"Prior to brain training I suffered with severe performance anxiety. As a competitive athlete, at times it was debilitating and held me back from doing my best. I also suffered with a concussion and I truly believe my brain could not have healed as well as it has without NeurOptimal training sessions."

-Eleni, NeurOptimal® User

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Developed by Clinical Psychologists, NeurOptimal® is the world’s first and only
Dynamical Neurofeedback™ brain training system.

 Working directly with the central nervous system, brain training with NeurOptimal® can
help improve cognitive and physical performance, enhance focus and deepen sleep.

With 17 years and well over 3 MILLION hours of use worldwide, NeurOptimal®
is an advanced, time-tested, safe and effective neurofeedback system.

You CAN get the most out of life! Find your next level with NeurOptimal®.

How Can NeurOptimal® Help You?

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Joining the NeurOptimal® family of trainers might be the most rewarding career decision you’ve ever made!

Home Use

Looking for a truly cutting-edge technology to significantly upgrade your life, relationships and work performance? Brain training with NeurOptimal®’s Personal Trainer is about to become your go-to solution.

Business & Schools

Looking to get an edge for your business? Want to improve your school’s test scores? NeurOptimal® is a safe, easy way to give learners and employees of all ages a significant advantage in an increasingly competitive environment.

The Many Faces of NeurOptimal®

NeurOptimal® has been able to help many people achieve the training they’ve desired and deserved.
NeurOptimal® isn’t just for anyone, it’s for everyone.

Want Real Results?

While many brain training systems promise peak performance, laser focus and deeper sleep, NeurOptimal® delivers! NeurOptimal® is NOT a supplement, nor is it a game; it is a highly advanced human performance technology. Users all over the world describe how NeurOptimal® has changed their lives. See for yourself! Watch our success story videos, read about the remarkable transformations clients have experienced using NeurOptimal®, or download our Trainer Survey. Own YOUR potential with NeurOptimal®.

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