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Educational courses

Cancellation (Courses hosted by Zengar®): Zengar® reserves the right to cancel any course for any reason. A reasonable effort will be made to cancel live/ live streamed courses in advance and to ensure all participants are aware of the cancellation. However, circumstances may not allow for this. In the event of a cancellation of an in-person or online live course, registrants have the choice of the following:

  1. Choose an alternate date
  2. Take the course via a recording
  3. Request a full refund for the course (Not applicable for courses bundled with other products, gifted, or offered as complimentary)

Cancellation of a live course by registrant 14 days or greater before the start of the course, will result in the fee credited, less a $95 USD administrative charge per individual course. Course registration fee is non-refundable with notice of fewer than 14 days.

Cancellation of an online course by registrant 48 hours or greater before the start of the course, will result in the fee credited, less a $95 USD administrative charge per individual course. Alternatively, the registrant may request to move their registration to a different date 48 hours or great prior to the course, one time. Course registration fee is non-refundable with notice of fewer than 48 hours. Fees are non-refundable in the event the registrant does not show up for the course.

Certification and re-certification (certification renewal): Only courses given by current Zengar® certified Instructors or Facilitators qualify for certification. All Zengar® certifications are valid for 3 years, at which time an update/ renewal process will be made available to maintain certification.

As in any field of study, new learning is paramount and necessary for a cohesive group of Trainers. For this reason, a “recertification” is necessary every 3 years to keep your certification current. The recertification is a short course, updating any new processes, language, and changes in the software. Within seven days of completing the course, participants must pass a quiz to reactivate the previously held certification. A certification expired for longer than 6 months is deemed expired and can only be reactivated by taking the course again. A prerequisite of the Advanced Certification is a valid, non-expired Basic Certification. Once the Advanced Certification level is achieved, only the Advanced Recertification will be necessary to keep your certifications current. The highest applicable certification badge will be added to your Find-a-Trainer listing per your request and will remain if your certification is current (check your certificate for expiry date). Contact the Education team for any questions at [email protected].

PASS members are eligible to receive the recertification course free of charge.

Promotional registrants (courses bundled with other products): Courses are of no monetary value and are therefore non-refundable. They may be transferred to a member of your team/group/agency.

Quiz submission (Live / Online / On-demand courses): Quiz must be submitted within one week from end of course to be certified. A grade of 90% or more is required for certification.

Third party courses: Courses offered by certified Instructors or Facilitators are not organized by Zengar®, therefore, the terms and conditions may be different. Please check with your host. Zengar® is not responsible for third party course management.

Intellectual property rights

These guidelines are designed to maintain brand consistency, ensure legal compliance, and protect the company’s reputation.

Citing neuroptimal.com website or Zengar® promotional literature: We ask that any citations of our website or promotional literature follow the APA standard. If applicable, please insert a clickable link to the original page you are citing, not just the address location. Passages cited should be less than either 500 total characters or represent a maximum of 50% of the total text on your site’s page. Please see our policies here: NeurOptimal® Branding Policies & Guidelines.

General disclaimer: All individuals, including Zengar® Representatives, who create content or publications related to NeurOptimal® or Zengar® products and services are required to include a disclaimer, clearly stating that their work is not endorsed or reviewed by Zengar® and does not represent the official stance of the company. The following disclaimer should be included in all content or publications:

This work has not been reviewed nor endorsed by Zengar®. The content and opinions expressed in this publication are solely those of the author(s) and do not represent the official stance of Zengar® or its affiliated entities. Zengar® is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any information presented herein. Any reference to NeurOptimal® or Zengar® products, services, or technologies in this publication is for informational purposes only and does not imply endorsement or approval by Zengar®.

Monitoring and reporting: Zengar® reserves the right to monitor the content created by its Trainers and Representatives and may request modifications or removal of content that does not align with these guidelines. Representatives and Trainers are encouraged to report any potential misuse or misrepresentation of Zengar® or NeurOptimal® products and services.

Representation of Zengar® and NeurOptimal®: All Trainers and Representatives of Zengar® must make it explicitly clear that they are independent 3rd party individuals or entities, and not official spokespeople for Zengar®. It is important to avoid any expression to the contrary.

Use of Zengar® trademarks and logos: Any use of Zengar® trademarks or logos must adhere to the company’s branding guidelines. Zengar® Representatives should not use these elements in a manner that could potentially mislead or confuse clients. See NeurOptimal® Branding Policies & Guidelines.

Video media: All videos appearing on neuroptimal.com and all Zengar® managed YouTube channels are the copyrighted works of Zengar® and may not be downloaded or republished. You may share videos with YouTube’s native share options for direct stream via the originating Zengar®/ NeurOptimal® YouTube channel. Here’s how.

Language and translations

The official language used for the NeurOptimal® software as well as the content of the Zengar Institute Inc. website and communications between Zengar® and clients is English.

A free translation service provided by an app called Microsoft Edge Translator is available through the Microsoft App store that offers immediate translation of our web pages.

Computerized translations are only an approximation of the website’s original content. The translation should not be considered exact and in some cases may include incorrect or offensive language. Zengar Institute Inc. does not warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information translated by this system. In addition, some applications, files, or items cannot be translated including graphs, photos, or portable document formats (pdfs).

  • Any person or entities that rely on information obtained from these systems does so at his or her own risk.
  • Select forms and files are available in certain languages in our PASS section. These forms and documents were translated by a translation service and should be accurate. If you find a problem with one of these forms, please contact the Branding team at [email protected].

Licensing and ownership

Computer licensing: Zengar Institute Inc. offers a carefully configured and standardized platform to ensure the ability to provide high quality and effective support to its users. For this reason, Zengar Institute Inc. neither licenses nor supports any system that did not originate from Zengar®.

License transfers: NeurOptimal® Unlimited licenses (formerly known as Professional) may be transferred from one owner to another one time. After the license has been transferred once the license is no longer eligible for transfer. NeurOptimal® Limited licenses (formerly known as Personal) currently have not transfer limit. License Transfers carry a $495 USD fee. This fee is payable by either the seller or the buyer – this must be agreed upon between the two parties. This can then be specified on your License Transfer form.

