We thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to helping you with your NeurOptimal® system.

Summer is here so it’s time for Summer Hours!
The Zengar Main Office as well as ZenConnect will be closing early on Fridays, 1PM EST, starting July 5th. Thank you!

ATTENTION! Need G-Force or your Sound Settings reset?
A recent Windows update may have knocked them out. Click here for the easy 3 minute fix!

ZenConnect is available Monday through Friday, 7am-7pm, US East Coast Time.

If you are renting a system from a NeurOptimal® trainer which you know to be covered by PASS, please fill out the form below and continue on. If the system is not covered by PASS, you will need to contact your trainer for technical support.

  • This will be the person you have rented the system from.

IMPORTANT ZENCONNECT REQUIREMENT: Please have your laptop connected to electrical power as well as a high-speed internet connection (5Mbps+) prior to connecting with a ZenConnect. Your zAmp should also be connected to the computer. Please schedule sufficient time for your ZenConnect. Regular maintenance of well maintained systems that connect every 1-3 months should take about 10-20 minutes. If you have not connected for a maintenance ZenConnect in over 3 months, your ZenConnect will take longer. Installing a large update or upgrade could take over an hour. The time it takes to diagnose and resolve specific issues varies. If you are waiting in queue for a ZenConnect for longer than 15 minutes, we recommend that you close the connection and try again at a later time at your convenience.

How to Start a ZenConnect