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5 Ways Brain Training Is Like Spring Cleaning For Your Mind

You’ve been avoiding it, but desperately need it. You don’t have time for it, but somehow, it HAS to get done. Spring cleaning. It’s time. Spring cleaning is one those traditions that defies common sense. It’s as if someone said: “Wow; it’s warm; the snow’s melted, flowers are blooming! Let’s spend this weekend inside and move my dusty CD’s down to the basement!” Spring cleaning is the ultimate ode to the puritan work ethic of joyless tasks....

Neurofeedback System Gets To The Heart Of Well-Being

Love kills. Science confirms this is actually true. It’s strange and ironic that February – the month of Valentine’s Day – is also Heart Health month. Intentions on Valentine’s Day are very positive: it’s our yearly reminder to reaffirm our commitment and appreciation for those we love. But in reality, Valentine’s can create serious emotional - even physical - complications.  For one thing, expectation on the day is overwhelming – it’s the Christmas of relationships. (more…)

Forget the “New” You; Discover the Best You This New Year

"Resolution" has got to be one of the most loaded words in the English language. It represents both hope AND falling short of expectations. Most resolutions cluster around improved health (38%) and self-improvement (47%). Yet, strangely the pledge we make at the beginning of the year to improve our happiness actually ends up making us more miserable. As it is, only 8% of resolutions are actually realized. (more…)

Neurofeedback: A Study Solution For Good

Rita only wanted a better tennis game, but she had trouble with low blood pressure and needed a little pep. “Honey,” she said to her chemist husband, “help?” The result? Rita-line. Ritalin. Adderall is amphetamine salts—like Ritalin, a stimulant. Doctors originally prescribed it for obesity, but quickly recognized its off-label calming effect, its focusing effect, on people diagnosed with ADHD. (more…)

Flood of Interest in NeurOptimal®‘s Unique Neurofeedback System

Southern California is currently in the throes of a serious drought. But on September 26th, there was an unexpected flood. The deluge came in the form of people: hyper-ambitious, self-improvement-types gathered from all over the world to sample the latest human performance technologies at The BulletProof Executive's "Biohacking Conference" in Pasadena, California. But of all the vendors offering superfoods, health-boosting tips and digital gadgetry, the brain training system offered by NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback generated perhaps the biggest buzz of the conference. Once word got out, the flood began. ...

Neurofeedback Training Lifts Crossfit Champ to Victory

Steve Hamming is a Mad Man. He works out every day. He adheres to a disciplined Paleo diet, free of processed sugars and high-fat foods. He is the fittest 55-59 year old man in American according to Crossfit. And that's just what he does for fun! In "real life", Steve is a professional psychotherapist who recently took up a business partnership with veteran NeurOptimal® neurofeedback trainer Molly Raaymakers in Western Michigan. And that's when things...

What is neurofeedback training “like”? Think of it as Netflix for Your Brain.

What is neurofeedback? Like exactly. Go ahead, log into Netflix. See there the rows of recommendations? That’s not magic: that’s an algorithm. Netflix “remembers” whatyou watched, how you rated past films, then correlates that data against your viewing habits.  A blink-of-an-eye search of the media database then produces “recommendations” based on your preferences. That’s why documentaries about hermetic hoarders never pop up on your screen - Netflix knows you’re not into that (who is?). So...

Accidents Will Happen: Neurofeedback and TBI

If you think about it, it’s clearly a serious design flaw. When is it a good idea to put something the consistency of flan in a hard shell, and then attach it to a fistful of bungie-cords. And what happens when this precarious design hits a wall? That’s the mess you’re in for when a person experiences a traumatic brain injury or TBI. The flan (brain) whips around on the end of the bungie-cord (neck) torqueing the...

No One is an Island: Brain Training and Family Systems

We’ve always known that life is a system, that humans live in social systems. Greeks personified bits of human personality, then used relationships between those bits as a way of understanding behavior. Why there were heroes and villains. Why some people were just regular guys, unmotivated by mythic forces. Medieval thinkers imagined a psychomachia, little people embodying virtues and vices, who battled literally, inside a person’s body. (more…)

Defending Your Castle: Building Cognitive Reserve with Neurofeedback

So, three castles: the first is built of stone on the traditional model. Same slits for arrows, a little crenellation and a nice moat with ducks. A contingent of serfs and knights, sitting around eating turkey legs and repeating the jester’s jokes. Badly. Second castle’s really big, heavy with redundancies. Two moats, a couple of extra walls. Still on the traditional model, just more of everything.  Third castle? Same. Except it’s clearly cleverer. Someone’s an...