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Val’s Views – The Principle Witness

"It really is that simple." Trungpa Rinpoche says something like, “Buddhism doesn’t tell you what is false and what is true, but it encourages you to find out for yourself.” Chodron, Pema. The Wisdom of No Escape: And the Path of Loving Kindness (p. 43). Shambhala. Kindle Edition. What is so different about NeurOptimal® compared to all the other neurotechnologies out there? I’ve talked a lot over the years about the very different mathematics that are the [...]


Val’s Views – On the Road With a Maverick

“In 1970 I had a vision of what brain training could be in the future: a simple, powerful, and safe way to self-optimize that is so easy and intuitive that anyone can use it. NeurOptimal® version 3 is that elegant vision and it's here now." Why am I starting with this? Because that vision has animated all of my work as well as the work my wife Susan Brown, Ph.D. and I did to co-develop [...]