License transfers of any NO3 software version systems are gifted a 3-month PASS Preview membership. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions regarding zAmp warranty eligibility. Should there be a remaining PASS membership on the system being transferred then that will override the free PASS Preview (which holds no monetary value). Should the remaining balance of PASS on a transferred system be less than 3 months, then the new owner can choose to waive the remaining balance and commence their PASS Preview immediately upon completion of the transfer. Previous versions of NeurOptimal® (v2 or earlier) are not eligible for any form of PASS coverage and are excluded from this. PASS Enterprise seats are non-transferable with license transfers.

Systems cannot be merged to benefit from the PASS Enterprise membership if a PASS referral fee has already been paid out on the first sale.

Please note: Licenses acquired by way of donation, contest or at a deeply discounted rate are not eligible for transfer. Zengar® reserves the right to refuse transfer to any particular entity or individual. Please check with Zengar® prior to selling your equipment. Any systems as part of a Financing agreement must be paid in full prior to being transferred to a new owner.

Private resale of NeurOptimal® equipment: Zengar Institute Inc. will respond regarding a system’s eligibility for transfer and basic tech information to the best of our knowledge, to any potential buyer via email upon request. Zengar Institute Inc. is not responsible for the sale outcome in any manner and assumes no responsibility in the pre and post-sale communication between the buyer and seller or the buyer and Zengar®. The sale and purchase of a used system is a private matter between the buyer and seller; Zengar® will not negotiate, manage, mediate, advise, take part in what-so-ever nor extend any responsibility for the transaction process, its communications, and its results.

Transfer of ownership in case of death: The executor of the will can provide an official letter, system ownership papers (original receipt) and proof of death certificate to transfer the license/equipment to a beneficiary. The beneficiary may opt to sell the license so long as it is eligible for transfer under the license transfer limitations.

It is advisable to contact Zengar® directly prior to purchasing a used system from an individual to verify the original purchase date, software version being acquired, and the status of the hardware warranties as well as the status of the technical support PASS membership. The computer or tablet is warranted by the computer or tablet manufacturer for 1 year from the date of original purchase.

Zengar® reserves the right to provide technical support on a limited basis depending on the age of the software, operating system and/or computer/tablet. NeurOptimal® software that is out of date may no longer be supportable unless an upgrade has been purchased.

Previous software versions: All replacement equipment must be purchased from Zengar Institute Inc. directly (tablet, laptop, encoder). Please note that you must own the latest release of NeurOptimal® software to be eligible to purchase replacement laptops/tablets/PASS membership/Session refills. Software upgrades need to be purchased, so please ensure that you have confirmed the software version you are purchasing as well as the upgrade cost prior to purchasing a used system. Upgrade options can be found here: https://neuroptimal.com/product-category/upgrades/ Previous software versions may not be eligible for technical support as they are too far out of date. As of April 17th, 2020, Zengar® will no longer be able to support v2. This includes the inability to purchase and load more Sessions to Personal systems that are v2 or earlier.

To submit a License Transfer request, please send the seller name and email address as well as the buyer name and email address to [email protected] and we will send the form in a digital signature format for online completion.

Once all forms and payment have been received, both parties will receive confirmation via email (up to two business days). The buyer will also receive instructions on how to rename their system.

  • Please note that the license will be suspended in 14 days pending the transfer completion should the transfer forms not be returned by both parties and if the transfer fee has not been paid.

Live events and conferences

As much as we work to avoid it, it is at times necessary to change, reschedule or even cancel events depending on circumstances. Zengar® is not responsible for any expenses incurred by ticket holders or attendees for any reason. If an event is cancelled, your ticket purchase will be reimbursed.


You must be a system owner or in the process of purchasing a new system to be eligible to join PASS. All PASS subscriptions are a minimum commitment of 12 months. Annual subscriptions are non-refundable and are not transferable. Any “unused” portions or time of the annual subscription cannot be prorated or refunded. Users of the most current version of NeurOptimal® software are eligible for a PASS membership (users of earlier versions must upgrade prior to seeking membership).

Discounts: All PASS benefits and discounts are only applicable to a NeurOptimal® owner with an active PASS membership. PASS Preview is not eligible for PASS discounts. Discounts are not transferable to non-members and login details should not be shared with non-members to afford them the same benefits that are exclusive to authorized PASS members. Non-PASS members will not be granted PASS discounts and PASS members found to be in violation of this policy may have their membership revoked. Initial system purchases to new clients are not eligible for any PASS discounts, though PASS membership can be added to a new system order to benefit from any financing promos or consumable discounts. PASS members receive a 10% discount on most Zengar® accessories, replacement parts and courses. PASS discounts are excluded on ZenConnects, (for non-PASS systems), all PASS memberships, software upgrades, unlimited system purchases or license transfers.

PASS member referral program

Zengar® is aware that many systems are placed as a result of people being introduced to NeurOptimal® by our existing Trainers. Sometimes a client of a Trainer will decide they wish to purchase a system, or a colleague or friend. The PASS Member Referral Program was developed as a thank you to our Trainers for working with these individuals, spreading the word about NeurOptimal® and bringing new clients to Zengar®. By being named by a new user as a person that helped them make their decision to purchase, the PASS member can earn a PASS Member Referral Fee on their first system purchased/financed (up to $1000 USD for Unlimited licenses/Business Bundles and up to $250 USD for Limited licenses) or on their first leased system (250 ZenPoints). The PASS Member Referral Program is a great way for existing full PASS members to share their knowledge and supplement their income.

Limitations: A PASS member may not offer a sale price differing from the www.neuroptimal.com price (non-PASS discounted). Rebate incentives are not permitted. PASS Member Referral Fees are offered on new clients first system invoice only and not toward any subsequent purchases at a later date. Regretfully, a PASS member cannot be compensated for a sale that does not list them as the PASS Member Referral at the time of purchase. We suggest you aid in the placement of the client order to ensure you are named as the referral or explain the importance of including your name to your client. Limitations to the final eligible PASS Member Referral fee on bulk purchase agreements may apply.

