NeurOptimal® 3 Limited to Unlimited License Upgrade

USD $4,500.00

Please ensure that your system is currently on NO3 and has the required specifications for this Upgrade. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] Once your order is placed and payment has processed, installation instructions will be sent to you.

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Up to 3 hours of ZenConnect time is included with this upgrade, exclusive to the upgrade process.

Upgrade your NO3 limited license to an NO3 unlimited license and enjoy an unlimited number of sessions on your current Microsoft system. This is a great idea if you are now running a higher volume of Sessions or if you’re looking to provide rentals in your business.

*Unused Limited Sessions are not eligible for credit or refund. You may choose to use up all remaining Sessions prior to completing your upgrade.

Virtual or downloadable products will be confirmed/available to you for use once payment has been processed by our Order Desk. All payments are initially authorized and do require a member of our team to complete and process. Once this is done (during business hours of 8am-5pm ET from Monday-Friday) you will be sent your link/details to obtain your product.

As a rule of rule of thumb, all Microsoft products distributed by Zengar® are eligible for this Upgrade.

If you own an Asus or an Acer system laptop, please contact our PASS department at [email protected] prior to placing your order to inquire if your system is eligible for the full Upgrade and/or if there are any expected feature limitations.

*Feature limitations can include, but are not limited to: Sluggish or blank Matrix Mirror, Session stops after a few seconds, Cannot view post session views (analysis) immediately, G-Force sound settings revert to default.

Please note that Zengar® does not install outdated software, only the latest NO software version may be installed by the Zengar® team. This means that once NO3 has been loaded and licensed on a system, it is not possible to revert the system to an older version of software. Support for old NO software gets phased out with time, so for the healthy NO system, it’s important to stay current.

Please note that unused Personal Sessions are not eligible for credit or refund. You may choose to use up all remaining Sessions prior to completing your upgrade.


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