Susan Gillies

Representative, Instructor

Ontario, Canada


Languages: English

I was introduced to NeurOptimal® in 2011. After attending an international research conference organized by Zengar® I became convinced of its effectiveness. My own experience after a few sessions was remarkable, most notably improved clarity and focus as well as a heightened sense of well being. I knew that something in my life had shifted. Knowing my background, the doctors who introduced me to neurofeedback encouraged me to open my own clinic and “bring more neurofeedback into the world”.

I bought my first machine in 2012 and became a certified NeurOptimal® practitioner. At the same time, I had just graduated from a program in nutrition and realized how complementary brain training and nutritional coaching could be. Building on my past career which included working in medical research, computer programming and heading up (trail blazing!) information management projects, I was able to appreciate how the NeurOptimal® system could safely and effortlessly provide information to one’s brain and result in the brain correcting itself.

After many years of offering sessions in a variety of settings to a wide range of clientele, I am honored to be an official representative of Zengar® and to have the opportunity to introduce the power of NeurOptimal® to groups, practitioners and individuals who can benefit the most. To date I have enjoyed helping many like-minded individuals start their own neurofeedback businesses. I have also received satisfaction from providing guidance and support to individuals buying a system for personal reasons.

I encourage anyone interested in knowing more to get in touch. I am always happy to share my knowledge of, experience with and passion for NeurOptimal®!

Susan Gillies

BSc (Biochemistry), MISt, DHN

Lambton Shores Wellness Centre

79 King Street, Thedford, ON   N0M 2N0

[email protected]

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Exceptional Zengar Ⓡ Basic Certification Training with Susan: A Remarkable Instructor!

November 27, 2023

Recently I had the pleasure of completing my Zengar Ⓡ Basic Certification with Susan Gillies, and I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts about her as an instructor. Susan’s expertise is truly remarkable, and I was deeply impressed by her dedication to ensuring my full comprehension of the material. Throughout the training, she took the time to patiently address all of my questions, leaving no doubt that my understanding of the material was her utmost priority.

Susan’s knowledge and experience are impressive, and her willingness to generously share her insights is truly commendable. Her resourcefulness, combined with her unwavering commitment to Neuroptimal Neurofeedback makes her an exceptional instructor. If you ever find yourself with the opportunity to train under Susan’s guidance, I highly recommend her. Not only is she exceptionally knowledgeable, but she also possesses a warm and supportive teaching style that truly reflects her genuine investment in her students’ success.

Lisa Zukiwski

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