Payment: If you are eligible for a referral fee you may request payment 30 days after order processing, to allow for any order returns. Payment is made via PayPal or may be credited to your Zengar® website account, to be used toward future purchases. After the new client submits their order listing you as their referring PASS member, you will receive an e-mail from Zengar® letting you know that you have been named as a PASS Member Referral along with the amount of your eligible fee and the date as of which you may request payment. To receive payment please send an e-mail to [email protected], after your specified eligibility date, that clearly indicates your name, the new client’s name, “PASS Member Referral Fee” amount and the e-mail address linked to your PayPal account. Should the customer opt for in house financing, the referral fee will be made available 3 months from the sale date or at the time the third payment is made, whichever is later. Should you prefer to hold the funds in your website account toward future purchases with Zengar®, please indicate this in your e-mail. PASS Member Referral fees may not be applied to the sale invoice – they are fees available for collection only by the rightful PASS Member of a qualifying NeurOptimal® product sale. PASS Member Referral Fees may not be gifted or transferred to another user. Should the PASS member be past due on any Zengar® account, the PASS Member Referral Fee will be applied toward that balance. Should the PASS member currently have an in-house financing balance, the PASS Member Referral Fee may be used to make additional payments to the balance owing.

Recognition as the PASS member for a particular sale: The PASS member is only considered as a referral for a particular order when they have their name submitted by the client at the time the order is placed and must be an eligible PASS member at the time, as well as when the order is completed (full payment received). There is a required field asking if anyone played a significant role in the decision to purchase that all buyers must complete in the system selection process. Naming of eligible PASS members must be done here. Regretfully, we cannot compensate a PASS member whose name is not submitted at the time of the order. A potential purchaser may contact a number of Trainers out of their own due diligence to speak to them of their experiences of the system, it is up to you to decide whether you wish to spend time answering the persons questions or not.

Remuneration: The PASS member who successfully places a system with a new user and whose name is indicated at the time of order will be remunerated up to $1000 USD for any Unlimited license and up to $250 USD for any Limited license, dependent on the product introduced and placed. This applies to new users only on their initial system. If more than one PASS member is named on a sale the fee will be divided equally among all PASS members. It is the recipient’s responsibility to report any remuneration from Zengar® to the appropriate tax authorities.

Returns: Should the client return the purchased system to Zengar® for any reason, the PASS member fee will be reimbursed to Zengar® within 30 days of notice. Failure to provide the reimbursement within that 30-day period may result in PASS benefit access being denied and PASS member referral status suspended.

To whom can the PASS member sell? To any individual who is not currently a customer of Zengar® (new Trainers), to whom a legal sale may be made. Please note – the sale must be to a genuine new user who is not professionally associated with you in any way, nor can the system be placed to the same household or business address. This includes selling to a company name with which you are associated, a family member or friends in the same household. PASS members may be banned from the PASS Member Referral Program if discovered to have attempted any of the above. If you are not sure if you qualify, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

What products does the PASS Member Referral Program apply to? NeurOptimal® Bundles (Limited & Unlimited licenses) and NeurOptimal® Business Bundles. Please note that the referral fee only applies to new systems sold at regular price.

Who is eligible to be part of the program? The PASS Member Referral Program is open to all PASS members. This excludes PASS Preview members. If you are a PASS Preview member and upgrade to PASS, you are then eligible to participate in our PASS Member Referral Program. Please note that you forgo your 3 months of PASS Preview once you enroll in the full program.

PASS membership

Community Trainer listing: This list contains contact information for those persons who are PASS members. Being listed here implies neither any particular, nor general competence for any task, use or application beyond the operation of running NeurOptimal®. Listing here does not imply in any way suitability for licensure, certification in independent practice or the use of NeurOptimal® for any particular purpose which could be understood as requiring such licensure or certification. It is incumbent upon those seeking neurofeedback services to determine the appropriateness and legality of the Trainer’s education, qualifications and certification or licensure in their country, state, or province, if they feel that is an important component of quality of training. NeurOptimal® is not a medical device and does not diagnose or treat any disorder. Any other representations, statements, or implications as to its suitability for any other particular purpose do not represent the terms and conditions under which NeurOptimal® is distributed by Zengar Institute Inc. Zengar Institute Inc. assumes no responsibility for any actions undertaken by persons listed within these lists. By being listed here, the named listee indicates his or her understanding of, and agreement with, all the above. In particular, the listed individual acknowledges by being listed here that he or she assumes all responsibility and/or liability for any other statements, representations or implication made by or attributed to them in connection with the use of NeurOptimal®. Being listed here further acknowledges that the listed person shall hold Zengar Institute Inc., Dr. Susan Brown, and Dr. Valdeane Brown harmless and blameless in the event of any concerns, questions or actions arising from their or their client’s use of NeurOptimal® for any purpose whatsoever. For further information on any relevant statutory guidelines or regulations or other matters concerning the use of biofeedback, neurofeedback, and other related practices, contact www.aapb.org or www.snr-jnt.org. As in all matters related to health, contact your personal licensed primary healthcare provider before beginning any form of training, exercise or otherwise engage in any behavioral changes that may impact health. For further information concerning what being listed here means — and does not mean — please contact [email protected].

Find-a-Trainer listing: As a PASS member you may request to be listed on our “Find-a-Trainer” page. As a PASS Preview member, you are also eligible to be listed on the “Find-a-Trainer” site, once you have completed the Basic Certification course and your membership is in good standing. You will be required to have completed the Basic Certification course, and your membership will need to be in good standing. Zengar® reserves the right to remove anyone at any time for any reason. Reasons Zengar® may consider removal of your listing include theft of others’ IP (do not steal website content from others without permission), customer complaints about your services or conduct, reports of misrepresentation of the NeurOptimal® brand (we are not a medical device, and therefore do not treat or diagnose. We do not make any therapeutic claims about the effects or outcomes of training with NeurOptimal®). All PASS and PASS Preview members (that are Basic certified) can list up to two locations. PASS Enterprise members can list up to two locations for their first membership (five seats), then one additional location for every additional five seats covered under Enterprise. The location that is listed on the Find-a-Trainer site must be an address where Trainers could see clients “in person” or have a contact that can ship from that address.

