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When you join PASS you join a strong and happy community that is here for each other and for the mission of providing brain training for everyone. Trainers and personal users need support and PASS is the single best resource to assist you when using your NeurOptimal® system. Its primary aim is to educate you with information and webinars, connect you with others in the community through our Facebook groups, keep your system running smoothly and avoid down time.

Here, There, Everywhere

NeurOptimal® is a global mission. We have Trainers in 76 countries around the world, each one providing quality Dynamical Neurofeedback® training. Our Find a Trainer page allows anyone, no matter where they are in the world, to find the Trainer that’s right for them. As a Trainer, this page is an amazing tool to promote your business and reach more clients. With PASS you can list your business, provide contact information, and even share a video!

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FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT via ZENCONNECT (Value of $160/hour (USD)): Our goal is to offer the most advanced technical support available to NeurOptimal® users, requiring minimal technical ability on the part of the Trainer.

TELEPHONE SUPPORT: We understand that sometimes it’s nice to have a live technician to speak to when a ZenConnect is taking place. Exclusive to PASS members, you have the option to request a telephone call from the technician that is working on your system while the work is taking place.

DISCOUNTS ON PRODUCTS & CONSUMABLES:Our valued PASS members enjoy discounts on most Zengar® accessories, replacement parts, courses and more.
“Nous travaillons tous seul de façon isolée mais c’est grâce à des personnes comme vous que l’on peut le faire grâce à toute la logistique que vous mettez en place. Merci encore, passez une super journée.” – Myriam

“Merci et bravo à toute l’équipe de gérer avec une telle proximité une si grande communauté… vous allez réussir votre challenge….” – Marie

EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP: Be the first to know! As a PASS member, you gain exclusive access to our PASS Facebook group. Take part in discussions, get inside access to the NeurOptimal® team, other trainers, what’s happening behind the scenes…. Essentially, a front row seat to everything NeurOptimal®! Only available for PASS members.
NEUROPTIMAL® FIND A TRAINER LISTING: The Find-a-Trainer Page is one of the most frequented pages on our website and can be a great way to build your business. These listings are kept exclusive to PASS members!

NEUROPTIMAL® REFERRAL SERVICE AND WEBSITE LISTING: Because online visibility is key to promoting any business, our “Find a Trainer” page allows for anyone searching for a NeurOptimal® Trainer to find you! Whether you are offering sessions or rentals, simply list your information and even add a video and become instantly visible to a highly targeted audience. Our Find-a-Trainer Page is by far the most visited page on our website.

  • Rental Management

    With PASS, managing your Session bank has never been easier! Allocate and distribute Sessions as you see fit!

  • Access to Loaner Systems

    We have a special loaner service to cover you in the unlikely event your system goes down, so you can keep seeing Clients and keep things moving.
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  • Referral Program

    Get acknowledged for introducing NeurOptimal® to someone who needs it and earn a generous commission off the resulting sale!
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  • FREE NeurOptimal® Upgrades

    PASS members get all upgrades to NeurOptimal® as part of their membership. We even install it for you. No costs, ever!

PERSONAL SESSION BANK AND RENTAL LICENSE MANAGEMENT: Using NeurOptimal® Limited System(s) in your business? Instead of having all of your Sessions loaded onto your system(s) at the time of purchase, we can manage your Sessions for you. This will allow you to pull Sessions from your Session “bank” for each NeurOptimal® NO3 Limited system you have covered under PASS, giving you full control to distribute your Sessions when and to which PASS covered system(s) as needed. You can also switch any of your NeurOptimal® NO3 Unlimited covered by PASS to temporary Limited licenses for rental purposes with unlimited Sessions. This will also enable you to specify optional Session and time limits on the rental license.
LOANER SERVICE: We do our best to assure you receive quality hardware, including extensive testing of your personal hardware prior to delivery. Very rarely, hardware problems may occur, and these always need to be repaired off premises. We know the upheaval this can cause to a business in terms of client cancellation and down time. Exclusive to our PASS members, we have a special loaner service to cover you in the unlikely event your system goes down. Once the need for a loaner is confirmed we will ship it out to you, often on the same day. All we ask members to do is pay for shipping. (PASS Enterprise members receive free shipping).




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  • Peace of Mind

    With unlimited technical support you can be assured that your system will be running smoothly for as long as possible.

  • Community

    Find help and support from real life users and trainers 24 / 7 in our PASS Support Group on Facebook.

  • Discounts

    Keep your brain train(ing) on track with 20% off Session refills!

  • Referral Program

    Get acknowledged for introducing NeurOptimal® to someone who needs it and earn a generous commission off the resulting sale!

Technical Support with PASS

Our ZenConnect team is here for all of your system needs. From regular maintenance to unexpected turns of events, our team of “absolute life savers” is well trained and equipped to get you up, running, and continually training.

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