PASS Preview Feature – Find a Trainer Listing

November 22nd, 2018 – NeurOptimal® launches the perk to have a Find a Trainer listing for all PASS Preview members.

We all know that the first year(s) of a business venture can greatly determine its future success. It’s a time in which a considerable amount of energy needs to be expended to develop a unique message, build a solid business plan around your audience, grow your network, seek advice from leaders in the field, get involved in events, presentations and expos, get educated, and of course generate visibility for your business.

In order to help you get in front of highly targeted clients looking for a NeurOptimal® Trainer in your specific area, our Find a Trainer page is a great start!

So, effective immediately, NeurOptimal® is now offering this benefit to our PASS Preview members during their 6 month trial period. In order to preserve the integrity and the quality of the Find a Trainer page we simply require the completion of the Basic Certification course. Following this period, should you decide to join PASS, your information will remain on the page.

We are all truly in this together and we understand that your success is our success and vice versa. The more lives we touch the more we move the needle closer to our mission!

Looking to get listed?

If you’re an existing PASS member or a PASS Preview member with a Basic Certification that’s looking to get listed you’ll want to follow the link below.


Already listed on the Find a Trainer page?

If you would like to update any aspects of your listing please submit new information here:


Not yet a PASS member or looking for more information? View our PASS Monthly Subscription, or:


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