Zengar® may provide links to websites and third-party service providers including Trainers. These links are provided only for your information and convenience. Providing the links do not constitute an endorsement of the content of the linked websites or of the products or services provided by any third-party. Zengar® has no control over the content of linked websites, and is not responsible for their content, accuracy, or availability. Other websites which you may link to from the NeurOptimal® website are not bound by Zengar®‘s Privacy Policy.

Half-price PASS monthly /annual: If you own multiple systems, as long as one system is active on a full-price PASS membership, you are eligible to renew the second system at half- price. The expiration date of the full-price PASS membership will be synchronized to coincide with the expiration date of the half-price PASS membership.

Internet: PASS members must avail themselves of a reliable Internet connection (5Mbps+). Our ability to provide you with remote technical support depends on the quality of your Internet connection. Please note that wireless connections can drop which will result in ZenConnect disconnection, so do use a wired connection if you have one.

Loaner service: We do our best to assure you receive quality hardware, including extensive testing of your personal hardware prior to delivery. Occasionally hardware can eventually fail, and these always need to be repaired off premises. We know the upheaval this can cause a business in terms of client cancellation and down time, so we offer, exclusively to our PASS members, a special loaner service to help keep down time to a minimum. Once the need for loaner equipment is confirmed we will ship it out to you, often on the same day. Shipping is the responsibility of the PASS member, so best to calculate the shipping costs vs. cost of downtime when making your decision re: whether to request a loaner or not.

  • Research loaners: All research loaners that have been approved by Zengar® will receive PASS Preview for the duration of the research project.

All NeurOptimal® systems that have been purchased for research purposes or not, will receive 3 months of PASS Preview.

Membership refusal/termination: Zengar Institute Inc. always reserves the right to offer membership and to refuse membership entirely at its discretion, at any time.

Should Zengar Institute Inc. (or its representatives) elect to terminate a membership, the user will be reimbursed for the time remaining after the 12-month commitment is satisfied, less their membership months calculated at the monthly rate. So, if the individual pre-paid for an additional year and were asked to leave PASS after 4 months, their reimbursement would be the annual fee minus (monthly fee x4).

PASS annual membership: Upon signing up for PASS, you are committing to a renewable contract (minimum 12 months). Your membership will continue on a month-to-month basis for monthly subscribers after the initial 12 months, but you can cancel at any time. It is renewable annually for yearly subscribers. Only should you cancel and then re-join will you need to complete the initial 12-month commitment again. You can prepay for a year at a discounted rate, or you can pay monthly at the regular fee. To pay monthly you must provide a credit card that is valid through the duration of your membership. Membership will be suspended after three declined attempts. We are sorry, no credits are issued for cancelled memberships and payment in full is required for any outstanding balance. Software upgrades obtained by PASS memberships that become cancelled or suspended prior to the 12-month commitment being met will be deactivated.

PASS monthly subscriptions – there is a 12 payments commitment to this service, and you may cancel any time after 12 payments are up. Monthly payments will continue after your 12 payments commitment has been reached until you choose to discontinue membership. Cancellation of or failure to pay PASS monthly subscriptions prior to the 12 payments minimum will result in the deactivation of any software upgrade obtained via that PASS membership. Any ZenConnect service, discounts applied, financing member rates or fees earned are also subject to being revoked or additional charges incurred should a PASS membership not be fulfilled in full. Please note that no earlier versions of software can ever be loaded onto a system. Some ZenConnect services may be billable to PASS members, please see PASS Terms of Service section below.

Software updates: PASS members’ software licenses are eligible for free ppgrades. Eligible licenses must be:

  • Covered by a PASS membership that is active and in good standing at the time of the new software release
  • The latest version of NeurOptimal® software immediately prior to the release of the new version

System specs: To have your system covered under PASS, your system must be “up to spec” to run the current version of NeurOptimal®. This will be assessed at the initial ZenConnect. You will be advised of issues we detect, which you may or may not be able to rectify. Please understand Zengar Institute Inc. may not accept your system for coverage or maintenance under this program.

Technical support: Systems originating from Zengar®, fewer than 5 years old qualify for PASS technical support. Hardware issues (excluding zAmp) must be dealt with directly with the manufacturer. We can try to diagnose hardware issues, but in some cases a local technician may be required or the computer or zAmp may need sending to the manufacturer for diagnosis & repair. Technical Support is offered via our Facebook group, ZenConnect and email ([email protected]). Telephone support is currently offered during certain hours while on with ZenConnect for PASS members only.

In no case can we help with local Internet connectivity or speed issues.

Under no circumstance is Zengar® to be held accountable for loss of time, income, or clientele. If you are a Trainer by profession, we strongly advise incorporating redundant systems into your practice and obtaining business interruption insurance from a third-party vendor.

Please refrain from having any technician other than a Zengar® technician work on your system. ZenConnect’s incurred after an outside technician has worked on your system may be deemed billable.

Programs not included with the NeurOptimal® system as configured by Zengar® should never be installed on your system. These “other” programs may interfere with and inhibit NeurOptimal® performance and is therefore not recommended. We also do require that you keep an up-to-date version of our only approved antivirus product always installed and active on the system. Please update the antivirus as often as prompted. ZenConnect time spent uninstalling unapproved or extra software is always billable, so please do your best to keep your system clean.

Which systems are supported under the PASS Technical Support umbrella?

  • Your NeurOptimal® installation must be on a supported system, approved by the technical team, via ZenConnect.
  • Systems fewer than 5 years old
  • Membership is per computer/tablet system configuration. The owner of the license is generally the member.

The owner may allocate a representative to stand in their stead.

For PASS members who own multiple systems: Of the many, one significant PASS membership benefit is technical support for one approved NeurOptimal® system. If you have multiple systems, then the system covered by your PASS membership must be indicated at the time of PASS membership purchase. Once a membership has been assigned to a NeurOptimal® system, it may only be reassigned if the system is replaced with a new NeurOptimal® Replacement system (purchased from the Zengar® store). If you do have multiple systems, consider joining PASS Enterprise, which is a special version of PASS, designed specifically for you.

