How will you fit NeurOptimal® into your life?

If a technology for transformation is not easy to access (affordable sessions available near you) then you are not going to get much out of it. Similarly, if you buy a technology that is difficult to operate, risky to operate or simply inconvenient to use, you are less likely to use it. NeurOptimal® is readily available both in Trainer’s offices across the globe and for use at home. And we believe NeurOptimal® is the simplest system to use available on the market today. Furthermore, NeurOptimal® uses a variety of sound sources, so you can listen to music or watch a movie.

NeurOptimal® fits well into most of our daily lives. For adults it can be that welcome break in your day when you sit and relax.You don’t need another person to run your session nor are there any decisions to make or settings to adjust. You hook yourself up and press Enter and the software takes itself through all the needed steps automatically while you zone out or listen to music. You can also run sessions while you are working quietly or while sitting on a plane.

If children don’t want to relax, they can watch a movie for their session, or just have the music playing while they quietly do their homework or read. Many of our younger NeurOptimal® users even run themselves! Sessions are effortless for everybody, and children will even tell you when they think they need a session!

When you are ready to try it there are NeurOptimal® trainers worldwide. And if you don’t want to drive to them, many offer rental systems that are shipped to your front door. If you decide you would like to purchase your own system and join our community there are NeurOptimal® Representatives on every continent to help you, or you can contact Zengar® directly.

Lots of options to enjoy NeurOptimal®, your way.

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