Gail Crabbe


Hawaii, United States of America


Languages: English

Aloha from Hawaii “Brain Training 4 Winners” of Honolulu is a nurse’s dream come true.

Over two decades, on two islands, I assisted newborn deliveries, fulfilled 12 hour shifts in the emergency room, specialized in pediatric and elderly care all the way to hospice care. I loved it all. I did recognize a void in the care and interventions for those with chronic pain, emotional issues and behavioral conditions like addictions. “The more challenging the patient” the more I strived to connect them to a supportive intervention that they may not of tried before. My world turned upside down when I suffered emotional and behavioral symptoms resulting from a work injury. After very little change from seven months of Linear Neurofeedback, I heard of a very different “World’s Only Dynamical Neurofeedback®” Thanks to the wonderful support of NeurOptimal® providers, I experienced my own transformation where now I can enjoy my husband, our four adult sons, their wives and 9 grandchildren. Working my own hours gives me weekends, holidays and special occasions, most nurses do not get to enjoy.

The void I saw in patients, as a nurse, was a lack of safe options for emotional issues. I would like to reach out to Nursing Associations, to petition for NeurOptimal® use for post shift debriefing. Having seen and experienced those things that linger long after their shift, I would have welcomed brain training. I can imagine a relaxing brain training as “caring for our caregivers”. It’s all possible! Ten years ago I was a grassroots speaker at the Washington D.C. National Labor Assembly for the American Nurses Association.

My sister Shari and I, both natives of San Francisco, are planning on expanding the use of NeurOptimal® outside of Hawaii and California respectfully.

With sincere ALOHA (goodwill for all) I offer my caring support to you and/or someone you may know who is considering ”finding their way” in taking their next step that includes NeurOptimal®.

Gail Crabbe

Brain Training 4 Winners

2 locations Honolulu Hawaii


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