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At NeurOptimal® we offer courses to help grow our community.

Choose the online course that meets your need and schedule!

Basic Certification | Advanced Certification | Business Workshop

Online Basic Certification

With our Basic course you will learn a variety of information including: neurofeedback basics, the philosophy, the theory, the NeurOptimal® history, an introduction to how it works, running clients, and of course business basics for a successful office. The completion of this course grants you a Basic certification to frame and hang in your NeurOptimal® office.

Online Advanced Certification

The “Advanced Certification Course” is a two day course that dives into the advanced feature set of NeurOptimal® v3 while also developing your trainer side, helping you work with your clients more efficiently and easily. This interactive online course covers the following: The Most Current Approaches in Dynamical Neurofeedback® – Basic Concepts of Dynamical Systems – The Science Behind NeurOptimal® – Creating an Effective Rapport with Your Clients – Strategies to Supporting Your Clients While ‘Untying Your Own Knots’ – S.O.R.T. It Out With the DIFS – The Basics to Creating a Successful NeurOptimal® Business.

Online Business Workshop

The “Starting a Successful NeurOptimal® Business” workshop is an interactive day full of information about basic business process. Topics that are covered in this workshop include: Choosing an Effective Name – Designing the Right Business Model – The Basics of Developing a Business Plan – Social Media Marketing – Getting Clients Through Your Door. This workshop also introduces you to the ‘Zengar Circle of 5’s’, using Community Awareness, Education and Marketing as the checklist for success in your NeurOptimal® Business.