Trademark & Logo Policies


Thank you for your interest in using the NeurOptimal® or Zengar® logo, names or trademarks. We are firmly committed to a healthy growth of our NeurOptimal® community, and are honored that you wish to use the NeurOptimal® in promotion of your work. In so doing however, it is also important that the public is aware of who we are and are not confused by the presence of websites using our marks. This guideline is designed to assist you in using our marks without you needing an explicit individual agreement with us. By all means, however, contact us if you have questions about this or would like to do something different from what has been covered here. And if you are in any doubt even about something written here, contact us first.

Naming your Business Product or Services or Applying for a Domain

We understand that you want your services or product to be identifiable as part of the NeurOptimal® community. We are very gratified by this, at the same time we have learned we need to be careful about avoiding confusion between your services and products and ours. Please respect the NeurOptimal® brand identity & use the opportunity of starting your business to create your very own brand. We want you to succeed with your business and having to transition to a new name after you’ve experienced some success is very disruptive and so unfortunate since it can so easily be avoided with simply taking time & care in choosing your business name.


  • Name your website, product, or application something unique.
  • Feel free to explain on your site that what you offer is based on NeurOptimal®, so people understand what you offer.

Please do not:

  • Use “Zengar®“, “NeurOptimal®, “Dynamical Neurofeedback®” or any of our registered tag lines (including any derivatives & alternate language interpretations) or slight variation in the name of your website or business. For example, we suggest you do not use “Neur”, but if you feel you must use “Neur” in your name , be certain not to use anything remotely similar to “Optimal” within your name as well. Zengar® has zero tolerance with violations of this rule.
  • Use a name that rhymes with, or is a derivative of “NeurOptimal®” or “Zengar®
  • Register a domain containing Zengar® or NeurOptimal® or our registered tag lines, or any misspellings of them.
  • Apply for a trademark with a name including Zengar® or NeurOptimal® or close variations thereof.

Promoting your own business/website.

You may:

  • Place our “Proudly Offering NeurOptimal®” logo (we have a specially designed stamp specifically for this use) on your website as an indication that you provide NeurOptimal® Training. We ask that this logo should link to our website.
  • Only if necessary to convey a specific topic or message, use minimal artwork or screenshots from our website on your blog or “about” pages, as long as you clearly indicate them as “Copyright Zengar Institute Inc. All rights reserved”. Zengar® copyrighted works are not permitted on your homepage nor on any landing/ advertising funnel pages.
  • Quote brief phrases or sentences from our website (500 characters or fewer) that are clearly cited using APA guidelines (on non-homepage and non- landing/ advertising funnel pages only)
  • Inform your audience of free Zengar® documents (non-PASS) & offer a link to our site for retrieval. All links must land on the page where a form must be completed or a link must be clicked (ie “hot-linking” to the document itself is not permitted)

Please do not:

  • Imply sponsorship or endorsement or an association with NeurOptimal® or Zengar® that is not true
  • Use any Zengar® copyrighted image/images that appear on the website or other materials
  • Use our regular (generic) logo
  • Use our name or mark in your own name or branding
  • Create your own buttons or marks using our logo/s
  • Create your own materials based on Zengar® branded materials
  • Quote from our website verbatim as if it is your original material
  • Use a similar look and feel to our “branding image”
  • Edit or modify any Zengar® branded images
  • Edit or modify any Zengar® branded materials or documents
  • Offer or distribute any Zengar® copyrighted documents to the general public
  • Hot-link to Zengar® documents

Talking about NeurOptimal® in Publications, on TV, at Conferences, in News Clips


  • Refer to Zengar Institute Inc when talking about our company, NeurOptimal® when talking about our product, and
    Drs. Susan and Valdeane Brown when talking about the development of NeurOptimal®.
  • Refer to NeurOptimal® as a training

Please do not:

  • Imply that NeurOptimal® can be used in either the diagnosis or treatment of disorders, even if you
    yourself are a licensed health care practitioner.
  • Imply that only individuals with a certain licensure are qualified to offer NeurOptimal® services or training.
  • Refer to us in a way that might imply a false sense of partnership or endorsement.

Making a Video about NeurOptimal® or more generically about Neurofeedback that features screenshots or scenes of NeurOptimal® being used.


  • Please acknowledge Neuroptimal® by name during your presentation.
  • Refer to NeurOptimal® as a training.
  • Reference NeurOptimal® at the closure, with our website
  • Keep client names confidential.
  • Refer to NeurOptimal® as a Neurofeedback system, more specifically, Non-Linear Dynamical Neurofeedback®.


  • Represent NeurOptimal® as a treatment for medical disorders.

Merchandise/Manufactured Items

Please note that we generally do not permit use of our marks on merchandise that does not originate with us.


  • Contact us with a proposal if you would like to request an exception.


  • Use the Zengar® or NeurOptimal® name, logos, or tag lines on any apparel, product, or merchandise without
    our permission.

Offering Events based on the use of NeurOptimal®

Part of our vision is to encourage users of Neuroptimal® to offer their own events that uses NeurOptimal® in unique and powerful ways across a wide range of populations and applications.


  • Use the NeurOptimal® name and logo to make clear you will be using our technology in your event.
  • Name your event in such a manner that is unique to you and makes its purpose clear. For e.g. Exploring the Possibilities, or Taking Golf to a New Level.
  • Contact us if you are interested in our promoting your event to our users, or wish to offer Zengar® certification for your event.

Please do not:

  • Infer in any way that this event is sponsored, endorsed or offered by us.
  • Use a name that has become distinctly associated with a Zengar® or NeurOptimal® event in the past, such as “Immersive”.
    Please ask if you are unsure.
  • Offer classes on the use of any of our products without our express consent.

Logo files can be obtained in the PASS Documents section.
Please note, you will need to be logged into PASS to access them. Thank you.