David Delaney


Colorado, United States of America


Languages: English

In my 38 year background in somatic therapies as well as my work as a psychotherapist and with professionals in the performing arts as well, it had lead me to search for a technology that could help our brains do what they do best, which is to adapt well to the constant change that life is. My training in meditation & non-aggressive martial arts, anatomy/physiology, nonlinear physics, and neuro-psychology prepared me well for the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback approach, which works with the most current and up to date science and digital signal processing. If you never push the brain, but simply provide it with complete information about how it is spending energy, it has evolved to do all the rest which is to function so much better in life. So your brain becoming more energy efficient translates into less suffering and more resilience in the face of change. Or just simply, better optimal performance in your life.

In my 11th year of using this technology, I can say that it is highly effective in helping your brain to do what it does best; be more in the present moment, more of the time and thereby function so much better in your life. Most folks don’t realize it but they are living in some level of performance anxiety (panic) as we can see in the EEG. Once you begin to train with NeurOptimal®, what follows is a feeling of well-being and ability that translates to more happiness and accomplishment no matter what you pursue. If I can help in your journey of discovering if NeurOptimal® is right for you, please do reach out.

David Delaney

David Delaney & Loraine Masterto

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