Marly Jones

Marly Jones

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Languages: English

I am passionate about natural health and wellness. I love NeurOptimal® because it is the most naturopathic form of brain training available today. It simply allows the brain and central nervous system to self-regulate and determine the healing priority.

While horseback riding on my ranch in Oklahoma in the spring of 1999, after a series of tick bites, I contracted Lyme disease. It was left untreated because the medical specialist I sought help from did not believe Lyme disease existed in my area. I also had struggled with a traumatic brain injury from a young age following multiple concussions. Having chronic illness affects every area of your life- health, relationships, finances – I wish I could tell my younger self to begin my healing journey by first and foremost – healing the brain. I have tried other forms of neurofeedback and brain training and found that NeurOptimal® is easy, passive and for someone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired – is a pleasure to use.

As a user, I have experienced such miraculous personal transformation not only from past traumas and limbic system impairment, but also from my chronic underlying health problems. As a Brain Health Coach and NeurOptimal® Trainer, I have seen many people improve and often alleviate their symptoms all while discovering treasures about themselves.

Aside from my neurofeedback clinic in beautiful Indian Harbor Beach, Florida, I also offer rental units for those who are better served at home. In the summer months, I’m pleased to support potential users, trainers & clinicians in Oklahoma, USA and Alberta, Canada.

I am excited and honored to share NeurOptimal® with anyone who needs to support themselves, as well as their family or friends on their journey back to health, vitality and brain optimization.

If you are interested in providing NeurOptimal® as a Trainer or integrating it into your practice or wellness office, I would be more than happy to assist you in building your business as well!

A better brain means a better life!

Marly Jones

Harmony Neurofeedback 1300 Pinetree Drive Suite 9 Indian Harbor Beach, FL 32937

[email protected]

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