Jessica Travis


Colorado, United States of America


Languages: English

“Finding Neuroptimal felt like falling in love”.

I have always had a keen interest and fascination with all things brain-oriented since my college days. While in school to become a registered nurse, and then a nurse practitioner, I was always drawn to the brain and it’s inner workings.

Once I began practicing, I found myself in the Neuro ICU as an intensive care nurse, and then specialized in Neurology as a Nurse Practitioner after completing my Masters Degree. However, after several years of practicing Western Medicine and prescriptive protocols, I began to be frustrated with the lack of emphasis on the connection between the brain and the rest of the body.

As my view became more holistic, and as I incorporated the mind and it’s connection to overall well-being, I began to realize that my philosophy was shifting further and further from what I was actually practicing. This led to a dramatic step. I decided to retire from my clinical work and pursue my own self-created role as an educator who could bridge the gap between the two worlds, allopathic and holistic; Eastern and Western medicine.

I have since found great meaning in providing education that utilizes evidenced based clinical research as well as experiential knowledge in all kinds of topics and practices related to the mind.

Finding Neuroptimal truly did feel like falling in love. When I was introduced to this incredible technology it made all the pieces of my years of education and research come together in a perfect way. I enjoy immensely the opportunity to introduce the modality to all who will listen; and have incorporated it into all aspects of my education for wholeness, growth and ultimate well being.

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