formations Basic et Advanced pour devenir représentant. J’ai pu constater des effets bénéfiques sur tous les clients et amis à qui j’ai dispensé ces séances.

Aujourd’hui, je reprends le flambeau, je mène de front mes différentes activités commerciales. Être représentant NeurOptimal®, est désormais mon activité principale.

Je me suis vu, en les fondateurs de VAL et SUE BROWN ainsi que l’équipe ZENGAR®, grâce à leurs philosophies de vie, une vraie envie, d’aider l’autre, ce qui m’a fortement motivé, de faire partie de cette belle aventure Neuroptimal®.

Neuroptimal® n’est pas un traitement, mais un entrainement. Essayer c’est l’adopter.

Je suis à votre écoute et je me tiens a votre disposition pour tous renseignements.

Laurent Taieb
[email protected]
33 rue rivay
92300 Levallois perret

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Daniel Bensimhon France - Instructor

כאדם היוצא מענף התעשייה, הטכנולוגיה ויזמות, הפעילות שלי התמקדה עד כה בעיקר בפרודוקטיביות ושיפור התפוקה, תמיד עיניין אותי מה אוכל לעשות כדי להתעלות על עצמי, להגיע לקצה גבול היכולת, לשפר ולהשתפר. בזכות רעייתי, פסיכותרפיסטית ידועה, גיליתי עולם נפלא של מדעי הנפש, של היבטים התנהגותיים, נפשים ופתולוגים. אך מעל לכל, את הכלים והתרפיות הנובעים מתוך מטרה אנושית עמוקה של הקשבה, כבוד ועזרה לזולת להתגבר על קשיים ולשפר את חייו. מה שהוביל אותי לדיסציפלינות של צמיחה אישית ואימון אישי (קאוצינג(.

החשיפה שלי לנרופידבק הדינמי™ ומערכת הגאונית נרופטימל® הינה עבורי התגלות של ממש, מהפכה אמיתית. מה יותר אלמנטרי מאשר לגרות, באופן טבעי לחלוטין וללא מאמץ, את מערכת העצבים המרכזית שלנו, מושב שליטה אמיתי של הווייתנו. מידי יום אני עד לשינויים, הישגים ושיפורים מדהימים בקרב אנשים רבים שהגיעו להתאמן במכון מסיבות מגוונים מאוד.

ולכן בתור נציג, נפלה בחלקי זכות גדולה להכשיר מאמנים חדשים רבים למערכת נרופטימל ® הנפלאה אשר נותנת גם לי את ההזדמנות להיות שחקן פעיל על מנת לעזור להפחית את הסבל ולשפר את איכות החיים לכמה שיותר אנשים.

אני עומד לרשותכם בכל שאלה הנוגעת לפעולה של נרופטימל®, חוויות הלקוח, כמו גם בתמיכה בהכשרה ורכישת המערכת.

שפה: עברית, צרפתית, אנגלית

טל: 052-5532432
[email protected]


Issu du domaine de l’industrie, de la haute technologie et du business mes activités étaient jusque-là orientées principalement vers la productivité et le rendement. J’ai découvert grâce à mon épouse, psychothérapeute de renom, le monde merveilleux des sciences de l'âme, de ces aspects comportementales, psychiques et pathologiques. Mais surtout, des thérapies qui en découlent dans un but profondément humain d’écoute, de respect et d’aide à autrui afin de pallier aux difficultés et améliorer sa vie. D’où mon initiation aux disciplines de l’épanouissement personnel et du coaching.

Dans ce contexte, la découverte du neurofeedback dynamique™ et son ingénieux système Neuroptimal® a été une véritable révélation pour ne pas dire une révolution. Quoi de plus élémentaire que de solliciter, naturellement et sans effort, notre système centrale nerveux, véritable siège de contrôle de notre être. J’ai ainsi été témoin de changements et d’améliorations stupéfiants parmi les très nombreuses personnes venues s’entrainer à l’institut et ce pour des motifs très divers.

