Monthly Reads with NO3

The Trainer’s Role with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback in the Client’s Transformational Process

With the increasing rise in mainstream popularity of mindfulness and meditation, and books like “Stealing Fire” among others, we are also seeing an increase in interest in the use of technology as a tool to assist those pursuing that path. The options available are many and growing, from meditation apps, to all sorts of biofeedback devices, float tanks, binaural beats, flashing lights etc. and of course neurofeedback. There is a growing movement called “Consciousness Hacking” [...]


Back to School During COVID19

As a Mother, I feel fearful for my child’s safety! Even though my children are grown adults! I wonder if they are being careful enough, social distancing at all times, wearing their masks, washing their hands and keeping each other and their children safe. As a Teacher, my fellow educators are there out of love and a passion for knowledge and growth. They did not sign on as a Policeman to teach children how to [...]


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