NeurOptimal is training, not treatment.

NeurOptimalis training, not treatment.  What does it mean to say this?  What is a Treatment orientation and how does that differ from a Training orientation? How can I know that I’m approaching NeurOptimal as training and not treatment?  We will explore this critical difference and help you better understand:
1. How asking “How many sessions will it take with….?” reflects a Treatment orientation, rather than a Training orientation.
2. How does looking for “side effects” reflect this difference?
3. The real motivation for wanting to “Tweak how well NeurOptimal works with….”
4. How to best — and most simply — use default training, always.
5. And perhaps most importantly, how come it is really important to give up focusing on “the numbers” and actually use the default way of working, completely.

It will be a challenging and engaging dialogue.

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