Craig Walker

California, United States of America

I recently completed a very successful 25-year career with the County of Yolo, State of California and am now into the next phase of my life. To work in such a rewarding, but competitive, environment, and at such a high level, lead to an overload of job stress. That, in addition to the personal, professional, family-, and "sandwich generation"-related stressors that arose just prior to the culmination of my career in Yolo, led me and my family to NeurOptimal®...and now I wish that I had discovered it sooner! I watched my loved ones shine due to their brain training and, because of my own successful, tremendously powerful experiences in self-training, I made the decision to become a trainer and now I'm honored to be a Representative. I have completed both Basic and Advanced Certification, I have experienced over 100 self-training sessions, and I continue to make NeurOptimal® a daily part of my life.

I believe in the system so deeply, so sincerely, that I have now added to my business as my primary offering

NeurOptimal® for brain training, brain optimization, peak performance enhancement, as well as relaxation and meditation enhancement. I love that NeurOptimal® works gently, and safely, functioning merely as a mirror to provide information back to the brain; a mirror that gifts the brain with the chance to make its own assessments and its own determinations with regard to what to do with that information, allowing the brain opportunities to self-correct. I believe utterly in the inherent wisdom of the both the mind and the body, as well as their respective abilities to self-correct and self-organize when provided sufficient information.

NeurOptimal® masterfully accomplishes this goal, and the results that I have witnessed, and experienced personally, are both awesomely amazing and tremendously rewarding.

Craig Walker, C.MHt.
4120 Cameron Park Drive, Suite 205
Cameron Park, CA 95682
[email protected]

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