Marly Jones

Marly Jones

United States of America - Facilitator

Hello wonderful NeurOptimal Community! I am Marlene (Marly) Jones. I’m originally from High River, Alberta Canada - a thriving community in the foothills of the rocky mountains. I grew up around horses, horticulture, natural health remedies and learned a deep love for the outdoors and nature. I attended university in Tulsa, Oklahoma and received a BA degree in Organizational/Interpersonal Communications and did graduate work in Marriage and Family Therapy. In 2004 I graduated with a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from the College of Natural Health. I have always been an avid health seeker - professionally providing health consultations and also taught fitness classes while working in the non-profit sector as a booking manager and meeting planner for global outreach organizations. In 2008 I launched my own booking and travel agency, Booking Management Group and served clients until 2020. After covid, I realized that providing opportunities for other people to recover their overall health, was my calling.

In 1999, while horseback riding, I contracted lyme disease. I also somewhere in my life as an athlete, sustained a traumatic brain injury. I know what it is like to have to persevere in your health and stay disciplined to manage chronic illness and work hard to recover. Before NeurOptimal®, I used other forms of brain training as well as the Othmer Method of neurofeedback to try to function better. When I first learned of NeurOptimal® (while researching forms of neurofeedback) I was very excited about its design and function - since it is very naturopathic in nature - allowing the brain and CNS to decide the healing priority.. I loved the idea of it being a training for the brain and not just another treatment. For several years I would consider the technology and then decide it was out of reach financially. Following a traumatic event with the death of my father, I felt it was time to invest in my own unlimited system to support myself through the added stress and grief. Looking back - I wish I had done it sooner! After decades of modalities and treatments I can honestly say that this has been the best investment I have ever made in my health and recovery. After experiencing a radical transformation in my own health picture and quality of life- I decided maybe there were other people like me in my community that needed NeurOptimal® to support them as well- so I decided to make it available. I immediately did my basic and advanced certification training online. I wished I could have done it in person as I feel live instruction and learning within a community is much more effective and empowering - but with covid restrictions still active, I was so grateful that online certification was an option for me.
I now own and operate Harmony Neurofeedback in Central Florida and provide service and support to people out of state and in Canada as well. In September 2022 I joined NeurOptimal®’s team of Representatives. I am very honored and excited to provide Facilitator Training to the growing NeurOptimal® community! I love to use my skill set in Training and Development to champion other wellness providers to successfully offer NeurOptimal® as well as business associates who want to develop a strong business model.

It is my mission to make NeurOptimal® readily available for everyone. It is so simple and empowering to the end user and everyone will benefit with brain training as we can all optimize the brains we have.

I am a certified Brain Health Coach and share weekly education and encouragement to listeners around the world on the Healing Chronic Illness with Marly Podcast. Would love to have you join our community.

Marly Jones
Harmony Neurofeedback
1300 Pinetree Drive Suite 9
Indian Harbor Beach, FL 32937
phone - (321)405-2795
[email protected]

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