C’est pourquoi, représenter et former de nouveaux praticiens au système Neuroptimal® m’offre chaque jour, l’opportunité d’être un acteur à part entière en contribuant à réduire la souffrance et améliorer la qualité de vie du plus grand nombre.

Je me tiens à votre disposition pour toute question concernant le fonctionnement de NeurOptimal®, les expériences clients, ainsi que l’accompagnement pour les formations et l'achat d'un système.

Langue : hébreu, français, anglais.

Tel : 052-5532 432
[email protected]
Site: www.neurosense.co.il

Coming from the field of industry, high technology and business, my activities were previously focused mainly on productivity and performance. I discovered thanks to my wife, renowned psychotherapist, the wonderful world of the sciences of the soul, these behavioral, psychic and pathological aspects. But above all, the therapies that result from it for a deeply human purpose of listening, respect and help others to overcome difficulties and improve their lives. Hence my initiation to the disciplines of personal growth and coaching.

In this context, the discovery of Dynamic Neurofeedback® and its ingenious Neuroptimal® system was a revelation not to say a revolution. What is more elementary than to solicit, naturally and without effort, our central nervous system, a real seat of control of our being. I witnessed amazing changes and improvements among the many people who came to practice at the institute for a variety of reasons.

That is why, representing and training new practitioners to the Neuroptimal® system offers me every day, the opportunity to be a player in its own right by helping to reduce suffering and improve the quality of life for the greatest number.

I remain at your disposal for any questions regarding the operation of NeurOptimal®, customer experiences, as well as support for training and the purchase of a system.

Daniel Bensimhon
Tel : 052-5532 432
[email protected]

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Jennifer Amsellem Israel - Facilitator

כשאנחנו אוהבים משהוא לא מחשבים על השמן שעוברים. אני אוהבת NeurOptimal® אני אוהבת את השיטה, אני אוהבת את ההשפעות של רווחת שזה גורם לכל אחד, הז אני לא מחשבת. אני לא מחשבת הזמן שאני יכולה לדבר על זה, לא מסתכלת על הזמן שעברתי ושאמשיך לעבור ללמוד עליו. הז, בגלל שאני גם פרפקציוניסטית, ועם האובססיה שלי על העבודה שנעשתה טובה, לעזור לאחרים ללמוד, להבין יותר ולעזור לכם לקבל תהודה היא השיא בשבילי. זה לקח לי זמן לעבוד על היכולות אישיות (במיוחד בזכות NeurPptimal® כי, בגלל שאני על הרצף האוטיזם, הסבלנות היא לא היתרון הכי טובה שלי. אבל, כמו שאמרתי כבר, כשאוהבים לא מחשבים, ואני כל כך אוהבת את השיטה ומה שהיא מביאה לאנשים, שאני לא אחשוב על הזמן שאשקיעה להסביר ולהקדם אותכם כדי לתת לכם את כל הידע שלי. אני אעשה את זה בשבילכם, וגם בשבילי. שיטה כל כך מהפכנית צריכים להעביר בצורה ברורה, בגלל זה, אני לא רק אהיה "מסייע" שיעזור לקבל את התהודה שלכם, אלה גם אלווה אותכם בכל הדרך. כל הזמן מוכנה לעדכן אותכם כדי שתשלטו ההכי טוב לטכנולוגיה מתקדמת הזאת. לשלוט עליה, לפזר אותה, לענות לשאלות שלכם וללוות אותכם כדי שלא יהיה לכם ספק או פער.

