Achieve Resolution Success with Brain Training

brain trainingOptimism. It’s a holiday tradition. Sure, we took our knocks the previous year.  OK -mea culpa – we made some missteps in the previous twelve months. But now, 2014 is in our sites and burns bright with possibilities. We’ve come to approach this annual calendar page-turning as an opportunity for human revolution in the midst of overcoming our (literal and figurative) hangover from the previous year.

But According to a University of Scranton study, only 39% of New Year’s resolutions are successful. If you’re over 50, that number drops to 14%!  While optimism is good for your health; Unrealized Resolution Syndrome is not. The temptation to think we can reinvent the fundamentals of who we are is understandably human, but not particularly realistic.

Here’s a suggestion: instead of setting your sites on a “new you” in 2014, why not aim to bring out the “best you” instead?

The Buddhists have a term for self-improvement that is very telling. They call it “polishing”. Not reforming; not reconstructing; not re-inventing. That’s an important distinction because it suggests something special exists within us, but is buried beneath layers of self-doubt, anxiety and insecurity. All we need to do is apply some elbow grease to get beneath the dinginess. And the first place to start applying that effort is your brain. That bit of gray matter between our ears it THE repository of who you are and how you behave. Re-train the brain and you are REALLY onto doing things differently for the new year.

But simply wishing things to be different is a recipe for resolution fail. You’re going to need some help if you want to be successful this year. For many people, brain training with neurofeedback – not just wishful resolutions – is the best way to realize true change in the coming year.

Getting back to the Buddhist concept of “polishing” oneself, neurofeedback doesn’t physically change or alter anything about your brain.  While it is a powerful technology, neurofeedback is non-invasive, naturopathic and 100% drug-free. The concept here is training your brain to get beneath those layers that stand between the “OK you” and the “best you”. By feeding your brain its own information, neurofeedback helps initiate your central nervous system’s innate power of self-correction. And since your brain naturally wants to be efficient, what you end up with is the “best you”. The “you” that is confident, joyful and centered. The “you” that has always existed but has gotten temporarily lost. That person underneath all those failed resolutions.

But unlike traditional resolutions which require you to roll out of dead sleep for a morning run or resist that box of office doughnuts, neurofeedback requires no physical effort or will power. You simply hook yourself up to a neurofeedback system, relax and allow your brain to help itself. In other words, not only is brain training with neurofeedback the best resolution you’ll ever make – it’s also the most painless.

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