Family Systems

Neurofeedback for Autism: Brain Training Perspectives from Dr. Lise DeLong

Dr. Lise Delong is a Neuroptimal Trainer based in Walnut Creek, California who has done ground-breaking research using neurofeeback for autism. As it stands, neurofeedback is one of the few effective natural remedies for ADHD and autism. Founder and Director of Cognitive Connections, she uses neurofeedback as a primary tool to help children struggling with ADD, ADHD, autism, Central Processing Disorder and other challenging neurological disorders. We sat down with Dr. DeLong recently to discuss the recent unsettling...

Sobering Development: Neurofeedback and Addiction

Susan Adams “lives and breathes” the world of recovery and has committed the better part of her life to helping addicts. A certified NeurOptimal® trainer, Susan is part-owner of TreeHouse Learning Community, an innovative facility that prepares young adults in recovery for success in higher education. NeurOptimal® caught up with Susan over the summer to talk neurofeedback and addiction. (more…)