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Did you update to the new Windows 10, version 2004 update? If yes then you will have to log in for a ZenConnect in order for us to restore some configuration settings; or you can click HERE for a complete guide (PDF) on how to do it yourself.

ATTENTION! Are you getting an error message that says your LICENSE IS INVALID? Update version resolves this – please read here for instructions on how to force that update onto your system which will resolve this problem (3 minute fix!).

Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a gathering of Frequently Asked Questions that may provide you with the support you are looking for. If you do not see a question or answer that assists you with your concern(s)/issue(s) please reach out to us via our other Support methods found at the bottom of the page.

NeurOptimal® is configured and tested to very precise specifications. This includes the use of the zAmp, Zengar® sensors and Ten20 conductive paste.

As a result, Zengar® cannot recommend using any alternative conductive pastes or gels.

Homemade preparations, other products or additional barriers applied to the scalp are also not recommended as this may impact the effective measurement of EEG.

Troubleshooting a problem by yourself can be very self-empowering! To aid in that process we’ve developed a quick interactive guide (PDF) that you can follow to help find the right solution for your situation.


If yes then you will have to log in for a ZenConnect in order for us to restore some configuration settings; or you can click HERE for a complete guide (PDF) on how to do it yourself.

Important Announcement on Windows Updates and NO3!

Never pause Windows Updates unless specifically notified by Zengar® to do so. It is also important to install NO3 updates as they come out.

Windows updates: It is critically important to install all Windows updates (security, apps, drivers, etc.) to ensure optimal performance as well as protection of your systems from malicious attacks to be on the safe side in terms of security loopholes that are discovered. In fact, many of the more harmful malware attacks we see take advantage of software vulnerabilities in common applications, like operating systems and browsers.

NO3 updates: It is also important to install NO3 updates as they come out. NO3 is updated frequently using the Agile software development process and, as such, requires end users to process updates as they are provided in order to be current. Zengar® has a World Class Team dedicated to this task and includes – The Technical Support Team, the Testing Team and The Development team – each working collaboratively in this effort and ensuring that NO3 is the most advanced and effective brain training tool in the World.

Addressing Rental Client concerns about Windows Updates and the impact to rental clients.

First, some background information:

Microsoft Quality Updates: Microsoft releases a “quality update” to Windows every month on the second Tuesday of each month, which is known as “Patch Tuesday.” These are big updates that contain security fixes as well as other bug fixes. They’re called cumulative updates because they bundle a large number of fixes—even fixes from previous updates, ensuring you just have to install one big cumulative update even if your PC is off for a few months.

These updates require the end user to reboot and may require more than one instance of update and reboot. Zengar® has found that Quality Updates do not require any additional configuration issues for NO3.

Microsoft Feature Updates (Zengar® will post advance notice of these): Microsoft also releases big, major versions of Windows 10 once every six months. It calls these “feature updates.” They include lots of changes and improvements. For example, Windows 10’s April 2019 Update adds a light desktop theme, and many, many other smaller changes, including improved Start menu file search and low-level improvements that will make Windows 10 run faster.

However, these don’t always roll out immediately. Microsoft throttles it and tries to only offer your PC an update if the company thinks it will run well on your hardware. You may not get these every six months if you don’t go out of your way looking for them.

Zengar® has found that feature updates typically require a re-installation of G-Force for NeurOptimal® and the instructions for this process, which takes approximately 3-5 minutes is included on the NeurOptimal® Technical Support/FAQ web page –  NeurOptimal® Technical Support/FAQ page.

After feature updates, it is recommended to go in on a ZenConnect for a quick check of your system. Zengar® is part of the Windows Insider Program and gets access to Pre-Release versions of feature updates in advance and thoroughly tests NO3 as these pre-release updates roll-out to determine potential issues for NO3. Zengar®’s test process includes providing information to the development team for NO3 to insure that any potential issues are quickly addressed prior to the official announced rollout of the feature update.

Rental client access to ZenConnect:
Rental clients of PASS members can quickly access ZenConnect through the rental client portal that is also located on the NeurOptimal® Technical Support/FAQ page. 

Rental clients of Non-PASS members will have to make arrangements with the system owner to pre-authorize and pay for a ZenConnect. This can also be done through the NeurOptimal® Technical Support/FAQ page.

Why Register?
Registering your device with Microsoft ensures they have you on record as the owner of your device. It also enables you to ensure the full warranty period on that device.

