Dear NeurOptimal® Trainers

Dear NeurOptimal® Trainers,

I have been watching, reading and listening to the many comments about NO3 and the experiences that a few people are having with their clients.  As many of you know our actions as a Trainer can and will affect our clients, from subtle facial expressions (“hmmm…why did ‘it’ (NO3) do that”) to more overt statements, “I am not sure what is happening here” or “That’s weird, I would have thought the Interruptions would be more, less or louder, softer etc… How do you feel now?”  The question following a subtle or overt reaction on our parts can and most of the time will create an adverse reaction. The client thinks, “if that was weird, I must have ‘gotten’ something I shouldn’t have”, therefore, our comments have created an extrinsic constraint (an outside influence).

When we teach in our courses, ‘hook them up’ then leave the room, what we mean by that is ‘do not interact in a way that will influence the client OR allow YOU to be influenced’ (they have migraines they say it activated them and therefore you start to believe all individuals with migraines will respond that way).   Whether the client is a family member, friend or a new/past client, our thoughts, actions and even when we introduce NO3 can be setting an intention for our outcome. “Thanks for trying out NO3, I don’t really know what to expect this is a new version” (now they lack confidence in you), “But we will learn together” (now they are a guinea pig), but you have also just given them permission to give their ‘judgement on the process’ as though they should have expected a different response.  The system only gives 1 response, information.

NeurOptimal® is designed to look for what is ‘different’, not whether it is good or bad but different.  Again, it is looking at changes in terms of Duration, Intensity, Frequency and Shift in the EEG cortical activity.  Does the signal, last longer, is it stronger, has the frequency or cycles per second changed in any way, or is there ‘shift’ (a flutter) indicating a change is happening.  The system is just indicating through an interruption in the auditory and or visual stream these ‘differences in EEG’.

If someone is feeling something after a session it is what is happening in their body as a response to that ‘information’ that they were just given.  If I walk by the mirror and I see my hair is sticking straight up, I can choose to comb it back down with my hand in the moment, or I can stand there and scream “Oh my hair!!! My hair!!!”  It really is this simple. There is truly nothing more going on in the process for us or our clients. Obviously for the creator or the IT team, it is very sophisticated and highly difficult to create process that can interact this simply.

“Our belief’s blind us from seeing the possibilities” Val Brown.  Our central nervous system (CNS) is oriented intrinsically to notice ‘differences’ (if it is too bright our eyes constrict, if something is too hot we immediately recoil, or if we sense danger our ‘fight or flight response’ kicks in and produces the neurochemicals we need to respond to the dangerous situation).

I wanted to share these words because the only variables when using the system is the client and the Trainer, the NeurOptimal® system stays consistent in its mathematical computation of the data.  We will never have any control over our clients reactions however, you have all the control in the world over your responses as a Trainer. Your confidence in looking for the DIFS is what makes your clients see the mirror for what it is, an indicator of ‘difference in the EEG’.

Friends, YOU are the first communication with people about this process and as a Trainer it is our hopes and desires that your language is such that it encourages, supports and explains the process to the client.  We as a Trainers are not changing anything for them or their brains, therefore, to say I felt bad after a session is like saying “that mirror made me scream”. It is their own personal response to the Information.

If you need any help with this please feel free to contact a Rep, an Instructor or myself for examples of ways to S.O.R.T. it out or “Get out of the way of your client’s journey”.

Dr. Lise DeLong

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  • Joan-Marie Lartin

    Thanks for the heads up-I have allotted a lot of time today to get used to both a tablet and NO3. Kind of bumbled through a session for myself first, to get my head in the game 🙂 Lots of questions, but/and will see one client later today and am ready to go. I am quite limited in my technical abilities, and nervous running clients, but will keep my nervousness to myself!

    April 27, 2018 at 4:44 pm
  • Selene Kepila

    Well said! I couldn’t agree more. Our clients look to us more than we know. Our positive reflection is an opening to them to walk through.

    May 15, 2018 at 4:06 pm
  • Andrea Schara

    how do you get to the videos about NO 3.0?

    May 16, 2018 at 10:41 pm
  • Sarah Connelly

    Hello Andrea! As you are a PASS Member you will find an introductory video about NO3 in the Webinars section of your Account Dashboard. To get to the Webinars section, please login to your account and click on the Webinars button that will be displayed towards the top of the page. Thank you and enjoy your day!

    May 29, 2018 at 1:40 pm

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