Quand on aime, on ne compte pas. J'aime NeurOptimal®, j'aime la méthode, j'aime les effets de bien être qu'elle provoque chez chacun, alors je ne compte pas. Je ne compte pas le temps que je pourrai passer à en parler, je ne compte pas le temps que j'ai passé et que je continuerai à passer pour apprendre. Alors, en tant que perfectionniste, et avec mon obsession du travail bien fait, pouvoir aider les autres à apprendre, à mieux comprendre et être apte à vous aider à obtenir votre certification était un accomplissement à mon sens. Il m'a fallut du temps pour que je puisse travailler sur mes aptitudes personnelles (notamment grâce à NeurOptimal® car en tant que femme sur le spectre autistique; la patience n'était pas mon meilleur atout. Mais comme je l'ai dis, quand on aime on ne compte pas, et j'aime tellement cette méthode et ses bienfaits que je ne compterai pas le temps passé à vous expliquer et à vous faire progresser pour vous transmettre au mieux mes connaissances. Je le ferai pour vous, mais également pour moi. Une méthode aussi révolutionnaire doit être transmise de manière claire, c'est pourquoi, je ne serai pas seulement votre "Facilitatrice", qui vous aidera à obtenir votre certification, mais je serai votre accompagnatrice tout au long de votre parcours. Toujours prête à vous aider à vous mettre à jour, pour maîtriser au mieux cette technologie de pointe. La maîtriser, la diffuser, répondre à vos questions et vous accompagner afin que vous n'ayez aucun doute et aucune lacune.

Mail: [email protected]

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Francesco Lanza Italy - Instructor

Nato a Torino in Italia nel 1969, laureato in Economia e Commercio, Filosofia e Teologia, dal 1994 al 2012 ho abitato in Francia dove per quasi 20 anni ho aiutato centinaia di persone che avevano perso il bandolo della matassa di una vita che sembrava ingarbugliarsi sempre più, a ritrovare un senso, una direzione di fronte a decisioni da prendere, rapporti da ricucire, momenti difficili da superare. Il mio lavoro è stato dunque per tanto tempo quello di attivare le risorse, che le persone avevano già, ma che erano come insabbiate da una crisi personale, esistenziale, familiare, affettiva, lavorativa. Non ho mai preteso di giocare allo psicologo che cerca le cause del disagio, ma piuttosto qualcuno che aiuta a dare il meglio di sé stessi, liberando, per esempio da falsi dilemmi per riportare verso un pensiero logico e costruttivo. A scuola, nelle aziende, in ambito sanitario o spirituale, in situazioni di emergenza o per i semplici ostacoli della vita privata, ho affiancato nel processo di maturazione e crescita tante persone aiutandole ad esprimere le proprie potenzialità. Quale eccezionale scoperta è stata dunque per me NeurOptimal®!! Be the best you! It’s time!! NeurOptimal® infatti favorisce, insieme ad un dialogo costruttivo, la presa di coscienza e l’eliminazione dei meccanismi ripetitivi, ossessivi e negativi che spesso portano a bloccarsi, esitare, restare nei conflitti di relazione. Ma il salto di qualità professionale che NeurOptimal® mi ha permesso di fare riguarda soprattutto l’eliminazione delle svariate reazioni fisiche che spesso accompagnano i periodi di crisi. Il corpo soffre, quando la mente soffre. Ritornando nel 2013 in Italia, ho cominciato a collaborare con un medico di base, il dottor Bernini. Dopo aver testato NeurOptimal® su sé stesso, mi ha rapidamente inviato ogni sorta di cliente. Sono diventato dunque il pioniere di NeurOptimal® nel mio paese e la nuova attività è andata subito a gonfie vele, per poi letteralmente esplodere dopo aver ottenuto numerosi successi con persone che soffrivano di acufeni o tinnitus. Questa sintomatologia, allo stato attuale della ricerca, non ha una diagnosi univoca e una terapia efficace. NeurOptimal® non è una terapia per l’acufene, ma si è rivelato molto efficace ed in alcuni casi risolutivo nel migliorare la qualità di vita di queste persone. Sono stato dunque invitato a numerosi convegni scientifici e da quel momento anche numerosi psicoterapeuti si sono interessati al Neurofeedback dinamico. Una nuova sfida era pronta ad essere rilevata ed eccomi dunque dal 2016 nell’equipe dei Rappresentanti Zengar ed in quella degli Istruttori Zengar per diffondere con la mia società SIND NEUROTTIMO SRL SB l’uso, la filosofia e la conoscenza di NeurOptimal® in Italia e nel Canton Ticino, in Svizzera.