NeurOptimal® Representatives’ PASS memberships are for their personally owned systems. Representatives’ users must purchase their own membership for their systems to be supported.

Discounts are intended for those that are eligible, to enjoy for their own private use. Discounted sales (PASS discounted or volume) may not be resold for an amount or quantity that undersells neuroptimal.com.

Privacy: The contents of PASS are private, and this privacy for all members is taken very seriously. Information and resources enjoyed as a result of PASS membership are for the member’s own use only. While we certainly understand the process of sharing information with an interested significant other, please understand that under no circumstances can these resources or information contained therein be circulated in any manner, shape, or form. Please do not post any PASS materials on any website.

Session bank and rental license management: All systems active on PASS and PASS Enterprise are eligible to have their NeurOptimal® Sessions “managed.” Instead of having all your Sessions loaded onto one system at the time of purchase, we can manage your Sessions for you. Sessions can be moved from your “bank” and distributed to any other system covered under PASS. All non-PASS and PASS Preview members that purchase Sessions will have all their Sessions loaded onto their system at the time of purchase. Members with PASS coverage on other systems, but with no PASS coverage on the NeurOptimal® Limited system in question can only have purchased Sessions loaded onto their non-PASS system(s) at the time of purchase. Any NeurOptimal® Unlimited license covered by PASS can be switched to a temporary NeurOptimal® Limited license for rental purposes with unlimited Sessions that are not deducted from the Session bank. Optional Session and time limits on the rental license can be specified at the time of request. Any NeurOptimal® Bundles not covered by PASS are not eligible for any Session bank and rental license management services.

Please note that every effort has been made in this document to convey accurately both the rights of a PASS member as well as the responsibilities. Zengar Institute Inc. reserves the right to amend, add or delete items as necessary, at any time as a consequence of wisdom gained through experience with PASS. Any user applying for membership is assumed to be knowledgeable of, and in agreement with, the above terms of service.

PASS Preview vs. PASS
PASS Preview is a “lighter” version of PASS provided to new purchasers at the time of their purchase. The 3-month PASS Preview membership is activated and effective the moment that you receive your welcome email. Start date extensions or deferrals are not permitted.
*Exceptions and adjustments will only be made if your system is held at Customs for a much longer than normal clearance time.

Trainers may replace their PASS preview membership with a full PASS membership at any time throughout their PASS Preview membership. See our PASS Membership Comparison page for the most current information re: what is and is not covered under PASS Preview.

Please note that you forgo your 3 months of PASS Preview once you enroll in the full program.

PASS Enterprise
PASS Enterprise offer PASS coverage for up to five different devices (all under the same individual or company name). The membership begins and terminates on the same date across all devices, no matter what date each device was purchased or officially added to the plan. Individual seats are not transferable with the resale of your system.


Cancellations and returns: Orders may be canceled or returned within 30 days from the delivery date (as indicated by our official transporter) for a refund less a 20% restocking fee plus the cost of replacing consumables (includes sensors) and damaged or missing components. Zengar® will arrange shipment through its regular carrier at customer’s expense.

Zengar® customers and clients with account balances must make their payments(s) as per the agreement with Zengar®. Should they fall behind on payments, Zengar® will make attempts to contact the party or parties involved to resolve the matter. In the unlikely event the party becomes non-responsive or a resolution is cannot be reached; legal action will follow.

Consent Form: A Consent Form must be signed at time of order. Please note that your order will NOT be shipped until the Consent Form is completed and submitted to our Order Desk. You also must have all clients sign a consent form prior to beginning their training with you.

Financing terms
1. I authorize Zengar Institute Inc. or its representative to debit the provided preferred payment method specifically noted on my application for the initial payment (plus applicable taxes), as well as any of the other payment method (listed in any section of the application) for subsequent payments, through the end of my contract, or until my balance due is met. I am aware that these payments will be processed on an automatic basis, and I will NOT be contacted prior to the charges to the preferred payment method provided.
2. In the event my account becomes past due, I authorize Zengar Institute Inc. or its representative to charge amounts due, all or in part, to any of the credit cards I have listed in any section of the original credit application. I understand that a $45 USD administrative fee will be added to my balance due for each unsuccessful charge attempt. I am aware that a minimum of two valid credit card numbers need to be provided for my financing request to be considered.
3. I authorize Zengar Institute Inc. or its representative to share my general information, if necessary and only regarding the original application, with the credit bureaus, financial institutions, or other credit agencies.
4. I authorize Zengar Institute Inc. or its representative to run my credit history report at its discretion, should my account become past due.
5. Should the original application be delivered to Zengar Institute Inc. via fax or electronically, it will be deemed as the original and will be effective as such.
6. The *Co-signer (if applicable), understands that they will be held personally liable for any monies more than 45 days past due by the applicant, and that the credit card information they have provided on the application will be charged the appropriate amount to bring the applicant’s account to good standing.
7. A maximum of 2,000 ZenPoints can be applied to the down payment when financing a system.
8. Financed orders are licensed permanently upon receipt, however, should your account fall into delinquency the licensing will be revoked and NeurOptimal® will no longer function until payments resume.
9. Payment is considered in default if later than 45 days. Should no payment arrangement be made, I agree to send the NeurOptimal® system back to Zengar®. If the system is in good shape, the return will be accepted by Zengar Institute Inc. and contract nullified by Zengar Institute Inc. Payments already made will be considered a rental fee and are not reimbursable. I understand that Zengar® will contact the credit bureau and report the account as defaulted should the NeurOptimal® system not be returned by day 35 after the defaulted payment due date.
10. I understand that if the system is returned to Zengar® for any reason (beyond the scope of the initial 30-day policy) that any payments made before that are not reimbursable.
11. All financing is done privately, in house.
12. While we have done our best to predict any circumstance that may arise, we reserve the right to add or alter terms as part of the learning process.
13. Legal recourse will be based on Canadian Law.
14. Zengar Institute Inc. reserves the right to increase the current interest rate to 14.99% on any
remaining balance until the end of the Agreement should payment be defaulted.
15. Financing orders come with a PASS membership requirement. This is to guarantee comprehensive coverage and support throughout the contract period, ensuring the system is fully protected for the initial agreed upon term. Thus, PASS membership is an integral component of all Financing contracts.
16. The required PASS membership is non-refundable and non-cancellable if the borrower pays the contract balance before the term ends.

