A Few Kind Words…


NeurOptimal® Trainer for over 4 years

Merci et bravo à toute l’équipe de gérer avec une telle proximité une si grande communauté… vous allez réussir votre challenge….


NeurOptimal® PASS Member for over 7 years

I do not want to be without PASS, certainly not with these rentals 😉


NeurOptimal® Trainer

Nous travaillons tous seul de façon isolée mais c’est grâce à des personnes comme vous que l’on peut le faire grâce à toute la logistique que vous mettez en place. Merci encore, passez une super journée.


NeurOptimal® Trainer for over 8 years

A massive shout out to the ZenConnect Team. Service was so fast this morning I almost got whiplash doing a double take of my screen. What we’re done already? Could not have been more than 3 minutes, start to finish. DONE! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


NeurOptimal® Trainer for over 5 years

Thanks to you: Stirling, Aris and Craig for getting this new replacement Surface up and running NO3. I can carry on while you all carry on in Montreal.


NeurOptimal® Trainer and PASS Enterprise Member

I have been so impressed with the NeurOptimal® company thus far. Y’all have excellent customer service and an AMAZING product. Every day that passes, I am so thankful and feel so very blessed I came across your company. So excited for my family to continue to be blessed by all that NeurOptimal® has to offer. Even more excited to share with friends and family in hopes they might experience the positive life changes thatwhat we have experienced.