I was born in Turin, Italy, in 1969, and I have degrees in Economics, Philosophy and Theology; from 1994 to 2012, I lived in France, where for nearly 20 years I helped hundreds of people who had lost their way in life, and felt increasingly troubled, to find the right path when confronted with decisions to make, relationships to restore, hardships to overcome. So for a long time my job was to activate the resources that people already had, but that were hampered by a crisis of a personal, existential, family, emotional, work-related nature. I have never played psychologist, seeking the reasons for their malaise, but rather I served as someone who helped them do their best, freeing them from false dilemmas and guiding them back to a logical, constructive way of thinking. In school, in companies, in their physical or spiritual health, in emergency situations or when facing simple obstacles in their private lives, I have accompanied many people in their path to maturing and growing, helping them express their full potential. So NeurOptimal® was an amazing discovery for me! Be the best you! It’s Time!!

NeurOptimal® promotes, together with constructive dialog, the awareness and elimination of the repetitive, obsessive and negative mechanisms that often cause people to stall, hesitate, remain in relationship conflicts. But the professional breakthrough that NeurOptimal® enabled me to achieve has mostly to do with the elimination of the various physical reactions to difficult situations, which often accompany periods of crisis. The body suffers, when the mind suffers. Coming back to Bergamo, Italy, in 2013, I started collaborating with a primary care physician, Doctor Bernini. After using NeurOptimal® on himself, he quickly referred to me all sorts of clients. Thus, I became NeurOptimal® pioneer in my country, and my new work immediately took off and then it literally exploded, after numerous successes achieved with people who suffered from tinnitus. Currently, there is no clear-cut diagnosis and effective therapy for this symptomatology. NeurOptimal® is not a therapy for tinnitus, but has been found to be highly effective, and in some cases even decisive to improve the quality of life of these people. I have thus been invited to numerous scientific conferences and from that time on, many psychotherapists have also shown their interest for dynamical Neurofeedback. A new challenge was ready to be accepted, so here I am since 2016 in the team of Zengar representatives and Zengar Instructor, to promote with my company SIND NEUROTTIMO SRL SB the use, the philosophy and the knowledge of NeurOptimal® in Italy and in the Canton of Ticino, in Switzerland.

Francesco Lanza
[email protected]
Tel: 00393893136226
adresse : Via Marzanica 85, 24124 Bergamo (BG) Italia
site web www.neurottimo.it

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Rumi Suzuki Instructor - Japan




Rumi Suzuki
Brain Rescue Japan inc
1-24-14-B Fukazawa Setagaya
Tokyo 158-0081 JAPAN

Brain Spa
1-1-10-202 Kanda-cho Toyota
Aichi 471-0868 JAPAN

Tel +81-3-6432-3695
Fax +81-3-6432-3697

Website www.brain-spa.jp
[email protected]

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Peteris Urtans Latvia & Russia - Instructor

Peteris is an occupational therapist working in the biofeedback and neurofeedback field since 2008.

He runs a very successful private practice in Latvia and has had experience with more than 5 000 clients and more than 15 000 hours of NeurOptimal® sessions.

He works with a vast array of people; ADHD, children with autism, depression, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia, stroke, the elderly, schools, professional athletes, the army, corporations and more.

He has given lectures on more than 50 different topics about brain function and Neurofeedback. He’s also helped to open practices in Latvia, Lithuania and gives consultations to clients in Estonia, Russia, Norway, Finland and the UK.

