Neurofeedback Helps Veteran Win The War On PTSD

  Fear is fun. The experience of fright in a safe environment - a Halloween haunted house or movie theater – elicits excitement followed by a critical release of primal emotion.  But what if catharsis never materializes? What if one were permanently locked in a state of adrenal fight or flight?  For PTSD sufferers, this constant state of alert is their life. Like a mousetrap, terror enters the brain but cannot find an exit. Life with...

natural remedies for insomnia by ed omalley

Insomnia and Brain Health: The Neurofeedback Connection

It only seems appropriate to close out Insomnia Awareness Month by interviewing neuroscientist and certified sleep medicine specialist, Dr. Edward O'Malley of Fairfield, Connecticut.  He has utilized NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback as a cornerstone of his practice for many years now. Basically, Dr. O'Malley is so good at his job that he puts people to sleep; and that's a good thing. The vast majority of clients who darken his doors are staring at the ceiling most of the night. (more…)

Forget the “New” You; Discover the Best You This New Year

"Resolution" has got to be one of the most loaded words in the English language. It represents both hope AND falling short of expectations. Most resolutions cluster around improved health (38%) and self-improvement (47%). Yet, strangely the pledge we make at the beginning of the year to improve our happiness actually ends up making us more miserable. As it is, only 8% of resolutions are actually realized. (more…)

NeurOptimal®‘s Neurofeedback Conference: An Award-Worthy Sequel

It's Oscar night. How many sequels do you see up for serious awards, you know: actor, director, best picture? The answer would be uh, zero. Why? Because it's very difficult to duplicate a vital, initial spark of creativity and the box office success that follows. Not because the good folks in Hollywood don't try, but at some point, expansion upon the same idea just isn't all that interesting, creative...or award-worthy. (more…)

Why Neurofeedback Is Like A Superhero That Slays Insomnia

Let’s say you’re the world’s worst farmer. You have a gigantic stable. You have, conservatively speaking, a billion cows. You don’t clean the stable for thirty years. Thirty. Years. Who do you call? Hercules, of course. And Hercules has to help. As half-God, half-human, he’s constantly screwing up. He must atone. So he dams a river, digs some trenches, lets the water loose in the building to wash all the gunk away. Sparkling clean it was, after...

New Hope for Those Suffering from Chemo Brain or Cognitive Impairment

Zengar Institute, Inc. today announced the results of a new peer-reviewed study measuring the effects of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback on patients suffering post-cancer cognitive impairment (PCCI) or “chemo-brain”. The research, conducted by the Applied Brain Research Foundation of Ohio, reported a 91% success rate for PCCI patients using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback’s brain training system. 21 of the 23 participants in the study reported a complete reversal of the cognitive impairment or “mental fog” commonly associated with chemotherapy treatments. (more…)

Have Trainer, Will Travel: 5 Reasons to Include Neurofeedback in Your Vacation Plans

There's nothing like summer vacation. It's a time when we break away from our breakneck-paced lives and learn to slow down and smell the petunias. Vacation is a time for new experiences, catching up with family, and for once, allowing ourselves to be a little lazy. Yes, there's nothing like "summer vacation" because the above doesn't describe anything that even remotely resembles my (or most people's) ACTUAL summer vacation. Guess what? There's a lot of stress...

Tired of Insomnia? So is Neurofeedback Trainer & Sleep Medicine Expert Ed O’Malley

Dr. Ed O’Malley will put you to sleep. Not because he’s boring, but because he is very good at what he does. Dr. O’Malley has been board certified in sleep medicine for fifteen years and an insomnia sleep researcher for the last twenty. He holds a Ph.D. in neurobiology and is one of the nation’s leading experts in sleep medicine. He is also a certified NeurOptimal® trainer. For many years now, Dr. O’Malley has seamlessly incorporated neurofeedback with...

Research Shows Promising Results From Neurofeedback Training

PALM SPRINGS, CA –  Zengar Institute Inc., developer of the NeurOptimal® professional and home neurofeedback systems, held its inaugural Research Conference at the Miramonte Resort in Palm Springs, California on February 20-22.  It was the largest professional gathering in the company’s history. Eighty-five NeurOptimal® trainers, researchers and staff traveled from all over the world to attend – some from as far away as Australia and Lithuania. Over the course of three days, key presentations highlighted...