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Shhh… Want to Take a Peek Inside the NeurOptimal® System?

Zengar has been developing a Neurofeedback system for years that they have referred to as a non-linear dynamical approach to brain training. But what in the world does that mean? It is sometimes difficult to call this system ‘neurofeedback’, because this educational brain training program has very little in common with the linear approach that so many people understand as neurofeedback. It helps to understand a little more about the brain. The brain is ever-changing. Neuroplasticity...

Neurofeedback Helps Veteran Win the War on PTSD

  Fear is fun. The experience of fright in a safe environment - a Halloween haunted house or movie theater – elicits excitement followed by a critical release of primal emotion.  But what if catharsis never materializes? What if one were permanently locked in a state of adrenal fight or flight?  For PTSD sufferers, this constant state of alert is their life. Like a mousetrap, terror enters the brain but cannot find an exit. Life...

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