Leasing terms
1. I authorize Zengar Institute Inc. or its representative to debit the provided preferred payment method specifically noted on my application for the security deposit, as well as any of the other payment method (listed in any section of the application) for subsequent payments, through the end of my contract, or until my balance due is met. I am aware that these payments will be processed on an automatic basis, and I will NOT be contacted prior to the charges to the preferred payment method provided.
2. In the event my account becomes past due, I authorize Zengar Institute Inc. or its representative to charge amounts due, all or in part, to any of the credit cards I have listed in any section of the original credit application. I understand that a $45 USD administrative fee will be added to my balance due for each unsuccessful charge attempt. I am aware that a minimum of two valid credit card numbers need to be provided for my lease request to be considered.
3. I authorize Zengar Institute Inc. or its representative to share my general information, if necessary and only regarding the original application, with the credit bureaus, financial institutions, or other credit agencies.
4. I authorize Zengar Institute Inc. or its representative to run my credit history report at its discretion, should my account become past due.
5. Should the original application be delivered to Zengar Institute Inc. via fax or electronically, it will be deemed as the original and will be effective as such.
6. The *Co-signer (if applicable), understands that they will be held personally liable for any monies more than 45 days past due by the applicant, and that the credit card information they have provided on the application will be charged the appropriate amount to bring the applicant’s account to good standing.
7. Lease orders are licensed “unlimited” upon receipt, however, should your account fall into delinquency the licensing will be revoked and NeurOptimal® will no longer function until payments resume.
8. Should no payment arrangement be made; I agree to send the NeurOptimal® system back to Zengar® along with the
balance which will be applied to the total 24-month obligation ($8400 USD). If the system is in good shape, the return will be accepted by Zengar Institute Inc. and contract nullified by Zengar Institute Inc.
9. I understand that if the system is returned to Zengar® for any reason (beyond the scope of the initial 30-day policy). Account is considered in default if payment becomes 45 calendar days past due. Payments already made are not reimbursable. Zengar® reserves the right to apply the security deposit towards default payments and/or remaining obligation of the full $8400 USD. I understand that Zengar® will contact the credit bureau and report the account as defaulted should the NeurOptimal® system not be returned by day 35 after the defaulted payment due date.
10. All Leasing is done privately, in house.
11. While we have done our best to predict any circumstance that may arise, we reserve the right to add or alter terms as part of the learning process. Please check the terms and conditions page at www.zengar.com for the most up to date terms.
12. Legal recourse will be based on Canadian Law.

Lost, stolen or “dead” laptop/tablet: Clients acknowledge that when purchasing a replacement unit for an original lost, stolen or “dead” unit, a notarized statement from the police or a local technician is required for our files prior to the new system being permanently licensed.

NeurOptimal® purchase agreement: You are licensing the use of NeurOptimal® software subject to the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement (EULA) included in the software and by using the software, you are agreeing to the conditions of that agreement. NeurOptimal® is sold on the understanding that you are using it lawfully within your state, province or country and determining applicable laws is entirely your responsibility.

Price: All dollar amounts are USD. Subject to change. Final cost may vary worldwide due to differences in taxes, duties, and shipping costs.
Price protection policy: Zengar® guarantees the purchase price of your new NeurOptimal® system. This means that if the website advertised price for your system drops within 90 days of your purchase date, Zengar® will refund the difference between what you paid for the qualifying product, and the new advertised price.
This policy only applies to new system bundle (hardware and NeurOptimal® software license in a bundle sale) or replacement system sales, with the same technical specifications as the lower advertised product (i.e., same accessories, computer type/make/ model/ specs, and purchase terms, etc.). Promotional coupons are excluded from the calculation. This policy only applies to systems purchased after April 16th, 2020.
To qualify you must contact Zengar® and request an application of the price protection policy during the price drop period to inquire as to your eligibility. Zengar® will then review your case. Please note that no retroactive request will be eligible.
Any order placed with limited time promotions must receive initial payment within 30 days of order placement to secure the promotional items. Once 30 days from the time of order placement has lapsed, the order will time out and a new order must be placed.

Payment options: We accept VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, cashier’s check, and bank wire. We generally do not accept institutional POs – please contact Zengar® directly for exceptions. Please allow time for paper checks to be received and to clear—which can be up to 26 business days for US banks. We regret we cannot process an order before payment is received. Please note that any currency exchange or foreign transaction fees associated with your purchase is charged by the credit card issuer directly and not Zengar®. These charges can range from 1 – 4%. Any card registered outside of Canada may be susceptible to this, it is best to check with your credit card issuer for more information.

Refunds: When a payment is made by credit card, a refund will be made to the same credit card used for purchase. If that is not possible, refunds will be made via PayPal or stored as “ZenPoints” for future purchases. For partial refunds of financed systems, the adjustment will be applied on the balance potentially resulting in a shorter term.

Refunds (music): Due to electronic delivery of the assets, all music purchases are final. Watch this video to learn how to use the music with your NeurOptimal® system.

Replacement systems: All replacement systems must be purchased through Zengar®.

ZenPoints: ZenPoints are earned as purchase incentives and are applied solely as discounts on future orders and have no monetary value. Fees earned under the PASS Member Referral Program may also be transferred upon request to ZenPoints to allow for use on future orders. *not applicable on financed orders **available 30 days after order completion
To use your ZenPoints, simply login to your account at www.neuroptimal.com (using the same account you initially earned the points under – this is important) and the ZenPoints have been saved in there for online use. Once you add all items you wish to purchase to your cart, you will see the option to use your ZenPoints at checkout.
ZenPoints may not be transferred to another user and must remain in the account of the client who initially earned them. ZenPoints can be used on any goods in our Store, however, are not applicable on Services (ex: License Transfer or ZenConnect fees).


