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Neurofeedback for Autism: Brain Training Perspectives from Dr. Lise DeLong

Dr. Lise Delong is a Neuroptimal trainer based in Walnut Creek, California who has done ground-breaking research using neurofeeback for autism. As it stands, neurofeedback is one of the few effective natural remedies for ADHD and autism. Founder and Director of Cognitive Connections, she uses neurofeedback as a primary tool to help children struggling with ADD, ADHD, autism, Central Processing Disorder and other challenging neurological disorders. NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback sat down with Dr. DeLong recently to discuss the recent...

NeurOptimal®‘s Neurofeedback Conference: An Award-Worthy Sequel

It's Oscar night. How many sequels do you see up for serious awards, you know: actor, director, best picture? The answer would be uh, zero. Why? Because it's very difficult to duplicate a vital, initial spark of creativity and the box office success that follows. Not because the good folks in Hollywood don't try, but at some point, expansion upon the same idea just isn't all that interesting, creative...or award-worthy. (more…)

Acting More Like A Monk May Save You From Cognitive Impairment In Old Age

Who would have guessed that monks were keen cerebral strategists against aging and cognitive impairment?  As a way to keep their minds sharp amidst requisite isolation, medieval monks often stored memories in so called “memory-houses” they “built” inside their brains. They furnished each “room” with a kind of memory and when they wanted to retrieve it, they mentally walked themselves to the right room and got what they needed. In effect, they created about a geography...

Why Neurofeedback Is Like A Superhero That Slays Insomnia

Let’s say you’re the world’s worst farmer. You have a gigantic stable. You have, conservatively speaking, a billion cows. You don’t clean the stable for thirty years. Thirty. Years. Who do you call? Hercules, of course. And Hercules has to help. As half-God, half-human, he’s constantly screwing up. He must atone. So he dams a river, digs some trenches, lets the water loose in the building to wash all the gunk away. Sparkling clean it was, after...

Avoid Resolution Epic Fail with Brain Training in 2014

Optimism. It's a holiday tradition. Sure, we took our knocks the previous year.  OK -mea culpa - we made some missteps in the previous twelve months. But now, 2014 is in our sites and burns bright with possibilities. We've come to approach this annual calendar page-turning as an opportunity for human revolution in the midst of overcoming our (literal and figurative) hangover from the previous year. But According to a University of Scranton study, only 39%...

Remembering Veterans Means Understanding PTSD

It used to be called shell shock, a form of it anyway. Post-traumatic stress disorder. Back in the day, some people took it seriously. But sometimes they wrote you off, said, “it’s all in your mind,” gave you a stiff drink, recommended long rambles in the country. Well, PTSD is in your mind, but you can’t just get over it by wandering. We know better now how PTSD affects you, how it re-tunes the brain....

Is Neurofeedback the New Smart Weapon for Business Productivity?

The Great Speedup has Sped Up. The so-called Great Speedup is not a new game app for your iPhone. And it does not, (unfortunately) describe the state of the current global economy…at least not in the way you might think. The Great Speedup is the economic phenomenon in which companies are attempting to squeeze more and more production out of fewer and fewer workers. And the strain is starting to show. (more…)

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