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Want to discover which NeurOptimal® solution pairs with the best financing option for you? We’ve created a fun calculator to help you see the numbers in action and give you an idea of what financing for transformation could look like for you!

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Ready to submit an application? Let’s do this!

Please select the applicable credit application from our four options below. Once the application is filled and submitted, we will contact you within 1 – 2 business days.

If you have any questions concerning financing or wish to contact us with a question before submitting your application please consult our Financing FAQ page. Please also take a moment to review both our Financing Terms and Conditions (PDF) as well as our Privacy Policy (PDF). By filling out and submitting an application you agree to both of these.

U.S Residents: Are you looking for quick access to convenient credit? PayPal Credit offers you the ability to get 6 months special financing with no interest and no down payment. Get a credit decision within seconds! Visit Paypal to Learn More.


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