NeurOptimal® PASS Membership

PASS_monthlyOur PASS membership program is the single best resource to assist you when using NeurOptimal® in your business. Its aim is to educate you, connect you with others in the community, keep your system running smoothly and avoid down time.

The Benefits of Membership

    Our goal is to offer the most advanced technical support available to NeurOptimal® users, requiring minimal technical ability on the part of the Trainer. We do this via MouseCalls. As a PASS member you have direct access to support simply by clicking on the MouseCalls button in the private PASS area. No appointment (or special knowledge) necessary!
    PASS members get all upgrades to NeurOptimal® as part of their membership. No costs, ever!
    We do our best to assure you receive quality hardware, including extensive testing of your personal hardware prior to delivery. But very rarely, hardware problems may occur, and these always need to be repaired off premises. We know the upheaval this can cause to a business in terms of client cancellation and down time. Exclusive to our PASS members, we have a special loaner service to cover you in the unlikely event your system goes down. Once the need for a loaner is confirmed we will ship it out to you, often on the same day. All we ask members to do is pay for the shipping.
    Enjoy discounts on most Zengar products and services.
    The Zengar Ambassador program is a referral rewards program offered exclusively to PASS members. When any PASS member’s referral results in the sale of a NeurOptimal® system, s/he becomes eligible for a generous commission. Acting as an Ambassador for NeurOptimal®  is a great way to earn extra income and spread the word about our remarkable neurofeedback technology. Commission from placing just one NeurOptimal® system could cover the cost of a full PASS membership!  Please read program details here.
  • MOUSECALLS MAINTENANCE (Value of $120/hour)
    One of the secrets to a smoothly running technology as advanced as NeurOptimal® is regular maintenance. Zengar offers a full maintenance program to PASS members. You “walk-in” when you want (we suggest at least every 3 months), to have your system cleaned and updated. We know from experience that PASS members using MouseCalls Maintenance have significantly less down-time than non- PASS members who do not maintain their systems. This can have a major impact on the bottom line for your business.
  • NEW! Session Promo Eligibility
    From time to time we will offer flash sales on session packages for Personal units. Should you also own a NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer system you would also be entitled to benefit from those time limited promotions. Be ready by making sure your membership is active!
  • PASS Forums
    “The PASS Forum” is actually a collection of 16 forums (Beginners, Technical, Clinical, Business etc…) accessible only to PASS members. These forums together comprise our community and are the main way Zengar communicates with its users. The PASS forum is non-intrusive in that nothing is sent to you, you simply visit at your leisure. Each forum has hand-picked moderators who are experts in their field. The PASS forum is THE place to connect with your NeurOptimal® community and, because it is also moderated by Zengar team members, is the only forum you can count on for 100% accurate information.
    Interactive Webinars and Q&A events are held 2-4 times per month. They feature Dr. Valdeane Brown, the developer of NeurOptimal®, Samantha Diavatis, Director at Zengar, our PASS Forum Moderators, our Representatives as well as fellow PASS members who have excelled in an area of NeurOptimal® that they are willing to share with their fellow members.
  • FREE RE-LICENSING (Value of $100)
    If you need to re-license your software (because you have reformatted your hard drive, for example), PASS members receive this service free.
    PASS members are offered a library of video recordings that assist them in developing themselves professionally as NeurOptimal® Trainers.
    Because online visibility is key to promoting any business, our “Find a Trainer” page allows for anyone searching for a NeurOptimal Trainer to find you! Whether you are offering sessions or rentals, simply list your information and even add a video and become instantly visible to a highly targeted audience. Our find a Trainer page is by far the most visited page on our website.