Our NeurOptimal® Community

Zengar’s co-founders, Drs. Sue and Val Brown firmly believe that only through community will NeurOptimal® come to reach its full potential for relieving suffering in the world. Every step of the way they have been committed to creating a strong NeurOptimal® bond and community, and today that community extends to tens of thousands. We consider every member of that community to be part of our NeurOptimal® family.

Zengar commits to supporting its Family.

We do this with integrity, respect, on-going excellence in the development of NeurOptimal®, and unsurpassed support and service in its delivery.

The main way Zengar communicates with its extended family is through the many forums of PASS, its webinars, its courses and bi-annual Research and Innovation Conferences.

Zengar's Two Co-Founders

The Future of Zengar