How do I register?

You can find instructions on how to register here.

  1. Click on WiFi icon
  2. Find your Network
  3. Click on connect automatically.
  4. Click on connect

You need to connect to the internet at least once every seven days in order to validate your license. Sessions do not need internet connectivity to run. As long as you connect to the internet prior to launching NeurOptimal® at least once a week, your license will be validated and available for sessions for the rest of that week. We advise maintaining a constant connection to the internet in order to allow your system to update both Windows 10 and NeurOptimal® regularly.


Follow the steps below or watch a video tutorial here.

  1. Login to your accounts via the Member Login link in the top, right navigation.
  2. Once logged in you can:
    1. From your account dashboard select the icon for ZenConnect.
    2. Or Select ZenConnect from the ‘Your Account’ dropdown navigation in the top, right corner of the website.
  3. If you are already logged in, you may use the links provided in the ‘Live Support’ box to access ZenConnect.
  4. Follow the steps outlined in the image found below the Non Members login information.


  1. Use the link provided below in the ‘Live Support’ box. A new page will open in a new tab.
  2. Fill out the form provided on this page and submit it. You may then launch your ZenConnect via the provided button that will appear after the form submission.
  3. Follow the steps in the image outlined below:

  1. Click on ESET icon on the Start Panel
  2. Click on Activate Product
  3. Enter provided activation key

Please note that ESET anti-virus yearly renewal is a perk of PASS membership (one year per PASS covered system). PASS members, please start a ZenConnect Session with us to update your anti-virus.

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Want to buy only the ESET renewal?
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  1. Click on Update and Security
  2. Click on Check for updates
  3. System will check for updates, download and install
  4. Repeat all steps until you see “Your device is up to date

Disk cleanup is a utility that removes temporary files and clears caches that build up during the normal operation of Windows. These files can add up over time, and maintaining your system through regular cleanups will ensure you always utilize the space on your drive effectively without waste.

Follow the steps below for your version or watch a video tutorial, here.

1. Enter “disk cleanup” in the Cortana box, and choose Disk Cleanup.

2. If you are currently running Windows version 1803, select all the boxes. If you are currently running Windows version 1809, select all the boxes except for the Downloads box DO NOT CHECK OFF THE DOWNLOADS BOX then click on “Clean up system files”. To confirm which version you have, type “about” in the Cortana search box and select “About your PC.

For Windows version 1803:

For Windows version 1809:

3. Choose the “More Options” tab.
4. Select “Clean up…” in System Restore…
5. Click on delete.
6. Click on OK.
7. Click on Delete files.
8. Allow the Disk Cleanup to finish.
6. DO NOT check off downloads box

Click HERE to view Instructions (PDF) on how to perform a Disk Cleanup for Windows 10 version 2004 & Version 20H2.

Optimizing your drive once per month is a great way to keep your NeurOptimal® system happy and healthy. SSDs are very fast and efficient, but even they need to be kept in good health and regularly optimizing them will improve their performance.

Follow the steps below or watch a video tutorial here.

  1. In the Cortana search box type “Optimize”.
  2. Select “Defragment and Optimize Drives”
  3. Click on “Optimize”
  4. And you’re done!

Defragmenting your drive once per month is a great way to keep your NeurOptimal® system happy and healthy. Over time, files on your drive become fragmented, slowing down your computer as it checks multiple places on your drive for pieces. Defragmenting helps clean this up, ensuring it is running as efficiently as possible.

Click HERE (PDF Download) for instructions.

If you plan on traveling to another country with your NO system, you must verify the region’s frequency first and adjust the Notch Filter accordingly. Keep in mind that you may also need a plug adapter.

For a list of Worldwide AC Voltages and Frequencies, click here.

To set the notch filter properly to your regions electrical mains current:

    1. Tap/press and hold (right click) on the Tools icon.
    2. Then select (tap/click on) Preferences and select (tap/click on) System Preferences on the context menu.
    3. The NeurOptimal® 3.0 Preferences modal will open.
    4. Select (tap click on NO Device Manager) and use the Notch Filter drop down menu to select Notch 50 Hz (60 Hz is default setting and no adjustment is needed in 60 Hz environments) and click apply/OK.
  1. The way that you test sensors in NO3 is to Tap and hold (right click) on the Tools icon in the VAULT.
  2. A context menu will open up and you can tap/click on zAmp Tests.
  3. You will then select Live EEG for the test and run that test AFTER placing ALL of the sensors in between your thumb and finger, one on top of the other in a single stack to “Null” them and then Click on Start Test. Press hard and the lines should converge together as they do in the image below. If not, then try again, pressing harder. If the lines still do not converge, then one or more of your sensors is bad and you will need to replace the set. Voila!

