Assisting Children with Learning and Focus: Using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

A common scenario in many households is a child struggling with homework and a parent’s frustration escalating. The child expresses difficulty thinking and feeling overwhelmed, while the parent demands completion before allowing any outside time. The child’s negative self-talk reinforces feelings of inadequacy and being unable to keep up with others.

If you can relate to this situation, consider exploring NeurOptimal®. This 33-minute brain training program is highly specialized and can be done while doing homework, listening to music, watching a movie, playing on an iPad/ phone or simply relaxing. Using Dynamical Neurofeedback®, NeurOptimal® communicates with the brain by mirroring back what it just did, allowing the central nervous system (CNS) to learn to notice what it is doing in every scenario in life.

NeurOptimal® can help with speed of homework, lack of confidence, quick thinking, internal dialogue, performance under stress, and mental fatigue. By mimicking the language our body uses naturally, NeurOptimal® reminds the CNS what it is like to function at its prime, resulting in personal transformation. Personal transformation leads to increased productivity, efficiency, and a positive attitude while performing tasks.

You may be thinking, “But my child has a learning disability such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD, autism, auditory processing disorder, or other conditions.” NeurOptimal® is designed to train any brain to be more flexible, communicate better with itself, and function under any external or internal challenges. When a brain is flexible, it can be as efficient as the individual can be, regardless of any diagnosis.

Did you know that 5-9% of the population has learning disabilities, dyslexia affects 15% of school-age children, and in 2020, 9.4% of children in the US were diagnosed with ADHD*? NeurOptimal® can help move away from discomfort and train the individual to respond with flexibility and resilience.

NeurOptimal® trains the brain to move seamlessly in and out of activities, whether it is focusing, listening, relaxing, performing, sleeping, or being emotionally appropriate for a specific circumstance. The program works by training the CNS to recognize subtle changes in terms of the DIFS (Duration, Intensity, Frequency and Shift) occurring in the electrical signal in the brain and learning to respond to those shifts.

It is like surfing in the ocean, where waves represent turbulence, and the surfer must navigate the wave by bending their legs, moving left and right, stretching forward, and finding comfort while staying on the surfboard. The brain needs the same flexibility and resilience while navigating the external and internal chaos of life.

NeurOptimal® is suitable for any age, gender, diagnosis, or symptoms. It works by training the CNS to move away from discomfort, stop old behaviors, and transition smoothly into a more comfortable place.

If you’re ready to try NeurOptimal® for your child, explore this highly specialized 33-minute brain training program and see how your child’s learning, focus, and personal transformation alters.

Post Contributor & Author –

Lise’ DeLong, Ph.D, CPCRT
Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist
Director of Education

About Lise: Lise specialized in language disorders (reading, writing, listening, speaking) in children from newborn to young adults. She owned and operated a private accredited preschool, elementary School, and middle school focusing in brain-based education in Greenwood, Indiana.

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