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You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the Zengar® family and your NeurOptimal® training! We hope to help make your rental experience a successful endeavor for you. As such we have compiled various documents and videos meant to help you on your way.

If you have any questions at all that are not answered here, please contact your rental provider. NeurOptimal® system providers are always eager to help and guide through every journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do not expect anything, Training is different for everyone and expecting something specific to happen decreases the ability to see shifts in other areas happening. Some people will notice a shift or change after the first Session whereas others may not notice a shift for several Sessions. Sometimes a spouse or family member may notice changes before you feel the change. Depending on how in-tune you are to your body will partly determine how you notice shifts. The important part is let go of any expectations and be happily surprised as you journey through the process.

Try to rely on how you are feeling and what your preferences are as you schedule Sessions. The Session frequency can be determined due to your time frame and is always determined by ‘How you feel about doing the next Session’. One of our founders, Susan Dermit Brown, Ph.D, says “when you think you do not have time for a Session that is the best time to do a Session”.

Meaning, if I have migraines (or ADHD, or high blood pressure or whatever…) how many total # of Sessions to I need to complete to witness change? No, there is no set number of Sessions suggested for any ‘diagnosis’, we do not change protocols for any symptoms or diagnosis. NeurOptimal® is ‘diagnostically agnostic’ and we rely solely on the users shifts and self-awareness to drive the Session count. We do the same ‘regular’ 33-minute Session, whether you are with a therapist, renting a system for home use or you have purchased a system. It is not necessary to do 2 or 3 a day, in this case more is not always better. This is a training program for optimal performance and therefore not considered a treatment model, just using the system is the important part.

We empower the Client (end-user) to determine when they are finished with doing Sessions. Most individuals will begin to ‘feel’ they do not need to do a Session so frequently, or perhaps not at all for a while. When people are basing their decisions on how they feel they will also know when they want to go back and do another Session. in the beginning though it may be necessary to calendar your Session times.

Within the NeurOptimal® software you have options of Regular or Extended or Demo length Sessions. Although, each of these options have a purpose, the only one we recommend using on yourself is the ‘Regular’ 33-minute Session. Here again, MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER”.

Because this is a training program, we cannot compare our shifts (changes) to someone else’s experiences. Let go of the expectations and you will observe your own subtle shifts as you progress through the Sessions. The changes may be as subtle as looking as though your child matured and is making better decisions to not urinating in the bed at night. The brain monitoring itself is always tricky so if you are doing this on yourself you may want to have a few questions you ask your spouse, parent, or friends.

This process is like learning to read. It is a training program that the more you use the program the more apparent the shifts will be. The shifts have occurred as a way of moving away from discomfort. Because this is the natural way the CNS functions your body remembers this feeling and duplicates it. It is possible during different periods in your life you will want added booster Sessions or possibly just continue to maintain this feeling of mental flexibility on a long-term basis. As you notice these changes and how they play out in your life you make those decisions.

We suggest you use the tracking tools that Zengar® provides to all New Users. These documents help you pay attention to some of the subtle details that could possibly be shifting as you train. You may need to experience many small shifts before the one big change that you want to happen actually occurs. Such as, you may notice falling asleep quicker or staying asleep longer before you notice you wake feeling refreshed.

Video recording yourself from the start of your journey and throughout will give you visual evidence things are changing, the expression on your face, your posture with shoulders held tightly high, or perhaps the speed of your voice. All very subtle shifts that impact your daily life.

Because NeurOptimal® is a training program, we do not need to know your age, gender, diagnosis, or symptoms. The software is not pushing or pulling the user to any specific “norm” understanding that everyone is different, so everyone’s response is their own journey away from discomfort.

We recommend you do what feels comfortable to you! Some people enjoy laying back and relaxing (maybe even sleeping), while others will read a book, or play a game. Some continue to work on their computer and therefore use it as they work their workday. We highly suggest you do not move around a lot, raising your arm to turn the page is not a problem, doing jumping jacks or walking is a problem.

We do not recommend you do any other processes that will instill a strong vibration (like PEMF mats) or frequencies (like binaural beats, or light/sound programs). NeurOptimal® is a training program and therefore will compete against these other entrainment or migration systems. In effect, NeurOptimal® is attempting to allow you to learn how to be in a better place while other systems are forcing you to a place, they believe is best for you.

NeurOptimal® is considered Neurofeedback, it measures the electrical current that is emitted from the scalp and through a mathematical process called Joint Time-Frequency Analysis (JTFA) it measures movement (transitions). When the Central Nervous System (CNS) recognizes the differences in the electrical current (the interruptions in the music) as ‘information’ the CNS uses that information to move away from discomfort. The more the CNS moves and learns from that information the less likely it will return to past behaviors.

We have mentioned above we are a training program not a treatment program. This literally means that for you to gain the personal transformation that we want to feel the changes in our lives we must train. A treatment process instills or injects something into the body to direct change and then changes that again if they are not getting the desired effects.

No, we have had Clients that have used the NeurOptimal® system while pregnant, then on their newborns, on children, teens, young adults, adults and on the elderly. Some Clients use this process on their animals, dogs, cats and even horses. Because it is training there are no problems with any age group using it although, all journeys (experiences) vary in the speed and shifts that occur. We do all know change is inevitable, so changing with NeurOptimal® is bound to design a more flexible and resilient journey than without NeurOptimal®.

My Journal - Tracking Tools

One of the easiest ways to document the ‘shifts’ or subtle changes that occur are by using the My Journal Tracking Tools. They are comprised of the Checklist and the Tracker. Both items help you notice small shifts that will ultimately result in your own journal of personal transformation. Please remember NeurOptimal® is not meant to ‘fix’ any symptoms or diagnosis’ instead it is training the body to respond with flexibility and resilience. This assists everyone no matter your age, your gender, your diagnosis or whatever your symptoms may be.

When renting a NeurOptimal® System it is always best to use your NeurOptimal® system provider as your support system. They should help you with your supplies, and any support with documenting subtle changes as you progress through your journey.

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