Петерис является профессиональным терапевтом, работающим в области биологической обратной связи и нейрофидбэка с 2008 года.
Он проводит очень успешную частную практику в Латвии и имеет опыт работы с более чем 5 000 клиентами и более 15 000 часов сеансов NeurOptimal®.
Он работает с огромным количеством людей; СДВГ, дети с аутизмом, депрессия, церебральный паралич, шизофрения, инсульт, пожилые люди, школы, профессиональные спортсмены, армия, корпорации и многое другое.
Он читал лекции по более чем 50 различным темам о функции мозга и Neurofeedback. Он также помогает открывать практику в Латвии, Литве и дает консультации клиентам в Эстонии, России, Норвегии, Финляндии и Великобритании.

Peteris ir profesionāls terapeits, kurš strādā bioloģiskās novērošanas un neirofidbeka jomā kopš 2008. gada.
Viņš ir ļoti veiksmīga privātā prakse Latvijā un ir guvusi pieredzi ar vairāk nekā 5000 klientiem un vairāk nekā 15 000 stundu NeurOptimal® sesiju.
Viņš darbojas ar lielu daudzumu cilvēku; ADHD, bērni ar autismu, depresija, cerebrāla paralīze, šizofrēnija, insults, veci cilvēki, skolas, profesionālie sportisti, armija, korporācijas un daudzi citi.
Viņš lasīja lekcijas vairāk nekā par 50 dažādiem tematiem par smadzeņu un neirofīdbeka funkciju. Viņš arī palīdz atklāt praksi Latvijā, Lietuvā un sniedz konsultācijas klientiem Igaunijā, Krievijā, Norvēģijā, Somijā un Lielbritānijā.


[email protected]
Telephone: +371 29446669

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Albert Fourie New Zealand - Facilitator

My journey with Neuroptimal® started when we “discovered” the technology during a stay in Australia where we rented a system. I was blown away by the difference training with Neuroptimal® made. From the outset I started sleeping better and soon found that I was able to better manage stress – I felt more at ease and able to ride the daily ups and downs without getting drawn in and stressed out. Like we say at Neuroptimal®, I had become more flexible and resilient. Significantly, I also felt a sense of clarity through which design ideas came flowing freely. As a professional design engineer, I have for many years been working against high expectations and tight deadlines. There is nowhere to hide for a design engineer – you design it, it gets built, and then it is out there with the customer and it has to work the first time, on budget and be available on time! Talk about stress and anxiety, constant pressure! I rediscovered enjoyment in my work and once again started embracing challenges. Since then brain training has become a habit. I particularly enjoy the calm, energetic feeling after each session.

Of course, as a design engineer, I wanted to understand the underlying technology of Neuroptimal®! In essence, Neuroptimal® enables every brain to improve itself based on the audible feedback it gets about its activity from moment to moment. This information feedback is ever adjusting in a dynamical way to what is happening in the present, mimicking the way the brain normally works. The key is that the information about change states in the brain is made available in real-time, as it is happening. The brain is a self-regulating system and able to learn from this information feedback to become more flexible and resilient. While the concept is beautiful in its effectiveness, simplicity and safety, the underlying technology that makes this possible is both complex and advanced. I cannot help but be amazed and excited that such advanced technology has become so easily accessible, through Neuroptimal®!

When we moved back home, Reiko and I wanted to bring the benefits of training with Neuroptimal® with us to New Zealand. Neuroptimal® has the potential to improve the wellness and experience of life for every single individual, and everyone can use the technology without having special knowledge. This fuels our vision of making Neuroptimal® available to as wide an audience as possible.

In addition to being the New Zealand representative for Neuroptimal®, my mission now is to help new trainers complete the Basic Certification course and help them set up successful businesses. I am offering live training in the main centres across New Zealand. Details of course dates and locations can be found on our website.

Albert Fourie
Urba Residences, 5 Howe Street Freemansbay, Auckland

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Christina Rompa The Netherlands - Instructor

Ik herinner me mijn eerste kennismaking en ervaring met NeurOptimal® in 2003 als de dag van gister: innerlijke rust en helderheid van geest. In essentie, bij mezelf thuiskomen. En dat op zo’n prettige en moeiteloze wijze. Met psychologie en neuro-linguïstisch programmeren als achtergrond startte ik mijn praktijk De Zachte Kracht. Sindsdien ben ik een genietende getuige van de vele veranderingen die mensen in hun leven ervaren dankzij dit magnifieke instrument.