Duties and taxes (for all shipments being delivered outside of Canada): Any package shipped to an address outside of Canada is subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees collected by the destination country, including the USA. These fees, plus any additional charges for customs clearance are the responsibility of the recipient. Sometimes payment will be required upon delivery, other times recipients will receive a bill in the mail (from UPS or FedEx who cleared the package on your behalf or a government agency) after the fact. We have heard of some states in the USA issuing state tax invoices to the client after the fact. Zengar Institute Inc. has no control over these charges, nor can we predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country so please contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond original delivery estimates, sometimes significant ones. While we work closely with customs agents to provide them with the additional information/documentation they are requesting, Zengar Institute Inc. has no control over these delays, nor can we predict how lengthy delays will be.

Import/export regulatory requirements: Customer acknowledges that items purchased from Zengar Institute Inc. (including, but not limited to, software and/or technology) contain significant United States/Canadian content. They are subject to all local applicable laws including but not limited to the Canadian Export and Import Permits Act, and the Export Administration Regulations of the United States, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, the Office of Foreign Asset Controls as well as all other United States export controls where deemed applicable. Customer agrees that it will not divert, use, export, or re-export such items contrary to any Federal, Provincial or State laws within the United States or Canada. Customer expressly acknowledges, and agrees that it will not export, re-export, trans-ship or provide such items to any entity or person within any country that is subject to United States and/or Canadian economic sanctions or embargoes without obtaining prior authorization from the applicable Government(s). Customer also expressly acknowledges and agrees that it will not export, re-export, trans-ship or provide such items to entities and persons that are ineligible under applicable laws to receive such items. ALL DUTIES AND TAXES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER. SHOULD PACKAGE BE REFUSED BY CUSTOMER OR RETURNED TO ZENGAR® DUE TO CUSTOMER ACTION OR INACTION, ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER.

Shipping charges: Shipping charges vary according to item, destination, and service. Charges may be included in the original invoice, or may involve a second, separate charge once costs are known. The items for which shipping is included in the price are so indicated. Please note that all customs & import duties as well as any other cost associated with package clearance – which are nothing to do with shipping costs – are the responsibility of the purchaser, whether shipping costs are included in the price of the product or not.

Unforeseen circumstances: At Zengar®, we are dedicated to making every effort to meet your required delivery dates. However, it is essential to be aware that unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, such as Customs clearance or duty/tax collection, may lead to delays. If delivery is requested within a tight timeframe and the buyer is unable to receive the parcel or if it is returned to us due to unresponsiveness, please note that the buyer will incur any return shipping and secondary shipping charges.

When will I receive my order? Orders are typically shipped from our facilities within 7-10 business days after payment is processed. Shipping time (i.e., time your order takes to get to you) can vary depending on how long it takes to clear customs. Clients often receive their orders in as little as 7-10 days after leaving our facilities, but it can sometimes take significantly longer. Unfortunately, the customs clearance process is 100% out of our control.

Software/Hardware and support

Antivirus: Customer acknowledges responsibility for renewing the annual antivirus protection software subscription recommended by Zengar® if they do not remain a PASS member and that as a non-PASS member all fees associated with this are the responsibility of the customer. No support of any kind will be offered by Zengar® if a substitute to our recommended software is used. Technical support requirements resulting from failing to keep antivirus updated is not supportable under the PASS umbrella and will be billable.

Hardware: We cannot guarantee any accessories that have not been tested and approved by Zengar®. Please do not connect any non-Zengar® supported accessories, doing so may result in undesired behavior with your system. IMPORTANT: USB cable Monoprice model #5445 is the only Zengar® approved and recommended USB cable. Using any other USB cable may lead to functionality issues and non-compatibility.

Legacy software: Unlimited Personal Legacy Software (formerly NeuroCARE™ REMOTE) licenses purchased from Zengar Institute Inc. are transferable one time only with the permission of Zengar® and carry a $495 USD administration fee. Unlimited Personal (formerly NeuroCARE™ REMOTE) licenses will convert to a Limited license upon transfer with a 50-Session count.

Media: DVD content can be used on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems when using NO3. Zengar® recommends using movie files in the MP4 and AVI formats, as they have shown to function reliably. Additionally, while MKV files might function, it is important to note that their compatibility in NO3 is not always guaranteed. Please also be aware that NO3 does not support Blu-Ray media.

System Internet requirements: NeurOptimal® requires an initial Internet connection. Thereafter, connecting every 7 days is sufficient. If you fail to connect after 7 days, an error message will appear. Reconnect to the Internet to continue using NeurOptimal®.

System modifications: Your NeurOptimal® system has been carefully configured to run properly on the hardware with which it was received. Zengar® does not support any computer (including computer hardware, firmware, and software, i.e., OS, support files, etc.) or hardware that has been modified without express written approval from Zengar®. If you need to perform any technical servicing on your computer, please contact Zengar® ahead of time to verify your plans. If Zengar® agrees with your approach, it is necessary to replace any defective parts with OEM replacements (not upgrades). Upgrading components may not only void manufacturer warranty but if performed without Zengar® approval, will make your system unserviceable by Zengar®.

Software updates & software upgrades: NeurOptimal® 3 software includes free updates for all owners in good standing. Updates typically include bug fixes and/or general software improvements. A release of new NeurOptimal® software would be considered an upgrade, and typically includes new features and/or significant software enhancements. Updates are free for current software version owners, upgrades are paid. PASS members have special benefits regarding software upgrades.

Please note that unused Sessions are not eligible for credit or refund. You may choose to use up all remaining Sessions prior to completing your upgrade.

