License Transfers

Purchasing a pre-owned NeurOptimal® system can be a wonderful way to acquire your own system. However, to ensure a positive experience and to avoid surprises there are multiple factors worth exploring before investing in a used system.

A Note About Zengar®’s Participation in a Private Resale of NeurOptimal® Equipment: Zengar Institute Inc. will respond regarding a system’s eligibility for transfer and basic tech information to the best of our knowledge, to any potential buyer via email upon request. Zengar Institute Inc. is not responsible for the sale outcome in any manner and assumes no responsibility in the pre and post-sale communication between the buyer and seller or the buyer and Zengar®. The sale and purchase of a used system is a private matter between the buyer and seller; Zengar® will not negotiate, manage, mediate, advise, take part in what-so-ever nor extend any responsibility for the transaction process, its communications and its results.


What should I look for when purchasing a used NeurOptimal® system from a third party?

  • It is advisable to contact our PASS Team at Zengar® ([email protected])
    prior to purchasing a used system to verify the following:

    1.  original purchase date
    2.  software version being acquired
    3.  status of the hardware warranties

Original purchase date:

Any system older than 4 years is considered old, meaning some major parts (i.e., tablets) will likely need to be replaced soon.  The age of the tablet also greatly affects battery life. The older the tablet is, the less time the charge will hold (if any).

Software version being acquired:

You must own the latest release of NeurOptimal® software to be eligible to purchase replacement tablets/PASS membership/Session Refills.
Software upgrades need to be purchased. Please ensure that you have confirmed the software version you are purchasing as well as the upgrade cost before purchasing a used system.

*As of April 17th, 2020, Zengar® can no longer support its software version 2.0. Therefore, it will not be possible to purchase and load more Sessions to a Limited licensed system that has version 2.0. or earlier.

Status of the hardware warranties:

Microsoft provides a 30 month warranty and an overall limited support lifespan on all Surface Pro devices from the date that the original client purchased the system.  For example, support for firmware updates on the Surface Pro 3 and 4 (introduced in 2014-2015) are no longer provided, which means issues with future NeurOptimal® upgrade versions could arise. Also, neither the Surface Pro 3 nor the Surface Pro 4 are compatible with Windows 11.  The Surface Pro 4 has also been known to have screen-flickering issues.

Some additional components to consider are:

  • How many times can a license be transferred?

 An Unlimited software license can be transferred one time only whereas a Limited software license can be transferred an infinite number of times.


What is the transfer fee?

The transfer fee is $495 USD.  This includes naming you as the new owner in both our database, as well as on the hardware, and a 3-month PASS Preview membership. To learn more about the benefits of the PASS Preview membership:  PASS Membership Comparison – NeurOptimal .

Can I finance a license transfer fee?

No financing terms are available.

What if the seller still owes money on the system?

Any systems as part of a Financing agreement must be paid in full before being transferred to a new owner.

How do I begin the license transfer process?

Please contact our PASS Team: [email protected].

To submit a license transfer request, you will be required to send the Seller name and email address as well as the Buyer name and email address to [email protected] and we will send the form in a digital signature format for online completion.

When all forms and payment ($495 USD) have been received, both parties will receive confirmation via email (up to 2 business days). The Buyer will also receive instructions on how to rename their system.

  • Please note that the license will be suspended in 14 days pending the transfer completion should the transfer forms not be returned by both parties and if the transfer fee has not been paid.

What are the consequences for the Buyer of not going through the official license transfer procedure?

License owner information must be in our database.  Failing to formally transfer a used system will result in not having access to support, upgrades, PASS or the ability to order replacement parts.


What happens if the tablet or laptop of my used system needs replacing?

All replacement systems must be purchased directly from Zengar® on the NeurOptimal® website: Replacement Systems & zAmp Archives – NeurOptimal

Please Note: Licenses acquired by way of donation, contest or at a deeply discounted rate are not eligible for transfer. Zengar® reserves the right to refuse transfer to any particular entity or individual. Please check with Zengar® before selling your equipment.