5 Top Holiday Gifts To Give The Ones You Love AKA Neurofeedback Noel

I must have been an etymologist in a past life. I actually perk up when my search engine finds: "the history and origins of words". I'm particularly fascinated with how words change and evolve over time. And since we're well into the holiday season, I absolutely must deconstruct a particular word's progression. Remember when "gifted" used to refer to someone with a talent or exceptional cognitive ability? Now it appears that word has experienced [...]


Feedback: My First NeurOptimal Experience

Entry 1:  Neuro-what?! I'm not a born cynic; I'm more of a converted skeptic. It's a natural evolutionary adaptation necessary for survival in Los Angeles. Ah yes, The City of Angels: where the climate is unnaturally temperate, but the people are volatile and dogged by doubt. Somewhere in West Hollywood, a rehab turnstile awaits the next sweaty-palmed celebrity to pass through on their way to a People Magazine cover. L.A. is  a place where people [...]


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