Support: Zengar® agrees to offer support for current (latest) releases of NeurOptimal® software on Zengar® provided computer systems. Older versions of NeurOptimal® may be supported on a limited basis once it becomes outdated, however no guarantees can be made on outcome of support. NeurOptimal® on computers with noncurrent computer operating systems will have some, limited or no support based on the age of the OS at the discretion of Zengar®. Zengar® cannot offer support for systems for which OS updates are no longer available by the original OS manufacturer. NeurOptimal® (and NeuroCARE) versions 1.98 and prior are considered “old” and are no longer officially supported. Version 2.0 will be supported through April 17, 2020, unless a windows update or something else outside of Zengar®‘s control causes it to no longer function on a Windows system. To increase system reliability, we recommend using the latest version of NeurOptimal® available.
Please note that Zengar® does not install outdated software, only the latest NeurOptimal® software version may be installed by the Zengar® team. This means that once NO3 has been loaded and licensed on a system, it is not possible to revert the system to an older version of software. Support for old NeurOptimal® software gets phased out with time, so for the healthy NeurOptimal® system, it is important to stay current.
Whether or not you are covered under PASS your system must be in safe operating condition to receive support from Zengar®. It is at the discretion of the Zengar® to determine if the system meets this requirement and Zengar® may refuse support for any system deemed compromised or unsafe for use.

ZenConnect: When choosing to have Zengar® access your system remotely, you are giving Zengar® or its representative permission to perform any and all operations deemed appropriate by Zengar® including downloading files to or from your system. Zengar® will fully maintain your system providing no alterations or additions are made in any way by anyone outside of Zengar®’s technical team. Zengar® will support systems older than 3 years only at its discretion. The current Antivirus software recommended by Zengar® must remain active on the system for us to offer ZenConnect support. We are sorry, we can no longer support NeurOptimal®v2 or prior due to age and technical limitations. Billing rate and billable time minimum applies to non-PASS members.

Warranty and repairs


We cannot guarantee results on any particular central nervous system, but we can and do guarantee the operation of the system. Please contact us within 30 days of delivery of your NeurOptimal® System if you are experiencing any hardware problems with it. After that, Zengar® warranties its zAmp while other hardware is warranted by the manufacturer (you will need to contact the manufacturer directly for servicing). See our Warranty Comparison Chart

Note that Zengar® must qualify the hardware as unserviceable (i.e., determine the issue is hardware related), for replacement eligibility. To do so, Zengar® will perform tests & technical servicing remotely via “ZenConnect”. After this remote assessment and service Zengar® will inform you if the issue has been resolved or if the system needs to be shipped back to Zengar® either for further evaluation/ repair or replacement. Systems with non-hardware issues, as determined by Zengar®, will be resolved, and returned to the client, while hardware malfunctioning systems, as determined by Zengar®, will be replaced. Please contact customer care for contact information if you are uncertain where to call. We are more than happy to assist you.

Under no circumstance is Zengar® to be held accountable for loss of time, income, or clientele. If you are a Trainer by profession, we strongly advise incorporating redundant systems into your practice and obtaining business interruption insurance from a third-party vendor.

Microsoft warranty service: Microsoft offers worldwide support for their software products; however, hardware servicing is limited to countries with a Microsoft support center (ex. Israel). If your country does not have a Microsoft support center, then warranty servicing is more complex. Microsoft suggests sending your Microsoft hardware to a friend or family member in a neighboring country to initiate warranty servicing, however if that is not possible then please contact us so that we can help with the process. Please note any warranty servicing of Microsoft products using a third party (Zengar® included) will incur shipping fees in both directions.

Please follow the instructions below before sending your Microsoft device for warranty exchange:

  • Remove all attached accessories (MicroSD card, zAmp, cables, power adapter, keyboard, etc.).
  • Take photos of your system prior to shipping; these will serve as evidence in case of any shipping damage.
  • Send only the system to Microsoft.
  • Provide Microsoft with YOUR return shipping address; DO NOT have it shipped back to Zengar®.

Sensor warranty: Zengar Institute Inc. warrants your sensors to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 3 months. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. If sensors are not properly cleaned after each use, they will corrode, and the life expectancy will drastically reduce. Failure due to corrosion is not covered by this warranty. Note that sensors are a “consumable” and the more they are used the more often they will need to be replaced. Expect to replace sensors approximately every 100 Sessions or every 6 months.

Software configuration warranty: Your configuration is considered your responsibility to maintain. It is important to follow Zengar® guidelines in this regard so that your system will continue to run optimally. Should your Zengar® originating hardware fail in a way that is serviced/ repaired under warranty, and that service compromises your configuration, then Zengar® will perform a remote software configuration, via ZenConnect) free of charge, as long as you meet the following requirements; 1) prior to reconfiguration, the system being serviced was running the latest version of NeurOptimal® software 2) the system meets Zengar®‘s technical specs for the version of NeurOptimal® to be configured 3) your account with Zengar® is in good standing.

zAmp warranty: Your zAmp EEG amplifier is warranted by Zengar Institute Inc. to be free of defects in componentry, materials, and workmanship for 2 years from date of purchase from Zengar®. This warranty excludes zAmp failure due to abuse, misuse and/or breakage, and normal wear and tear relating to the electrode input jacks, belt clip and the USB connectors and cable. Please note that if the zAmp has been opened or tampered with the warranty is void. This warranty is transferable once, the official transfer must be made through Zengar®.

zAmp repairs

Repair warranty: All repairs and workmanship come with a 1-year warranty. This warranty is limited to the scope of the work performed. Valid repair warranty claims will be treated like a valid zAmp warranty service.

Out-of-warranty repairs: For PASS members, Zengar® will perform the repair and the customer is responsible for a $100 USD deductible. For all other customers, zAmp repairs come in two levels; “basic” ($220 USD) which represents the repair of a failed component or two, and “extensive” ($500 USD), where the repair requires full replacement of the zAmp logic board. Payment is due before repaired zAmp is returned.

Under warranty repairs: If your zAmp’s warranty is in good standing, Zengar® will repair the zAmp (parts & labor) at no charge to the customer.

zAmp repair assessments: Please login with ZenConnect for confirmation of repair needed and to begin the repair process.

zAmp repair shipping: If the zAmp warranty is in good standing, Zengar® will arrange for shipping in both directions. If the zAmp is out of warranty, the customer is responsible for shipping the zAmp to the Zengar® repair facility. After repair service, Zengar® will arrange the shipping of your zAmp back to you (“one-way shipping”).

All terms & conditions are subject to change without notice. This page is for reference only.