In 2010 verwelkomde ik de gelegenheid om Zengar vertegenwoordiger en instructeur in Nederland te worden: Breingoed was geboren. Mijn werk is mijn hobby. Ik heb plezier in het informeren, inspireren en ondersteunen van NeurOptimal® gebruikers en trainers. Zowel het gezin dat een systeem voor thuisgebruik aanschaft als de professional die sessies aan anderen wil gaan aanbieden. Voldoening vind ik ook in het geven van de inspirerende NeurOptimal® cursussen, in het overdragen van mijn door de jaren heen verzamelde kennis van de Zengar filosofie en werkwijze.

Mijn wens is steentjes bij te dragen aan de verbreiding van deze waardevolle werkwijze. En ik kijk ernaar uit getuige te zijn van de verdere integratie van NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® in het thuisgebruik, de zorgsector, het bedrijfsleven en het onderwijs.

Wanneer je geïnteresseerd bent in de aanschaf van een systeem voor persoonlijk of professioneel gebruik, sta ik je graag te woord. Een lezing op locatie, een kosteloos informatief gesprek en demo training bij Breingoed, of het huren van een systeem om zelf sessies te kunnen doen, behoren tot de mogelijkheden.


I well remember my first acquaintance and experience with NeurOptimal® in 2003: inner peace and clarity of mind. In essence, coming home to myself. And in such a pleasant and effortless manner. Having Psychology and Neurolinguistic Programming as my background I opened up my practice Gentle Strength. Since then I’ve enjoyed witnessing the numerous changes people experience in their lives, using this magnificent tool.

In 2010 I embraced the opportunity to become a Zengar Representant and Instructor in the Netherlands: Breingoed was born. My work is my hobby. I find pleasure in informing, inspiring and supporting NeurOptimal® users and trainers. Both the family that has a system for home use as well as the professional who wants to offer sessions to others. Fulfillment is also found in teaching the inspiring NeurOptimal® courses, in conveying my yearlong gathered knowledge of Zengar’s philosophy.
My desire is to contribute to further expansion of this valuable technology. And I look forward to witnessing the increasing integration of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback in family homes, healthcare, business corporations and educational environments.

When you are interested in purchasing a system for personal or professional use, I am happy to be of service to you. A lecture or presentation, a meeting and demo at my office or renting a system to do your own sessions are some of the services I offer.


Christina Rompa
K. van Rossumstraat 27, 5104 HK Dongen
T: +31(0)162-325163
E: [email protected]
I: www.breingoed.nl

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Hannie Ruinen The Netherlands - Instructor

Hannie Ruinen has been with NeurOptimal® since July 2004 and lives in The Netherlands. With a degree in teaching and music, Hannie is also an experienced and licensed psycho-socialtherapist. Over the years she grew into her position as certified instructor, representative and ZenConnect technician.

With pleasure, patience and dedication she is able to teach the basic- and advanced certification courses that Zengar offers. Because of her language skills she is teaching in Dutch, German and English. All courses are being taught on location, live, either at her own location or at the attendee’s location (minimum of 4).

She is looking forward to meet you at the NeurOptimal® certification courses.

Hannie Ruinen
Minderbroederssingel 44, 6041 KK. Roermond, The Netherlands
[email protected]

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Maria Raposo Portugal - Instructor

