Brain Trauma

Neurofeedback Helps Veteran Win the War on PTSD

  Fear is fun. The experience of fright in a safe environment - a Halloween haunted house or movie theater – elicits excitement followed by a critical release of primal emotion.  But what if catharsis never materializes? What if one were permanently locked in a state of adrenal fight or flight?  For PTSD sufferers, this constant state of alert is their life. Like a mousetrap, terror enters the brain but cannot find an exit. Life with...

Accidents Will Happen: Neurofeedback and TBI

If you think about it, it’s clearly a serious design flaw. When is it a good idea to put something the consistency of flan in a hard shell, and then attach it to a fistful of bungie-cords. And what happens when this precarious design hits a wall? That’s the mess you’re in for when a person experiences a traumatic brain injury or TBI. The flan (brain) whips around on the end of the bungie-cord (neck) torqueing the...

New Hope for Those Suffering from Chemo Brain or Cognitive Impairment

Zengar Institute, Inc. today announced the results of a new peer-reviewed study measuring the effects of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback on patients suffering post-cancer cognitive impairment (PCCI) or “chemo-brain”. The research, conducted by the Applied Brain Research Foundation of Ohio, reported a 91% success rate for PCCI patients using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback’s brain training system. 21 of the 23 participants in the study reported a complete reversal of the cognitive impairment or “mental fog” commonly associated with chemotherapy treatments. (more…)