Rent your NeurOptimal® system

and discover the possibilities.

As a NeurOptimal® Trainer you’re dedicated to finding the most progressive means for your Clients to utilize their training. For some that means in-office visits – for others it means training from home.

Join the many NeurOptimal® Trainers who have turned their systems into a rental fleet and are able to provide their Clients with the means to train whenever they want.

Your Rental Fleet Tools

Renting out systems should be a smooth and easy process for both you and your Client.
We’ve created several tools to help you focus on your Client while getting that system out the door and into their hands.

  • Rental Provider Checklist

    This checklist helps put everything in order and gives you that sense of security that you’ve included everything your Client will need.

  • Rental User Checklist

    This user checklist serves as a guide for your Client at the time of renting and at home, and even offers some trouble-shooting tips.

  • Your Marketing Checklist

    Any aspect of planning and launching a business can be challenging, this quick checklist helps to organize some key points to marketing your rental business.

  • Session Cheat Sheat

    This info-graphic is a great step-by-step tool to help your Client start a NeurOptimal® Session.

  • NeurOptimal® System Rental Contract

    Dot your i’s and cross your t’s – this rental contract helps keep things simple and clear for both you and your Client.

  • Rental Analysis Sheet & Calculator

    Want to forecast your income stream from adding rentals to your practice? This Analysis sheet and calculator can help!

Building Your NeurOptimal® Rental Business

We’ve recorded a FREE webinar that introduces Rentals into your Business Model, and will help you design and implement a Rental Fleet for a better overall rental experience for your Clients.

The Benefits of Rentals

Renting your NeurOptimal® systems can have far reaching benefits for not only you but your Clients as well.

  • For Your Client

    • Convenience
    • Relaxed environment
    • The same support and care
  • For You

    • The ability to reach more Clients
    • Steady monthly income
    • No appointments – more time
  • For the Community

    • More brains training worldwide
    • Greater impact
    • And much much more!

Discover more and expand on your NeurOptimal® community with rental business practices.

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