Research Shows Promising Results From Neurofeedback Training

My-HipstaPrint-0-copy-3PALM SPRINGS, CA –  Zengar Institute Inc., developer of the NeurOptimal® professional and home neurofeedback systems, held its inaugural Research Conference at the Miramonte Resort in Palm Springs, California on February 20-22.  It was the largest professional gathering in the company’s history. Eighty-five NeurOptimal® trainers, researchers and staff traveled from all over the world to attend – some from as far away as Australia and Lithuania. Over the course of three days, key presentations highlighted the latest findings from researchers using the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback brain training system.

The NeurOptimal® system is 100% non-invasive and is designed to facilitate the brain’s own process of self-regulation.  Sensors attached to the subject’s scalp detect turbulence within the central nervous system.  This information is “fed back” to the subject in the form of an audible signal which then triggers the brain’s natural self-corrective process. Because neurofeedback sessions significantly improve the brain’s ability to regulate, users report feeling calmer, more relaxed and centered.

While neurofeedback training has been shown to enhance brain health and improve mental fitness, studies presented at the conference found highly favorable, positive outcomes when Neuroptimal® neurofeedback was implemented to address a variety of chronic conditions including:

  • Aiding veterans suffering from PTSD
  • Improving focus and cognitive function for children with autism
  • Minimizing the negative effects of sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Stabilizing cognitive degradation for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • Helping clients manage the effects of Alzheimers disease

A Los Angeles film crew was present to interview the researchers and document inspiring success stories from NeurOptimal® neurofeedback users. The finished videos appear on NeurOptimal®‘s YouTube page.

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