Louise Henry

Representative, Instructor

London, United Kingdom


Languages: English

Hi, I’m Louise and I’m the founder of BrainFiT® Neurofeedback. As an experienced trainer, and a beneficiary of NeurOptimal® training myself, I’m thrilled to be representing Zengar – supporting individuals, families and businesses who are benefiting from training or working with NeurOptimal® systems in the UK.

I was first introduced to NeurOptimal® in 2019. I’d worked in advertising agencies most of my career and I was coming to the end of a series of stressful contracts. I was done in. Suffering from continuous headaches, heightened anxiety and my memory was shot, I hadn’t slept properly for long time. My productivity started decline so I put my career on hold and reached out for help, I was introduced to NeurOptimal® Skeptical at first, but ready to try anything I gave it a shot and was surprised by the results. After just a few sessions I began to feel the brain fog shift and was able to think more clearly. By 10 the headaches had begun to lift and I started to feel a whole lot better – physically and mentally. As I continued I felt more positive, calmer and much less anxious. My confidence returned and I was able to focus and plan proactively for the future for the first time in a long time. I invested in my first system and began training everyone I knew!

And that’s when BrainFiT® was born. At BrainFiT® we’re passionate about you and everything to do with brain health, and the thing that gets us most excited about NeurOptimal® is the potential it offers for self improvement. Since much of the expertise is built into the system, everyone can benefit, and we’re excited to be working with inspirational people from all walks of life. Some finding an alternative way to manage the symptoms of serious conditions, others who simply want to feel, and cope better with challenges they face on a day to day. We help corporations integrate NeurOptimal® training within their own staff well-being programmed, and our Performance Programme helps athletes and business professionals reach their potential, in and out of the ring and boardroom. And with the support of Zengar we’re proud to offer advice and training for anyone wishing to start their own business venture with NeurOptimal®.

Whatever stage you’re at on your journey with NeurOptimal® we’re committed to making your experience the best it can be. Whether you’re looking to train with us, take advantage of our rental programme. Or invest in a system of your own, or for your business, we will guide you through the process with a premium level of support, expertise, and care. So you can enjoy the training and get back to being your best you – as quickly as possible. Please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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