Ma formation universitaire est Géographie et Aménagement du territoire. Toutefois, ma vie professionnelle, pendant plus de 25 ans fut la gestion d'équipes et la relation avec les clients.
Cependant, j'ai du ralentir le rythme hallucinant du travail dans lequel j'ai toujours vécu. En effet, je fus surprise par un diagnostique de fibriomialgie et peu de temps après par un cancer.
Ce furent des années terribles et trés douloureuses pour mon entourage et pour moi-même.
C'est alors que j'ai senti une énorme envie de revivre, de vivre la vie pleinement, ce qui m'a fait découvrir le Neuroptimal®.
Je me suis libérée d'un traitement dit chronique pour un bien-être vraiment fantastique.
Mon premier objectif fut mon traitement, mais rapidement j'ai fait des séances à mes proches et amis.
Je suis praticienne depuis février.
Les résultats sont simplement extraordinaires et l'émotion de la conquête de la joie de revivre est inexplicable.
J'ai ressenti la nécessité de faire découvrir cette incroyable "machine" afin de changer et améliorer la vie de beaucoup de monde.
Au Portugal, personne ne connaissait le Neuroptimal® et me voilà prête à partager la richesse de cette évolution technologique et scientifique.

It was based on the relation with clients and team management, with all sheds associated, that I developed my professional career for over 25 years, although my college education is about Geography and Regional Planning.
However, my health condition made me slow down the hasty rhythm of working life I have always lived.
I was confronted with a fibromyalgia diagnosis, and a few years later with an oncological problem. The following years were painful to me and everyone who shared my daily life.
The great necessity of coming back to "life" with quality, made me discover NeurOptimal®. I released myself from chronic medication and the well being acquired is in fact amazing.
The first objective was of self-treatment, but I quickly started doing sessions with my friend and family.
I am a trainer since February.
The results were simply extraordinary and the mutual emotion in the conquest of living confort is inexplainable.
I felt that I have the obligation to share this incredible tool to change and improve the lives of so many people.
Portugal still did not know NeurOptimal® and here I am with the wish of sharing the richness of this technological and scientific evolution.

Foi na relação com os clientes e gestão de equipas com todas as vertentes associadas que desenvolvi a minha vida profissional durante mais de 25 anos, apesar da minha formação universitária ser na área de Geografia e Planeamento Regional.
No entanto a minha saúde fez-me desacelerar o ritmo alucinante de trabalho que sempre vivi.
Fui surpreendida com um diagnóstico de fibromialgia e poucos anos depois um problema oncológico. Foram anos de experiência muito dolorosa para mim e as pessoas que partilhavam o dia a dia comigo.
A minha necessidade enorme de voltar à “vida” com qualidade de vida, fez-me descobrir o NeurOptimal®. Libertei-me de uma medicação considerada crónica e o bem-estar adquirido é realmente fantástico.
O 1º objetivo foi de auto tratamento, mas rapidamente comecei a fazer sessões à família e aos amigos. Sou trainer desde fevereiro.
Os resultados foram simplesmente extraordinários e a emoção mútua na conquista do conforto de viver é inexplicável.
Senti que tenho obrigação de dar a conhecer esta incrível ferramenta para mudar e melhorar a vida de tanta gente.
Portugal ainda não conhecia o NeurOptimal®, e aqui estou eu com o desejo enorme de partilhar a riqueza desta evolução tecnológica e cientifica.


Maria Raposo

Tel.: +351 918 455 529
Tel.: +351 261 144 959

SerOptimal, Centro de Neurofeedback Dinâmico
Rua Conde de Tarouca, 25 R/C Dto.
2560-315 Torres Vedras

E-mail : [email protected]

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Lise & Marc Delong USA - Instructors

We have been with Zengar from inception to current day. We have owned and operated numerous offices from the Midwest to the West Coast. As the Director of Education, we currently teach the on-line courses and design and develop curriculum for Zengar. Marc has created a significant ‘fleet’ of rentals and has mentored many people through increasing their sales, rentals and strengthening their business model. We hope you will join us online to learn the most current information on the Dynamical process and the NeurOptimal® process.

Dr. Lise’ DeLong
Cognitive Connections
1200 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Ste #100
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Tel. 317-258-7444
[email protected]

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Nikki Sopchak USA - Instructor

I hold a graduate degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Urban Planning and have built a successful 20-year career in Urban Planning/Land Development working for municipalities and private engineering consulting firms. I first learned about Neurofeedback when my then teenage child was struggling with difficulties at school and stress.

