Jennifer Tierney

Colorado, United States of America

The majority of my career has been spent working in the corporate world as senior leadership, but that changed when I experienced NeurOptimal® after having been diagnosed with PTSD five years ago. Being forced to take a break from my stressful and hectic lifestyle to focus on my mental health, allowed me to be introduced to NeurOptimal®, and it quite literally helped to change my life. Through my journey and with the clarity I received in many aspects of my life, my trajectory changed, and now focused on bringing NeurOptimal® to my community. I felt an overwhelming responsibility to share NeurOptimal® with others, so they could have their own breakthrough experience.

Parker Neurofeedback offers in-office, mobile, and rental system options and has multiple locations in the Denver and South Denver areas. Our goal is to remove any obstacle someone may have to being able to receive neurofeedback sessions. I am highly active in the community and feel a profound need to provide tools, specifically NeurOptimal®, to those in a crisis, particularly children. Parker Neurofeedback donates sessions to children in need via the Zero Ground/MindSolutions Camps and Second Wind Fund. We also discount or donate sessions for Veterans and First Responders. With the re-entry of workers back to the office, myself and the team at Parker Neurofeedback will also be focusing on bringing neurofeedback sessions to the office through corporate wellness programs. As a mental health advocate, I am here to help anyone in need or wanting to simply feel their best.

I now find joy and peace in waking up every day for work and being able to help my community, to help those in need, and to bring NeurOptimal® to others. I have left behind my overly stressful and hectic lifestyle that often left me feeling depleted. I feel thankful and lucky for having been introduced to NeurOptimal® and am excited to consistently pay it forward with clients.

When I am not sharing about NeurOptimal® you can find me doing Pilates Reformer, spending time with friends and family, doing all things Colorado, and spending time at the beach. I also support other start-up businesses through consulting on business needs – and more importantly, human needs.

Jennifer Tierney
Parker Neurofeedback, LLC
[email protected]

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