Fiona Curran

Representative, Instructor

Birmingham, United Kingdom


Languages: English

I was introduced to NeurOptimal® in 2015, after attending a Neuro-developmental Conference, and became a client and soon after then bought my first machine, initially for sole use of my family. Around the same time in 2016, I left my corporate life, as I wanted to spend more time with my family. At this time, I had also trained in primitive reflex integration, a SOS feeding coach for picky eaters and social play therapy – NeurOptimal® complements all these interventions. I soon realized NeurOptimal® should be part of everyone’s life and became very interested in the “peak performance” field, primarily from the personal shifts I experienced.

I enjoy seeing clients in person, and in the past 2 years started a rental service across the UK and Ireland and am always thrilled to hear how my renters experience shifts in a few short weeks, renting makes NeurOptimal® accessible to as many people as possible in the UK as we many parts of the country don’t have a local trainer – yet!

After many years of offering sessions in a variety of settings to a wide range of clientele, I am honored to be an official representative of Zengar® and to have the opportunity to introduce the power of NeurOptimal® to sports teams, corporate settings and for personal well-being.

I encourage anyone interested in knowing more to get in touch. I am always happy to share my knowledge, experience and passion for NeurOptimal® I have completed the Basic and Advanced Certification and have made NeurOptimal® an important part of my life and am grateful for the positive impact it has made in my life.

Fiona Curran

Neurofeedback Brain Training, Solihull Well Being Clinic

Birmingham B28 0EL England

447979 051452

[email protected]

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