License Transfers

Professional and unlimited Personal (formerly NeuroCARE™ REMOTE) licenses purchased from Zengar Institute Inc. are transferable one time only with the permission of Zengar and carry a $295 administration fee. Unlimited Personal (formerly NeuroCARE™ REMOTE) licenses will convert to a Personal limited license upon transfer with a 50 session count. Personal Trainer limited licenses currently have no limit on number of transfers and carry a $195 administration fee per transfer. Licenses acquired by way of donation, contest or at a deeply discounted rate are not eligible for transfer. Zengar reserves the right to refuse transfer to any particular entity or individual. Please check with Zengar prior to selling your equipment.

A note about Zengar’s participation in a private resale of NeurOptimal® equipment:
Zengar Institute will respond regarding a system’s eligibility for transfer and basic tech information to the best of our knowledge, to any potential buyer via email upon request. Zengar Institute is not responsible for the sale outcome in any manner and assumes no responsibility in the pre and post sale communication between the buyer and seller or the buyer and Zengar. The sale and purchase of a used system is a private matter between the buyer and seller; Zengar will not negotiate, manage, mediate, advise, take part in what-so-ever nor extend any responsibility for the transaction process, it’s communications and it’s results.

In order for a license to be officially transferred and supported by Zengar, the forms below (License Transfer Information and Current Software Disclaimer) must be completed and returned to [email protected].