License Transfers

License Transfers: NeurOptimal® Unlimited licenses are permitted to be transferred between owners once before the NeurOptimal® license becomes non-transferable. NeurOptimal® Limited licenses can be transferred an infinite number of times. License Transfers carry a $495 USD fee. This fee is payable by either the seller or the buyer – this must be agreed upon between the two parties. This can then be specified on your License Transfer Form.

License Transfers of any NO3 software version systems are gifted a 3 month PASS Preview membership. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions regarding zAmp Warranty eligibility. Should there be a remaining PASS membership on the system being transferred then that will override the free PASS Preview (which holds no monetary value). Should the remaining balance of PASS on a transferred system be less than 3 months, then the new owner can choose to waive the remaining balance and commence their PASS Preview immediately upon completion of the transfer. Previous versions of NeurOptimal® (v2 or earlier) are not eligible for any form of PASS coverage and are excluded from this. PASS Enterprise seats are non-transferable with license transfers.

Systems cannot be merged to benefit from the PASS Enterprise membership if a PASS referral fee has already been paid out on the first sale.

Please Note: Licenses acquired by way of donation, contest or at a deeply discounted rate are not eligible for transfer. Zengar® reserves the right to refuse transfer to any particular entity or individual. Please check with Zengar® prior to selling your equipment. Any systems as part of a Financing agreement must be paid in full prior to being transferred to a new owner.

It is advisable to contact Zengar® directly prior to purchasing a used system from an individual to verify the original purchase date, software version being acquired, and the status of the hardware warranties as well as the status of the technical support PASS membership. The computer or tablet is warranted by the computer or tablet manufacturer for one year from the date of original purchase.

Zengar® reserves the right to provide technical support on a limited basis depending on the age of the software, operating system and/or computer/tablet. NeurOptimal® software that is out of date may no longer be supportable unless an upgrade has been purchased.

Legacy Equipment or Previous Software Versions:  All replacement equipment must be purchased from Zengar Institute Inc. directly (tablet, laptop, encoder). Please note that you must own the latest release of NeurOptimal® software in order to be eligible to purchase replacement laptops/tablets/PASS membership/Session Refills. Software upgrades need to be purchased, so please ensure that you have confirmed the software version you are purchasing as well as the upgrade cost prior to purchasing a used system. Upgrade options can be found here: Previous software versions may not be eligible for technical support as they are too far out of date.  As of April 17th, 2020 Zengar® will no longer be able to support v2. This includes the inability to purchase and load more sessions to Limited systems that are v2 or earlier. Legacy software note: Unlimited Personal Legacy Software (formerly NeuroCARE REMOTE) licenses purchased from Zengar Institute Inc. are transferable one time only with the permission of Zengar® and carry a $495 administration fee. Unlimited Personal (formerly NeuroCARE REMOTE) licenses will convert to a Limited license upon transfer with a 50-session count.

For General License Transfer Inquires, please contact our PASS Team at [email protected]
To submit a License Transfer request, please send the Seller name and Email address as well as the Buyer name and email address to [email protected] and we will send the form in a digital signature format for online completion.Once all forms and payment have been received, both parties will receive confirmation via email (up to 2 business days). The Buyer will also receive instructions on how to rename their system.