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The below courses are recordings of previous Online courses hosted by Zengar® Certified Instructors Dr. Lise and Marc Delong (ENG), and David Douçot (FR).

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Basic Certification ONLINE - On Demand

Welcome to the NeurOptimal® Community! We are pleased you are considering our Basic course, where you will learn a variety of information including: neurofeedback basics, the philosophy, the theory, the NeurOptimal® history, an introduction to how it works, running clients, and of course business basics for a successful office.

The completion of this course grants you a Basic certification to frame and hang in your NeurOptimal® office. This course will assist you in your confidence in speaking about NeurOptimal® to new clients and give ideas and suggestions for marketing a new business.

It is most helpful, for participants to have access to a NeurOptimal® professional system during the course. To better prepare for the Basic Certification course take a moment to watch the videos under the START HERE tab in the website PASS area.

Together we will create a supportive environment for everyone to learn and grow with the NeurOptimal® process.


Advanced Certification ONLINE - On Demand

The “Advanced Certification Course” is a two day course that dives into the advanced feature set of NeurOptimal® v3 while also developing your trainer side, helping you work with your clients more efficiently and easily.

This interactive online course covers the following:

  • The Most Current Approaches in Dynamical Neurofeedback®
  • Basic Concepts of Dynamical Systems
  • The Science Behind NeurOptimal®
  • Creating an Effective Rapport with Your Clients
  • Strategies to Supporting Your Clients While ‘Untying Your Own Knots’
  • S.O.R.T. It Out With the DIFS
  • The Basics to Creating a Successful NeurOptimal® Business

We are honored you have chosen to be a part of the NeurOptimal® process and we look forward to your participation in the NeurOptimal® Advanced Certification Course.

Please Note: Students must have already successfully completed the Basic Certification to register for this course.


Recertification avancée en ligne – SUR DEMANDE

Le programme de re-certification NeurOptimal® a été conçu pour tenir les Trainers au courant. Nous mettrons à jour vos connaissances du langage NeurOptimal®, de la philosophie, de l’image de marque et, bien sûr, des composants actuels du système NO3. Créé sous la forme d’une ” recertification ” de 3 heures pour tous les Trainers qui ont déjà suivi le cours de certification NeurOptimal® de base ou avancé de 2 jours (rappelez-vous que toutes les certifications expirent maintenant après 3 ans !).

A la fin du cours de re-certification, le Trainer reçoit un certificat de 3 ans attestant qu’il a suivi le cours. Afin de recevoir le certificat, les participants devront répondre à un quiz de 20 questions sur les informations les plus récentes du processus Zengar® Dynamical Neurofeedback®.

Joignez-vous à nous pour le cours ” Re-Cert ” de 3 heures et nous apprendrons ensemble la terminologie, la philosophie et le processus NeurOptimal® NO3 le plus à jour.

VEUILLEZ NOTER : Tous les Trainers certifiés doivent d’abord assister et obtenir la recertification de base avant le cours de recertification avancée.

VEUILLEZ NOTER : Tous les cours de recertification coûtent 250 $US pour les membres NON PASS. Tous les cours de recertification sont gratuits pour tous les membres PASS actifs au moment de la recertification, mais vous devez quand même passer par le processus de paiement pour avoir accès au cours sur demande. En tant que membre PASS, vous ne serez PAS facturé.


Frequently Asked Questions

All recordings must be watched in full and the accompanying quiz completed with a grade of 90% or higher to be eligible for certification.

To be eligible for Advanced Certification you must already be Basic Certified. In addition, all recordings for the Advanced Certification Course must be watched in full and the accompanying quiz completed with a grade of 90% or higher to be eligible for certification.

All Zengar® certifications are valid for a 3 year period, at which time a ‘recertification’ is necessary to keep your Certification current. See terms and conditions for more information.

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