    Live EEG Test, with sensors nulled and red-blue lines converged. All good!

  • Re-pair the stylus to the Surface Pro
  • Replace stylus battery

This is normal and different from what you would expect to notice with laptops. Laptops vent their heat primarily through the keyboard, side and bottom vents. Since the Surface Pros do not have an attached keyboard (actually don’t need one) they have been designed to dissipate heat differently. In addition to this, all of the heat producing components (processors, hard drive, memory, battery, etc..) are located in the tablet itself and not under the keyboard like in laptops. This having been said, if the basic system settings have not been altered this should not be an operational problem, even though the screen and back may seem to be very warm or even hot to the touch.

One sure sign of any computer system overheating would be a complete and sudden system shutdown. This would be triggered in order to prevent any heat damage from occurring to any components.

To allow efficient cooling of your Surface Pro(s), please remember to always use them with their “kickstand” supporting them in an upright position.

  1. Press and hold the Fn and Delete keys simultaneously, for 3 seconds
  2. The blue light will start to flash and is now ready to pair.
  3. Click on Action Center
  4. Click on connect
  5. Click on Find other types of devices
  6. Click on Bluetooth
  7. Look for Moko keyboard, or it may just say Keyboard, click on pair
  • Make sure Keyboard is on and paired
  • Make sure keyboard battery is charged, using the charging cable that is provided
  • Verify that the volume is not muted or set very low on the computer.
  • It is normal for Baselines to not playback any sound and for the visualizer to be black since it responds to sound.
  • Restart your system.
  • Install all Windows updates and restart the computer.
  • Verify sound is defaulted to system speakers/headphones and not external display via control panel > sound > Playback Devices.
  • Zen times may have not loaded properly before starting a training. Improperly loaded Zen times would be indicated by 00:00 appearing in some or all of the Zen mode time fields. If you see this, click on Stop, Training, then Record to set the zen times and restart the session.
  • On all ASUS laptops provided by Zengar®, the USB 3.0 port must be used when connecting the zAmp to the laptop. The location and number of USB 3.0 ports varies between ASUS laptop models, but all USB 3.0 ports are indicated with an “SS” USB symbol near the port. USB 2.0 ports on ASUS laptops will cause the NeurOptimal® session to stop prematurely and unexpectedly.
  • Included with every NeurOptimal® system are two 15-foot USB cables. Try using the second USB cable to see if the session still stops prematurely. If you do not have another USB cable from Zengar® available, you can purchase a replacement from Zengar® here: It is very important to ONLY use a USB cable provided by Zengar® or the exact model recommended by Zengar® or else your sessions will continue to stop prematurely.
  • Verify that system time is in 12-hour format (US English): On the Windows taskbar, look for the time and date. The time should appear in “h:mm tt” format and the date in “M/d/yyyy” format (ex. 1:29 PM and 3/8/2017). If this is not the case, right click on the time and date, then on “Adjust date/time” and then on “Change date and time formats. The settings should match this image:
  • Temporary licenses are issued to all replacement systems until the previous system is unlicensed.
  • Temporary 90-day licenses are issued to all financed systems until paid in full
  • For any licensing inquiries please contact [email protected]

Sometimes when starting a session in NeurOptimal Professional, the following message appears:

To get past this, click on 1. Stop 2. Training 3. Record/QR

  • For Surface Pro 4 perform a 30 second shutdown (Watch a Video Tutorial)
  • For Surface Pro 3 make sure the Bluetooth keyboard is on, paired and charged.

A Windows update may have knocked out some of your G-Force or sound settings. Click here for the easy 3 minute fix!

Yes! You can find NO3 How To Videos here.

We also have some helpful Tech Tip videos here.

Yes, you can! You can review our Patch Release Notes, starting with v3.0.0.24, here.

NeurOptimal® Support

ATTENTION! Need G-Force or your Sound Settings reset? A recent Windows update may have knocked them out. Click here for the easy 3 minute fix!

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