Based on extremely positive results with my daughter, I knew this was something that could benefit everyone in my family as well as a number of friends and co-workers. I felt a strong calling to help spread awareness of and access to this life transforming technology. I bought a system and started a small part time business training people after work and on weekends. In six years, my business has grown to include four locations and over twenty rental systems. I realized that I can only help so many people as a trainer but if I help other trainers to get started, so many more people will benefit. The awareness of and demand for NeurOptimal has grown exponentially since I first began as a trainer and I am thrilled to be able to play a part in this growth.

I really love teaching the live classes and getting to know trainers from all over the world as they begin their journeys with NeurOptimal. We teach the class on selected weekends in our Granbury TX location. Participants get to see our office set up and receive hands on experience with the systems and we enjoy socializing with the group at nearby restaurants during the lunch breaks. Many class participants choose to come a day early or stay late to explore the historic downtown square with its restaurants and shops. Granbury is a lake town with many options for lodging including standard hotels and many boutique bed and breakfasts.

Nikki Sopchak
Serenity Neurofeedback
1208 W. Magnolia Ave, Suite 222
Fort Worth, Texas 76104
[email protected]

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Raquel Younglove USA - Facilitator

I have had an unwavering passion for overcoming, thriving, and taking action to turn dreams into reality. As an emancipated minor, I started working my way up the corporate ladder at age 17 while attending Eastern Michigan University for Business. I have 16+ years of experience providing brain training and coaching services, and 25+ years as an entrepreneur with a number of successful businesses. Additionally, due to an insatiable desire for a deeper understanding into how we all get to where we are and who we are, in our strengths, in woundedness, in connection and in disconnect, I have studied human behavior for 30+ years.

Through much trial and tribulation of my own, whether through multiple significant losses, trauma, or even a broken back and failed back surgery for the last 35 years, I’ve tested the walk (and walk the talk). Friends laugh at me as I won’t even suggest a recipe unless I have tried it firsthand.

One of the most powerful, foundational solutions I discovered 16+ years ago was brain training. In my journey with other brain training modalities, I recognized they were limited in their ability to help; took a long period of time to experience progress; caused side effects and had short-lived results. Although I wholeheartedly recognized the benefits and potential of brain training, I also recognized the gaps. This set me on a mission to find the missing links, for a process that was not pushing the brain, and a process that worked with the central nervous system as it is critical to recognize that the mind and body are connected. Upon learning of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback and experiencing it myself, I immediately recognized it as that all-encompassing, authentic process to help individuals experience personal transformation and thrive in body-mind-spirit - in wholeness. Throughout the years I’ve had clients come from over 32 states and 3 different countries for my services, and it has been an honor beyond measure to help transform lives and help individuals thrive and shine as they were made to.

As a leading expert for NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®, I pursued becoming a Certified Representative, Facilitator offering LIVE Basic Certification Courses, and Advanced Certified Trainer due to my desire to be able to help anyone who contacts me at the highest level possible, whether for personal or business goals. And for even greater success, I offer Mental Health & Life Mastery Strategies through my company Breaking Barriers Coaching.

I’d love to hear from you and have the opportunity to assist you in being set free from any chains that bind you, so you can thrive, connect and be empowered to live your fullest life possible.

Raquel Younglove

Breakthrough Neurofeedback and Breaking Barriers Coaching with Raquel Younglove
7045 Campus Drive, Colorado Springs, CO  80920
Phone: 888-908-9490

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In Memorium - Emmanuelle Taieb

All of us at Zengar® and within our community mourn the loss of not only such a dedicated Representative/Instructor, but also a dear friend and a cherished member of our NeurOptimal® family.

Nous tous à Zengar® et au sein de notre communauté pleurons la perte non seulement d’une Représentante/Instructor hors pair, mais aussi d’une précieuse amie et une membre si importante de notre famille NeurOptimal®.