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Banking on Neurofeedback: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Pay Attention

“Pay attention”. It’s one of those Anglo-isms I find intriguing. Intuitively, you’d think it would be “give” attention or “have” attention, right? But upon closer examination, the very idea of “paying attention” reveals something deeper about the complex inner workings of our brains. Seems to me that, when it comes to neural focus, the bottom line is literally the bottom line: you have to “pay out” neural resources to retain important information. My own personal experience...

Sobering Development: Neurofeedback and Addiction

Susan Adams “lives and breathes” the world of recovery and has committed the better part of her life to helping addicts. A certified NeurOptimal® trainer, Susan is part-owner of TreeHouse Learning Community, an innovative facility that prepares young adults in recovery for success in higher education. NeurOptimal® caught up with Susan over the summer to talk neurofeedback and addiction. (more…)

Research Shows Promising Results From Neurofeedback Training

PALM SPRINGS, CA –  Zengar Institute Inc., developer of the NeurOptimal® professional and home neurofeedback systems, held its inaugural Research Conference at the Miramonte Resort in Palm Springs, California on February 20-22.  It was the largest professional gathering in the company’s history. Eighty-five NeurOptimal® trainers, researchers and staff traveled from all over the world to attend – some from as far away as Australia and Lithuania. Over the course of three days, key presentations highlighted...

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